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❝friendship affirmation party❞

Characters: LOTS OF PEOPLE just look at the tags, gosh. Start your own threads, hop into others, and generally be free with your tagging decisions.
Setting: Floor 4, the one with the big glass windows and lots of couches.
Format: Action tags!
Summary: Clearly what the tower needs right now is a party, and Willow and Aradia have thrown one.
Warnings: Nada. Good clean fun.

[It's never exactly a clear day around this floor of the tower, but the billowing clouds outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows are maybe a bit lighter and fluffier. There's a positive atmosphere spread across the whole level, mostly from the colorful lights sprinkled here and there, magical in nature and of all different colors. They glow like small fairies.

But the biggest pieces in the room are the couches and armchairs, strategically laid out in different circles, with tables in the center. Snacks and drinks stolen from the kitchen are on the tables, so nothing too spectacular-- but there are several batches of baked goods that Willow's made, cookies and brownies and so on. There's also some board games and decks of cards placed here and there, the obvious Earth ones included and some not so obvious other ones that she hadn't recognized.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to show up, whether invited or not, whether they know Willow or Aradia or not. Fun is going to be had, darn it. However, everyone on the floor, just for today, is privy to an anti-violence ward that will prevent any motions toward violence from completing. A punch won't land, psychic powers mysteriously won't do anything if they try to cause harm, and so on. As the tower is not fond of being affected in any way, this is an effect the characters have put on them from crossing the threshold from the stairwell, and it will be automatically removed when they leave. It is not noticeable unless they try something or are particularly sensitive to magic.

It also won't last forever, so if you really want to get into a fight, do it while the party's winding down. Willow's wards are good but they aren't up to altering-the-tower-without-major-consequences level, and she's made them mild enough to wear off on their own after several hours.

You're really here to have fun, though, right? You knew where to go because of the network post.]
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[Oh hey, someone she recognizes! ... Who seems to be stuck in the doorway. Oh, Riku...]


[You now have a princess sitting in an armchair a few paces away waving you over, presumably to sit with her. What do?]
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[Look maybe just slightly like a deer caught in the headlights for just a second. And then well... do the polite thing and follow the lady's command.]

Princess Zelda. [He gives her a small bow as greeting.] ...Thank you for helping me the other day.
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/brings up knight comment icly and doesn't afraid of anything

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[Well, she got him into the party, at least, even though he's still being so formal. She smiles politely, slightly bowing her head in return.]

You know, you need not stand on such ceremony with me, Riku. You act far more like a knight than either of the ones I know, and I do not mind being informal.

[Yeaaah, the knights she knows are kinda... yeaaah.]

But all the same, you are most welcome. I am glad I could be of assistance.
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/LMAO also smallest Spoiler for KH3D maybe?

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[Yeah well, what did she expect? She is a princess and Riku has the uttermost respect for all lightside!royalty. Blame Mickey.

He shifts back a little, eyes widening beneath his blindfold as he stares at her - suddenly not formal at all, but really just the spluttering teenager he is beneath all his masks.]

K-knight? I'm not anything like that.
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[Ah, there's something genuine! ... She wishes it wasn't simply because he's flustered, but hey. Gotta start somewhere.

Her light smile stays in place as he stares, disbelieving of his assertion.]

No? You certainly seem like you are from this outsider's point of view. There are very few people in this place that bow to foreign princesses in my experience.

[Seriously, him, England, and Pipit are about the only ones, and Pipit doesn't really understand royalty anyway.]
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[He still looks somewhere between stunned at that assessment, then shakes his head - he may pay his respects, but that is only proper - she is a princess after all. The thought of not being respectful just because he doesn't happen to know or live in her world seems strangely outlandish to him and certainly...]

Believe me; I'm anything but. Someone like me-

[He cuts himself of, sadness and guilt flashing over his face for just a second before he shakes his head and regains control over himself, straightening again, his face mostly aloof - hiding what he may be thinking or feeling just right then.]

Respect for royalty is hardly the only thing that makes a knight.

[There is so much more to a true knight; to the kind he has heard and read about in all those childhood stories, the kind he had dreamed of being like. The ones that were truly able to protect the things that mattered...]
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Someone like you...?

[Oh, she recognizes that look of guilt, and the cool, withdrawn mask that follows. All too well, really. And so her smile falls away, replaced by a small concerned frown.]

No, but it certainly a part. As is gallantry. And you were cordial with me even before you knew of my station, so I doubt I have been the only recipient of your kindness.
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[He doesn't answer, doesn't explain what exactly he means or why his opinion of himself would be so low.

There really isn't anything to say, because he maybe can't quite explain - of course he had been polite even before, how could he not when her light was gentle and beautiful and reminding him of the princesses (who were not all necessarily royal) back home, whose memory is always accompanied with a pang of guilt, because-

He knows he is far from the person he's describing, far, far, really. But he also knows better than to argue with a princess. So probably better not to say anything at all. Right?]
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[Perhaps right, perhaps wrong, but either way, his silence earns a furrow to her brow. He's showing all the tell-tale signs of someone who is hiding something big, something that is eating away at him from the inside out.

And she wants to pry, to reach out and say that she knows that feeling... but his silence tells her it is not anything he wishes to speak about at this moment. And so--]

... Riku, I know we may not have known one another for very long, and this is by no means any kind of order or command, but if you ever have need of a non-judgmental ear, I shall be more than willing to lend you mine.
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[He is not looking at her, but he feels his throat tightening - he is so grateful for this, even though he shouldn't be, even though he doesn't have a right to it. Even though he has no idea why she or really anyone would offer this to him, when he-

He is also incredibly thankful that she isn't pressing, because she is right... he doesn't wish to speak about any of it right now. Or well, ever.]

...I'll... keep that in mind.
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[She nods, trying a reassuring smile. Sure, she's well aware he might not ever take up her offer, but hey, at least it's on the table. And maybe that's enough for now.]

I am glad. And you need not worry about 'troubling' me, either.

[With that last reminder, she puts on a mask of her own - one lighter and cheerier, to fit more with the festivities. This is supposed to be a time for relaxation, after all.]

Are you hungry? I have heard excellent things about the food our hostesses have made, though I have yet to try anything myself.
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[He just nods, though if he will ever not worry about 'troubling' her is... questionable at best.

He can't help but look up intrigued when she mentions the food - he is a still growing teenage boy, after all, and the cafeteria food, while edible... let's not get into that. But yeah, the prospect of self-made goods is definitely a tempting one, and more than enough to make Riku smile, ever so slightly at least.]

I'd say, we should check it out then.
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[A wise person once said something about hearts and stomachs and finding one's way to one through the other.

And seeing how Zelda herself is rather well versed in the minutiae of facial expressions, she'd wager that that wise person is right in this case. So she smiles in return, standing and waiting for him to join her.]

Hopefully there will be enough of a selection left for us. I know of a few that might be... overzealous when presented with such a display.

[So many teenaged protags in one spot - it's a wonder the kitchen doesn't run out of food regularly.]
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[This wise person had certainly been right about that.

And there he goes, walking up to her - slouching a little even - looking rather relaxed as he stuffs his left hand into his cloak's pocket. A soft, rather amused snort escapes him upon her comment, lips tugging up into a half-smirk.]

Hm. I think I know a few people like that.

[Like certain best friends for example. Good thing he is not that picky.]