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1 - Open

Characters: (AU) Zelda, and you guys!
Setting: The Meadow Floor and the Forest Floor.
Format: Action preferably, ahaha.;
Summary: Zelda's already gotten over waking up, and now seems to have settled in... mostly.
Warnings: Time shenanigans.

[It's been a while since she has woken up, here; she'd already taken to exploring the tower, and has settled in. A bit, anyway.
She can be found traversing the forest floor, Master Sword in hand, or on the meadow floor, simply enjoying the serenity of the area.

And possibly playing her ocarina.]
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[Of course the Princess follows the sound of the Ocarina. It's an obvious (or is it?) tell about where the Links from her era are.

But then she comes across a girl with an all too familiar face, and she stops short. She had heard of alternates, but never herself...]


[Ever eloquent, yes.]
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[The confused expression is mirrored, quite literally, as she looks from the girl, to her clothes, to the Ocarina she holds, and back.]

That Ocarina... Forgive me for being forward, but who are you? And where did you get that instrument?

[This girl looks like her, but dresses and plays like Link...]
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Hero of--

[What. She gapes, and she gapes for a good moment, before shaking herself out of it. Focus, Zelda.]

I am Zelda as well, though I am no hero. I am the Princess of Hyrule, and to my knowledge, that instrument is a treasure of the Royal Family.
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I am indeed.

[Huh... so this girl isn't at all related to the Royal Family? Strange. She hesitates for a moment, the memories attached to that action not being ones she's fond of, but eventually she resolves to speak.]

... I did the same for my Hero of Time, long ago. I believed the Ocarina to be safer in his hands...

[Thus far, the stories seem to match up, but the actors are different. How peculiar.]
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... That would seem to be the case, yes.

[She purses her lips together a bit, and the only reason she isn't have more trouble with this is because she's been here for two and a half months. She knows what these people are capable of, even if she can't quite explain it.]

This place... has captured a great number of people from a great number of worlds. Some look alike, as you and I, but... there are differences between how their lives have played out.

I... would assume that is be the case in this situation, as well.
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They are.

[Said gravely, the weight of the implications of that power hanging heavily in the air.]

I would take extreme caution while traversing this place. Some floors are peaceful, like this one, but others are extremely dangerous. And even then, not all that have been brought here are well-intentioned.
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[She bows her head slightly in acknowledgment of the gratitude, but then she shakes it.]

You need not thank me. It is my duty to aid the Hero of Time. Even if the time is different from what I am familiar with.
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[The princess nods.]

I will answer them to the best of my ability.
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[... That gets Zelda to blink in bewilderment for a moment? Link? Evil? That is... completely and entirely beyond her realm of comprehension.

Haltingly, she answers.]

I... I know of a few Links, due tot he nature of this place. And each and every one is a brave and kind-hearted hero.

In actuality, the Link from my era is in fact none other than the Hero of Time.
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Odd is... an understatement. I cannot even imagine Link being evil.

[It... kind of hurts to think about it, to be honest. Right in the heart.]

But, yes. And I am certain that they will make no move to attack you in any circumstance.
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I am sure you will cross paths eventually. For all its perils, this place does not lend itself to privacy.

[How many people were crammed into 27 floors of crazy? She doesn't even know. ... She smiles a bit, however, all fondness.]

... He is one of my dearest friends.
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[She nods, but alas, no, she cannot guess, for the idea is just as unthinkable as Link being evil.

Her expression takes a turn for the grave.]

Be wary of a man by the name of Ganondorf. He is a cruel and power-hungry usurper who has brought nothing but strife to my kingdom.
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[Even though the other girl's reaction is surprising, the princess does not show it. Ganondorf was one of the few things she was right about, even though she went about dealing with him the wrong way, and her opinion on the matter will not be easily swayed.]

It would not be the first time he has put on a charming facade to further his own plans. He once kneeled before the King of Hyrule, my father, shortly before he... betrayed him.

[There's a pained quality to her voice on that last bit, implying that Ganondorf did not merely stop at simple betrayal.]

... But since you will give Link the benefit of the doubt, I have no choice but to do the same. If he appears, and I am certain he is not from my world, I shall stay my hand.

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