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[01] || [The Awakening] || [Open]

Characters: Gandalf and anyone
Setting: Room 2-10 // Floor Twelve // Art Gallery // Library // Everywhere Else
Format: Starting with prose, but I’ll match you
Summary: Gandalf wakes up, goes off to explore the tower, then settles in the library. He will be more than happy to speak with new people and learn about other worlds. He will also be very curious about the tower, and about the ways people try to pierce its mysteries and go back home.
Warning: None. Unless you’re evil…

Room 2-10 (Dormitories)
Clothed in his white robes, the wizard wasn’t sure what to think about the letters he had read a couple minutes ago. He had opened the trunk with the faint hope to find answers, but all he found were his belongings. His clothes were there, of course, but there was also his faithful sword, Glamdring. No doubt it could be useful in a hostile environment. There was his Staff- It was in a disassembled state to fit the truck, but it didn’t matter. He just had to put the parts back together- A light then surrounded the Staff for a second and it was whole once more.

They even had thought to give him his pipe and the weed to go with it! All that was left in the truck was a ring- His ring. Narya, Ring of Fire. Whoever brought him here gave him everything he possessed, everything he needed. It was easy, too easy. Maybe this was the will of Ilúvatar. But most likely, it was the will of whoever brought him here. It was suspicious, and only an exploration of the tower could help him to learn more about his mysterious benefactor.

After looking around the room for a minute, the old man headed out, with the intent to explore his surroundings and the tower.

Floor Twelve
You’ll find Gandalf on the Twelfth Floor, standing and looking at the scenery around him. There he was smoking his pipe, yet it didn’t look as though he took any pleasure doing so. His face was stern and he appeared to be lost in his thoughts. The scene that repeated around him was terrific. There was a planet- A beautiful, radiant planet, inhabited by countless lifeform. A treasure, so to say.

But then, death- The once blue planet turned grey, its atmosphere burned off, killing every lifeform in the process, the stars died- Everything died, life was drained out. And once everything in this universe was dead, the projection switched to another universe and the process repeated. And so on, never ending.

It didn’t take long for the wizard to understand this was only a projection. A spell or a technology of some kind probably projected those images on the wall. What he didn’t know though, was whether or not those images were real. Whatever the answer was, they were no less terrific. And if they were real- It meant the situation was worse than anything he had imagined.

Art Gallery (22nd Floor)
The first painting he spotted was featuring The Shire. It was surprising that whoever saved him bothered to save paintings, yet not another living being from his homeworld. Next painting was The Pillar of the Kings. Alas, the paintings he saw next were not as enjoyable to watch, and certainly didn’t bring back happy memories.

On a wall was a painting of Isengard, while on the opposite wall was a painting presenting the dark tower, Barad-dûr . There were many more paintings, many portraits, some relating to the exploits of the people of Middle-Earth such as the encounter between Éowyn and the Witch-king of Angmar, and even some relating his personal history, such as his battle against the Balrog of Morgoth.

But the most disturbing painting was probably that of the Dark Lord Sauron. Next to his painting was a smaller one featuring the One Ring. Gandalf was thankful there weren’t any paintings featuring Morgoth- But were those really paintings? Sauron looked awfully real; the Evil could be felt emanating from the piece of art.

Whatever, he was probably going to look at paintings from other worlds now, if he could.

Library (19th Floor)
That’s where Gandalf is going to spend the remainder of the day. And probably the next couple days for that matter. You’ll find him sitting at a table, reading a book with many more books piled next to him. From time to time, he will stand up, to go pick another book before going back to his chair. He appears to be very absorbed by what he does, very serious.

And most of those books appear to be the kind most people would never want to approach, unless they’re purposefully seeking to have a headache.

Everywhere else
Before settling in the library, Gandalf is going to explore the tower a bit, to find out more about it, about those who built it and about the people now inhabiting it. You may find him on any floor; he’ll be looking with interest at the design of the tower, at the different kind of technologies.
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Library-- /TOTALLY NOT LATE asdflk

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[And during one of those times when he moves to collect another heavy book, he will run into a young elven (?) lady reaching for the same text on the shelf. Whoops.

She quickly retracts her hand upon seeing the other reach for it, turning towards him with a slightly apologetic look.]

