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1st Constellation

Characters: Issun and ALL OF YOU!
Setting: Room 3-04, the cafeteria, then... you know, everywhere else.
Format: Action please?;
Summary: Issun wakes up etc. etc. etc. aka I am having too much fun to not intro him right now
Warnings: He's a perverted bug what do you expect - also, possible spoilers for Okami!

[Room 3-04]

Ah! C'mon, you stupid box! Open up, will ya!?

[Those passin' by his room - or if you're a very unlucky duck - may notice something off about one of the trunks in there. It's rattlin' around, like something's caught - seems Issun managed to get it open once, but can't do it a second time, and he's already inside.]

Hey! Anyone! Can anyone hear me!? I need a little help, here!

[He'll keep yelling 'till he's heard, too. Sorry.]


[Welp. He's probably heard about the nasty ass oatmeal by now - so if you're in there for something to eat, you might notice... a bowl of the stuff, floating about half an inch off the ground.
Course, if you're smart, you'll know it's not floating on its own or anything - Issun's just a pretty strong Poncle is all!
But he is having trouble seeing where he's going... Feel free to help him, y'know. Not run into tables and chairs or anything.]

[everywhere else!!]

[The extra part!! If you want your character to notice the little guy bouncing about the tower somewhere else, be my guest! He's probably searching for a way out, or at the very least, a few familiar faces.]
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Library, because it's always the library for Zelda /sigh

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[Another morning, another day spent wrestling with the thought of Gandalf's proposal. Honestly, how does he expect her to get people across multiple worlds to just... follow her lead?

Augh. So, in desperation, she finds herself back in the library, idly flipping through pages upon pages of massive texts, trying vainly to gain some sort of insight.

And then a little green glowing bug hopped onto her table. Huh.]

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Books are safe. They don't become senient and murderous, nor do they tell her to lead rebellions, ok

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Pardon me?

[Blink. Blink. Did a bug just call her pretty.]

... Reading is enjoyable enough, and may prove to be productive, given the right material. And given the risks elsewhere, I am rather content here for now.

[Sorry, you're not getting the real reason why she's here right off the bat, Issun.]
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Well, everyone needs some down time, I suppose.

[Stiiill kinda surprised at these 'lovely' and 'pretty' comments, and, well... she's not sure how to react to them, so she doesn't. Instead, she just smiles politely, bowing her head slightly in greeting.]

A pleasure to meet you, Issun. I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. [A slight pause.] Though... if I may ask, what is a Celestial Envoy?
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How interesting. I have never heard of gods losing power due to a lack of faith. So you are like their chosen missionary of sorts.

[She rests her head upon her hand, regarding him with intrigue. Hey, the conversation's getting her mind off of other things.]
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You must be quite talented, then.

[And she nods, light smile still upon her features.]

Of course. If you are willing to share, then it would be my pleasure.