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[o5] ‸^‸ Fifth Song.

Characters: AU!Link (OoT) ([personal profile] ocariness), Samus, and (eventually) AU!OoT Zelda, and whoever!!
Setting: 1) Meadow Floor (floor 25) (locked to Samus), 2) Infirmary. Set after this thread.
Format: ACTION PLEASE I cannot prose. At. All.
Summary: Link just got the shit beat out of her them by AU!OoT Zelda who thought they were an evil jerk. Seriously wounded, she escaped using Farore's Wind. She's later helped by Samus to the infirmary where she doesn't (luckily!!!) die.
Warnings: Uh... lots of blood, BAD injuries (the damage: one arrow lodged in their left eye and skull, a cut under their left eye, full body burns, scrapes, bruises, a not TOO deep stomach wound from a blade, a dislocated shoulder, annnd lots of trauma.), possibly eyeball gore? Angst. Anything else TBA.

[1 - Locked to Samus]

[ When the magic of Farore's Wind had faded, Link found themself on the stairs of the Meadow Floor, where they quickly put the hookshot away on their hip and began limping, holding their shoulder and wincing, slowly, to the floor the Infirmary was on.

The wounds were extensive: the arrow had dug deep into the skin under their left eye and embedded itself in an awkward semi-vertical position with a small lean, somewhat into their skull, from the attempt to dodge it. Din's Fire had given Link burns all along their body. Luckily, none of them were worse than sore, due to Link's generally wearing several layers of clothing. The tunic, however (blue, but not the Zora one), had seen its last: it was charred and barely staying together. It as bloody, as was Link. The stomach had been ripped open where Link had been cut there, too, and was also bleeding. Their shoulder had definitely been at least dislocated upon landing on it, which was just par for the course of the pain they were feeling. On top of that, numerous scrapes and bruises and tears in the Tunic and their pants peppered Link's body; it had been a very, VERY rough fight indeed.

... Unfortunately, despite the Hero of Time's dogged determination, using that spell completely exhausted the last of her energy. There was too much blood lost and too much pain; they could not continue on, not without help. Exhausted, crying, and bleeding heavily, Link collapsed, back down upon reaching a section in the Tower's stairwell where there was a landing. With a single loud CLANK from the metal shield and sword on their back, they fell.

A second, smaller clank could be heard after their arms landed as well, from the gauntlets shortly following.

Still conscious, but only barely, with their remaining eye, they gazed up at the ceiling, wondering if they were going to die a third time. ]

[2 - OPEN]

[ Once they had finally been gotten to the Infirmary, the wounds were quite exstensive, so it would take a long time for Link to heal unless someone had healing magic or a fairy on them, which Link did not at the moment.

Perhaps you've run into Link while they're fixing their wounds, or perhaps you happened to find them after they were bandaged not unlike a mummy, especially around their head, arm in a sling. Either way, the hero is quite out of it, but it's not improbable you might have been told by someone that a certain long-eared blonde was here... ]
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Maximum trauma gooooo

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[When Samus told her what happened - that she found Link injured and injured badly - whatever the Princess of Hyrule was doing previously was instantly abandoned in favor of running to the infirmary as fast as her legs could carry her. Her mind races just as fast as her body as she runs, thinking of every morbid possibility as to who or what nearly killed the Hero of Time. Ganondorf? Ghirahim? The Tower itself? Does it even really matter at this point? Link is hurt and needs her help--

Not again, a single thought lingers, she can't die - not again!

Breathless, she finally reaches the infirmary, and only slows enough so her eyes can take in her surroundings, find the one she's looking for.

What she sees horrifies her.]


[Like a flash, she's at the hero's side, eyes frantically scanning the other girl and the extent of her injuries. If she knew exactly who caused her friend's grievous wounds, she might have approached more cautiously, but as it is fear has temporarily replaced reason in her mind.]

Farore, give me strength... Link, what-- what happened? What can I do?
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[No, not the time for that. Link is... delirious, and rightfully so, considering the extent of the injuries she can see. She... She needs to stay calm, stay strong. For Link.

There is still so much worry in her eyes, but she tries to keep her voice level. Formalities are dropped in their entirety.]

Y-yes, it's me. I'm here now. I'm going to help you.

[She swallows thickly before putting a hand on Link's uninjured shoulder and gentling pushing back, urging the hero to lay down. And if that's not enough--]

Just... just lay down, Link. And hang on. It's going to be all right.

[Don't die.]
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Nearly as cruel as their cousin, the RNG.

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She... what?

[But she told her-- was she too late? If she had gotten there sooner she could have--


Not the time for that.]

No. I have not. So you can rest.

[Goddesses above, where does she even start? The arrow gruesomely calls for attention, but the thought makes her sick and... it's something that needs to be done. Duty. She can fall back on duty. She swallows again, steeling herself for the awful task ahead.]

Link, I'm going to remove the arrow. I need you to stay still, understand?
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[She sets her jaw, speaking sternly and just a liiitle bit stressed out.]

Link, you are at Death's doorstep, and so long as I am here, I am not allowing you to do anything that will push yourself over that threshold.

[It's easier, to get agitated. To shut down everything that will inhibit completing the task at hand. It keeps her from retching at the thought, at the very least. When she speaks again, it is very slowly and very enunciated.]

I need you to hold still. Do you understand me?
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[When Link finally nods, she breathes in deeply, summoning what courage she has. Okay. You can do this, Zelda. Just... don't think about it too much.]

... I shall attempt to make it as quick a possible.

[With that reassurance, she straightens Link's head, gently cupping the hero's cheek for a moment before bracing the wound. Unfortunately, she has to test it, figure out how deep it is and where she needs to pull from, which means wiggling the arrow just the slightest amount.

