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[o5] ‸^‸ Fifth Song.

Characters: AU!Link (OoT) ([personal profile] ocariness), Samus, and (eventually) AU!OoT Zelda, and whoever!!
Setting: 1) Meadow Floor (floor 25) (locked to Samus), 2) Infirmary. Set after this thread.
Format: ACTION PLEASE I cannot prose. At. All.
Summary: Link just got the shit beat out of her them by AU!OoT Zelda who thought they were an evil jerk. Seriously wounded, she escaped using Farore's Wind. She's later helped by Samus to the infirmary where she doesn't (luckily!!!) die.
Warnings: Uh... lots of blood, BAD injuries (the damage: one arrow lodged in their left eye and skull, a cut under their left eye, full body burns, scrapes, bruises, a not TOO deep stomach wound from a blade, a dislocated shoulder, annnd lots of trauma.), possibly eyeball gore? Angst. Anything else TBA.

[1 - Locked to Samus]

[ When the magic of Farore's Wind had faded, Link found themself on the stairs of the Meadow Floor, where they quickly put the hookshot away on their hip and began limping, holding their shoulder and wincing, slowly, to the floor the Infirmary was on.

The wounds were extensive: the arrow had dug deep into the skin under their left eye and embedded itself in an awkward semi-vertical position with a small lean, somewhat into their skull, from the attempt to dodge it. Din's Fire had given Link burns all along their body. Luckily, none of them were worse than sore, due to Link's generally wearing several layers of clothing. The tunic, however (blue, but not the Zora one), had seen its last: it was charred and barely staying together. It as bloody, as was Link. The stomach had been ripped open where Link had been cut there, too, and was also bleeding. Their shoulder had definitely been at least dislocated upon landing on it, which was just par for the course of the pain they were feeling. On top of that, numerous scrapes and bruises and tears in the Tunic and their pants peppered Link's body; it had been a very, VERY rough fight indeed.

... Unfortunately, despite the Hero of Time's dogged determination, using that spell completely exhausted the last of her energy. There was too much blood lost and too much pain; they could not continue on, not without help. Exhausted, crying, and bleeding heavily, Link collapsed, back down upon reaching a section in the Tower's stairwell where there was a landing. With a single loud CLANK from the metal shield and sword on their back, they fell.

A second, smaller clank could be heard after their arms landed as well, from the gauntlets shortly following.

Still conscious, but only barely, with their remaining eye, they gazed up at the ceiling, wondering if they were going to die a third time. ]

[2 - OPEN]

[ Once they had finally been gotten to the Infirmary, the wounds were quite exstensive, so it would take a long time for Link to heal unless someone had healing magic or a fairy on them, which Link did not at the moment.

Perhaps you've run into Link while they're fixing their wounds, or perhaps you happened to find them after they were bandaged not unlike a mummy, especially around their head, arm in a sling. Either way, the hero is quite out of it, but it's not improbable you might have been told by someone that a certain long-eared blonde was here... ]
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That's quite alright. You need rest.

[She stands then, straightening out her outfit a bit before taking the bow and quiver again.

She gives the other a polite little bow then, before turning to leave.]

I hope you heal quickly, Link. And if you need me, send someone to find me.
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[Having heard voices in the infirmary, she decided to hang back before returning to Link's side. Privacy is a rare commodity in this place, after all.

But then she recognizes the voice that doesn't belong to Link. And she is not pleased.

As the Hero leaves, she'll pass the Princess waiting on the other side of the door, lips pursed and eyes narrow. She speaks quietly, as to not disturb Link, but there is coldness in her voice.

Kind and bright, is she? Only to those on her good side.]

... You lied to me.
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[This Hero tenses at the sound of her voice, stopping in her tracks. She doesn't have to turn to know who's speaking with her; and looking at her right now does not sound like something she wants to do.

Instead, she gulps a little before speaking - just as quietly.]

... I did not mean to. I had met with them before you had found me.
At that time, I believed I was in the right. I know now that I was wrong.

[It takes her a moment, but she does look to her now; her expression apologetic.]

I don't know how, and they have not told me; but I will repent however you deem necessary.

[That's all she can do, isn't it? She can't exactly give the other girl her eye back.]
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All the same, you knowingly told me one thing while you had already done another.

[She remains stoic, not easily swayed by pitiful eyes. Link may not be angry, and really, the Princess is not really surprised that the hero isn't, but she is pissed.]