Ah, my apologies, sir.
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But of course!

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[Wait, my lady? Does he... know her station? Or is he merely being extraordinarily honorable? And come to think of it, now that she has had a good look at him, he is practically radiating magical power. Curiouser and curiouser...

She smiles lightly in return, bowing her head in gratitude before slipping the book away from its shelf. But she lingers.]

Yes, even with sections mysteriously missing, we seem to have been provided with a vast collection of knowledge. I only wish it were easier to apply it.

[Preferably to finding a way out.]

But all the same, thank you for your generosity.
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Ah, you believe so as well? I had thought as much when I first arrived, but could not come to any decisive conclusions on my own.

[But then there's a bit of confusion in her eyes, and she tilts her head.]

'Elf'...? My apologies, sir; I believe you have me mistaken for someone else. I am a Hylian.

[... She's pretty much an Elf in all but name, though.]
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With every fiber of my being, I hope you are right. Organization thus far has been... tribal, at best, with clusters of allies working together and yet out of sync with the rest of the inhabitants.

[She can't help a small, frustrated sigh. Though her interest is piqued again as he describes these 'elves'.]

Truly? How peculiar. I have yet to see any with long ears outside of my race in this tower, I had begun to think that we were the only ones. But you say there are others? ... Would you tell me a bit about them?

[Always eager to learn, this one.]
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Such a person would be welcome indeed, though I believe establishing legitimacy would be a monumental task in this place. We may have the same ultimate goal, but trust is not easily gained.

[She is 17 and what is this.]

Ah, I see. Well, Hylians are certainly not immortal by any means, though it has been said we possess a greater natural affinity for magic.

[Her curiosity somewhat sated, she smiles.]

If only this place were not what it is. I would like to meet one some day.
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[She would have responded to his first two statements, but the third kind of catches her off guard. She blinks, eventually nodding slowly.]

... I... believe I am, yes. At least, I have been told I am her descendant.

But... how do you know of Hylia?
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[Ah, Fi. Okay, that makes sense. She nods again, this time in understanding.]

I am afraid I cannot tell you the exact nature of that connection; much of what I know of Hylia I have learned from that very same spirit during my time in this place, including the fact that she is apparently my ancestor.

[Yeaaah, had no clue about that before. Whoops.]
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... That is very true.

[She can't help tilting her head, eying the wizard just a bit oddly.]

You assume correctly. I am the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. Though... I feel I must ask for the reasoning behind your inquiries.

[Why is he so interested in her background...?]
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[... Wait, wait, wait, hold on. Oh, she understands, but that-- he can't seriously be--]

Are... Are you implying that you believe I am the leader you are searching for?
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[For a moment, she is quite literally struck speechless by what this man is proposing. Any words she tries to form fall dead on her tongue, and so she is left gaping at the man as her brain tries to process his words.

Eventually, she finds her voice again, though it is rich in disbelief and bewilderment.]

I... sir, I am... flattered that you would think so highly of me upon our first meeting, but I... I am inexperienced, and though I may be the Bearer of Wisdom, that does not mean I have not made costly mistakes in the past, and...

I would not even know how to begin.

[Overwhelmed, she pauses to collect herself, breathing deeply. There... There's no way - he must be mistaken!]
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[And he thinks she's the one to lead these people? Sure, she cannot deny the idea that even great leaders have to start somewhere, but still. This is definitely sink or swim territory, and the risks are just so high...]

... I do not mean to insult your judgment, it is just... this is a tremendous proposal. I fear I would disappoint.
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[... His words are starting to get to her, because if there is one way to get Zelda to consider something, it's to make it sound like it's her duty to do so.]

... I do wish to help however I can, but... I am also afraid of what would happen should my movement fail.

[She is all too familiar with the consequences of failure, after all. With a bit of a sigh, she nods slowly.]

I shall give it a great amount of thought, Gandalf. Believe me.
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[She still seems indecisive, uncertain that it would be so easy to pick up the pieces of a failed movement, but...]

Desperate times force great things upon all men.

[A boy from the forest becomes the Hero of Time... A foolish girl becomes the Seventh Sage...]

You have honored me with your words and faith, Gandalf. But if you would excuse me, I feel I must go and recollect my thoughts elsewhere for the time being.