... There. Should come out (relatively) cleanly if she pulls from there.

She goes quiet for a moment, breathing in slow, forcibly regular breaths, and then... she yanks...]
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[Zelda isn't as strong as she wished she was, either. No matter how much she tries to use duty as a wall, tries to separate herself from what is happening, the sight and the sounds and the fact that she's causing Link this much pain nearly makes her sick.

Dizzily, she steps back and haphazardly discards the arrow. She doesn't care where it goes, so long as it's out of her sight.

She wants to curl up and hide and vomit and cry, but... Link is still hurt. She still needs to her help. So, with another steeling breath, she returns to her work, grabbing a nearby towel and using it to begin staunching the bleeding. As one hand presses down upon the towel, the other goes to gently brush the hair out of Link's remaining eye and caress her cheek.]

I... I'm sorry, Link. But it's done now. We just... need to bandage it up now...

[But Link needs a healer, a real healer, and she knows it. Damn it all if only she had a fairy--!]
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Enter one keyblade master?

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[Don't have to tell her twice.

Once she's somewhat satisfied with how the bleeding is going, she changes the towel out for a new one, then ties it down with some bandages. She... knows she's not getting through to Link, but she feels the need to speak anyway.]

I'm going to go find someone who can heal you. I'll be right back. Hang on, Link.

[If you die while she's gone she will be so pissed. She steps back hesitantly, not wanting to leave but know she needs to, and then she's running again. Surely there is someone in this place that can heal! All she needs to do is find them and bring them back.]
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enter one keyblade master indeed

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[And find them Zelda does.

Aqua encounters Zelda by a stroke of sheer luck, and sure enough, comes back to the site of the disaster with the distraught princess. She smells the blood way before she sees Link, which is enough to hurry her pace until she's in the vicinity of the Hylian.

She's not going to ask questions right now. There's too much damage. She just kneels by the injured warrior, briefly glancing over her for the extent of the damage.]

Link... [She remembers Link's face from a long time ago, when she first was gathering people that were interested in magic lessons. It was devastating to find that this was that same Link.] You're going to feel a little warm. It's going to tingle, but it shouldn't hurt, okay? [Even if Link can't hear her, she feels like she needs to say it anyways. She doesn't want Link to panic.

Aqua summons Stormfall to her hand in a bright flash. She can conduct the magic through her hands, but this will take a very strong spell, and her Keyblade will be a much better choice of medium. She mentally reaches out, hooking her fingers in the magical energy that will heal Link. Aqua then holds the Keyblade skyward.]


[A golden flower blossoms in the air above the tip of the blade, raining golden clusters of light and ethereal glowing leaves down on Link's injured body. Some of the leaves don't fall from the flower, but curl into existence around the wounds without preamble, to halt the blood flow and try to reverse the damage of the skin.]
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Sounds good to me. :|b

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[Zelda just barely manages to restrain herself from immediately returning to Link's side upon her return. While the healer she found seems trustworthy and good at heart, she does not know how her magic works.

So she holds herself back, standing out of the way and waiting as the woman works. Heart pounding and breath quickened, she watches Aqua intently, and is taken by surprise when she seems to summon some kind of blade out of thin air. Any other time, the Princess would have let curiosity take over and would have started asking questions about the strange nature of her magic. But at the moment, she is focused on one thing and one thing only: seeing Link back to some level of health.

As the magic appears to subside, she finally chances a step forward. Then another. Then she's at Link's side, taking one of the hero's hands in her own and looking her over once more.

It worked.]

Oh, thank the Goddesses...

[Tears of sheer relief threaten to fall, but she keeps them at bay, smiling instead. Then she turns to Aqua, placing the hand that isn't holding Link's over her heart and bowing deeply in gratitude.]

I am... eternally grateful for what you have done this day. Truly, I cannot thank you enough.
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[Aqua's relieved to find that her Cure magic is as faithful as ever. Though part of her wonders if perhaps it would have been less painful to let Link die and have the Tower regenerate her at full health.

Eventually, the spell subsides, the only evidence of its existence the thick feel of magic in the air and the newly-healed tissue over Link's wounds. She does a brief visual survey of her work, just to make sure that nothing is still open or exposed.

Then, she looks to Zelda and offers a humble smile.]
You don't have to thank me. I'm happy that I could help.
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[They have already died twice, each time one watching helplessly as the other's life was brutally ended. Perhaps it would have been more logical, but seeing Link die again is simply not an option for Zelda.]

Still, you have my gratitude. If there is ever anything I can aid you with, please, do not hesitate to ask.

[She makes note of how Link's eye cuts to Aqua, for the moment hyper aware of the hero's condition, and quietly rubs her thumb over Link's hand, trying to comfort. Her voice lowers just a bit, urging her to relax.]

It is all right. You can rest now, Link.
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Thank you.

[Aqua's quiet for a moment after that, not wishing to intrude upon the intimacy of the two. So, following her respectful moment of silence, she quietly adds:] I'll excuse myself now, if you don't need anything else.
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[She can help the slight worry to her brow as Link so painfully speaks, but she remains quiet. Wouldn't do to make it even more of a chore for Link, now, would it.]

You... are able to teach others that ability?

[But that bit in particular piques her interest, and she turns back to Aqua.]

... If taking on another student would not be too much trouble, I would like to learn as well.
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Don't apologize. I'm glad that Zelda was able to find me. [Helping people is part of her duties, and though she questions the morality of letting Link live like this, the least she can do is minimize Link's pain.

Aqua offers a small smile.]
I'd be happy to teach the both of you. As soon as you're up to it.