Trust is not a thing so easily gained, and I was wrong in granting you my trust so quickly simply because we share a face. I shall not allow myself to be fooled again.

[She tilts her head then, looking down her nose at the other with scorn.]

I do not want your atonement. Nothing you can do will erase the memory of having to rip out my best friend's eye. What I want is for you to know this: hurt someone dear to me again, and I will not be so restrained in my anger. Understand?
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... I would have told you, had there been an easy way to admit to nearly murdering an innocent person.

[Seriously. How the hell do you put that delicately?]

But I understand. I promise it won't happen again - though I'm sure that means little to you now.
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Easy? My friend nearly bled to death before I could reach them and you did not see fit to inform me because it would have been too difficult for you?

[Yeah, that calm composure is starting to break now, revealing the seething fury that lies beneath. Distantly, some part of her knows she's being a bit unfair, but she has been through too much, watched too many of her friends be hurt with no way to help them to care at the moment.]

Learn to deal with difficulties quickly, or you will not last two days in this place.
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[It takes a lot in her not to snap in reply - but she manages to keep it in, the retort settling as an expression instead.]

I meant easy for you.

[She puts a hand on her hip before continuing -]

You seem to be under far too much pressure to speak calmly right now. I know I might not be able to imagine what you have gone through during your stay here - but I can guarantee that letting it out on me will not help.
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Oh, so I should be thankful, then, that you would be so considerate of my feelings. Yes, you are right - learning what had occurred from a third party certainly was much easier on me than anything you could have said.

[There's one more look of disgust before she settles back into a calm facade, if only to prove the other wrong.]

Believe me, I am showing a great deal of restraint, given the circumstances. And let me tell you this: I have made many mistakes in my life, and have learned to accept the terrible consequences of each one. I would suggest you learn to do the same.

[Tell her she's unjustified in her anger. Just try.]
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Let me ask you this: what are you expecting to accomplish with all of this?
Are you attempting to frighten me? Back me into a corner?
Make me see things that I am already aware of?

Or are you attempting to ease your own anger? Take out your rage upon me?

[She pauses then, shifting a bit; her face one of irritated, well... confusion, really. She's not as worldly as you, princess - nor as mature.]

I do not see any point to this conversation - the whole conversation - aside from heaping guilt upon me, nor do I understand the point of it all. I already feel terrible enough for what I have done.
And as you have said, there is nothing I can do to fix what I have broken, either!

I can tell you are angry. I deserve your anger.
I deserve anything I get from you! But two wrongs will never make a right.
Even if you were to kill me where I stand - something I feel would be justifiable at this time - it would do no good. For anyone.

[... Wow; this is coming out the wrong way, and she knows it -]

I am not asking for forgiveness, nor do I expect it.
Nor am I telling you to not be angry. Your anger is well beyond justified.
I know what I have done was wrong. I am learning from my mistakes as I make them.
I am trying to prevent this from happening again.
I am merely asking you - please, help me understand what you are trying to do.

What more are you expecting from me?
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[Her answer is simple.]

I am trying to protect that which is most important to me so long as I have it. I suppose I am failing in that regard.

[They have been given time. And yet what good is that time, if it is only filled with suffering? Link doesn't deserve any of this. But she sighs a bit, and it looks like the girl's words may have gotten through.]

I expect nothing from you, it would seem. Perhaps this place has worn on me more than I thought it had.

[She did not used to be so irrational. So frustrated. So quick to hold a grudge. And she's only been here two and a half months. It's frightening to think what may happen if they do not escape soon.]
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[That gets... a sigh of relief, actually; she doesn't believe she's off the hook, of course, she's just glad that she got a real answer.]

... I apologize for what I have put you through, princess.
I know it may not mean much from me, now; but now that I know what is dangerous and what is not, here, I will support you and your friends as much as I am able.
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[She hums a bit in acknowledgment, though it's rather noncommittal. She's still pretty upset with the whole situation, okay.]

We shall see what each day brings, I suppose.

[Not... exactly holding her breath. Considering her assets now include two swordsmen without depth perception, one without a sword arm, and the rest being children... yeah, life is going to be an uphill battle.]

Now, if you would excuse me, I would like to return to my friend's side.

[Asking more out of formality than anything else.]
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Of course.

[She gives her counterpart a polite bow, before heading off. She was leaving, anyway.]