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Characters: OU!Riku and open
Setting: Floor Three → all around the tower, backdated to March, 17th
Format: whatever you go with, I'll match
Summary: In which Riku is looking for his cloak and blindfold and really not thinking about the collar event. Come stumble across him?
Warnings: nothing really, I'll update if it becomes necessary though

[To say that Riku was not amused by the events of the last few days was probably the understatement of the century. He would probably be even more irritated if he could actually remember more than just the occasional flash and then just... coming to in the upper library, wearing a lab coat that's two sizes to big for him.

He's disposed of it by now, very much ignoring the twist of foreboding in his stomach as he backtracked to the last location he could remember being at before blacking out to search for his Black Coat and blindfold - the library on the third floor - no way that he'd just lost them after all. Right?


So he just strides rather quickly and purposefully towards the elevator - resolutely not looking at anything that might show him his reflection, his most likely changed eyes (he can pretend that they are still the same as they used to be, right?) - travels down to the third floor and starts to look for his things.

And yeah. Not thinking about what might have/actually did happen just yet.]

[ooc: Just for reference Riku is currently wearing his KHII cloths and has amber eyes. Even though he'll really try to just. not really look. at anyone. ever. orz]
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... Riku?

[He looks quite different without that strange blindfold and heavy looking cloak, but Zelda's fairly sure it's him. The boy seems stressed for some reason, though, so she tilts her head at him as he passes by, a slightly concerned expression upon her face.]

Do... you need help with something?
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[... Even without the blindfold, he's hiding his eyes. Curiouser and curiouser--]

Are you certain? I... do not mean to pry, but perhaps I could be of assistance.
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[Milady? ... Right, milady. Still getting used to that. That said, silly Riku, she simply sees an anxious young man.

She sighs a bit, smiling lightly, though concern is still heavy in her eyes.]

If it is all the same to you, I believe I shall be the judge of what I should and should not trouble myself with. And aiding someone who has thus far been polite and kind to me is hardly something I would deem as 'troubling.'

[Aren't stubborn princesses the best? But she can tell from his body language that he is clearly extremely uncomfortable, and so--]

... We are all entitled to our secrets, however, and if you do not wish others to know what is perturbing you, I shall respect that wish. I merely hope you find peace soon.
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[She isn't meaning to make him feel awkward, honest! It's just that seven years of living in the shadows has not done wonders for her social skills, and she's still trying to figure this whole princess thing out.

So she tilts her head a bit, the light smile staying in place.]

Do not fret. I simply wish to help if I can.

[Especially since, in recent days, it feels like she never can when it's actually needed.]

Ah... I had wondered. Hm. Unfortunately, I cannot say I have seen them recently, but... if you have a vague idea on where they may be, I would be happy to help you in your search.
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[And that concerned look is back. Not being able to remember what one has done is never a good sign. But... he's obviously anxious about it, so she will not pry.]

... I see. Well, in that case, perhaps the best course of action would be to split up for the sake of covering more ground. What do you think?

[Not going to do anything without his say first, of course.]
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[She shakes her head as if to say 'don't worry about it', smiling through her worry.]

I shall take this half of the library to begin with, then?
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[She follows his gesture with her gaze, scoping out the section she's been assigned, and, well... it seems rather small, considering. She purses her lips just a bit, but makes no comment.]

I see. I shall do my best, and I will be certain to alert you if I find anything or when I finish.

[Riku that just means she'll be bothering you again sooner rather than later. Just sayin'.]
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[Just this once she'll shrug it off and smile, bowing her head slightly.]

You are most welcome. Hopefully our searches shall be fruitful.

[And with that, she turns towards her section of the library to begin looking.]