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First Tune

Characters: Fado and everyone reading this right now. Yes that means you.
Setting: Room 1-14 and Floor 11
Format: Starting brackets 'cause I'm lazy, but whatever you prefer!
Summary: You standard waking up and being confused about stuff thread. Except Fado is pretty chill. Expect jam sessions.
Warnings: Awesome music.

[Room 1-14]

[This certainly wasn't the most pressing situation Fado had found himself in before; it at least gave him some time to think. In fact, he had already worked on changing into his proper clothes which he was...admittedly surprised to find that he had.

In fact he was admittedly surprised to find that he had been restored to a corporeal form period. Anyone walking into or by the room would find the Sage looking at his clothes inquisitively while his violin lay on his bed.]

[Floor 11]

[As strange as the situation was, it was no time to panic. Anyone venturing near the eleventh floor would hear a violin tune coming from the middle of the floor, and the Kokiri sitting by the waterfall, playing away on his violin.]
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Floor 11, yep.

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[What a lovely song... Of course she has to follow the sound. Upon finding the musician, however, she grows curious for another reason altogether. Could that be one of the Kokiri...?

She manages to keep her questions reigned in, though. Would be rude to just interrupt, after all. When the song finishes, she clears her throat a bit to announce her presence before speaking.]

You are very talented. That song was lovely.
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[She bows her head slightly in return, smiling back politely. Okay, so he's definitely from Hyrule, then, if he recognizes her as a princess.]

You are most welcome. It has been quite some time since I have enjoyed the tune of a violin. Hearing one again comes as a pleasant surprise.
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Has it? Well, should you ever have want of an audience, I would be more than willing to oblige.

[And then there's the slightest of inquisitive headtilts.]

Though, my apologies. You know of me, and yet I do not know you. May I ask for your name?
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A sage? I was unaware the Master Sword required prayer.

[She's... really starting to think she hardly knows anything regarding the legends of Hyrule. Honestly, first she's told she's descended from a goddess, now this?]

Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Fado.
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Well, of course. But considering I believe I have met the spirit of the Master Sword, I had assumed it was one of those things that would remain eternal, no matter how the waves of Time's river might crash against it.

[Despite her flowery words, she smiles lightly.]

The Hero had only recently finished his journey when I was brought to this place, so if what you say is true, I suppose my ignorance is only logical.