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Inevitable explosions

Characters: Shion, Reno, retrieval units and open
Setting: Infirmary, during the Orange Collar checkups then the next day in room 2-12
Format: I'll start in prose but switch if you want
Summary: - Shion finally explodes, this takes part in the infirmary during his collar check, he gets taken down by retrieval units, sort of open to anyone in the infirmary at the time.
- The next day Shion wakes up and finally breaks down; closed to Reno
- After his talk with Reno Shion goes to eat, open to all!
Warnings: Berserk Shion, death, lots of angst. Broken people, lots of sadness. Probably mentions of death and Reno's work before the tower.

[Infirmary] Days had gone on, Shion had spent all the time he could in the library or training with Reno. He had done as his roommate had told him, ate and slept when he had been forced to. A shadow wearing Shion's body unable to feel anything but numbness and muted rage.

He had nodded and made no comment when Reno had told him they had to go for their collar checkups, he walked in a daze to the infirmary. As they waited he took in the room, a hospital but one he would never trust. Ran by people much more suited for death than life.

These people who seemed to obey the tower rulers every whim. They had been the ones to hold him in that room, to kill Nezumi...

Even if it wasn't these specific people, they would do the same thing. Shion knew, if they were ordered to they would do the same thing again. They didn't care and they would hurt Nezumi without batting an eyelid. Hurt him for Shion's crimes, hurt him for Shion's mistakes.

The anger and hatred that had been kept muted by numbness surged to the surface. What if they still had him, were still hurting him. Despite Reno's words that it couldn't have been Nezumi it might have been. Shion couldn't risk it, he couldn't let this go on.

Reno was taken for his check and Shion sat alone, his thoughts churning, anger rising. These people, they had hurt Nezumi, Shion hadn't been able to do anything about it. He had been chained up, unable to reach them, unable to reach Nezumi.

He followed them into the examination room, letting them hook the bag of liquid onto his collar. The weight on the back of his collar made him pause, he pulled forward. His mind flashed back to the room, chained to the wall. Nezumi dying.

"No..." It started as a whisper, the anger rose up within him. Closing his eyes all he could see was darkness and though he tried to fight it, fight the urge to scream, to hurt them. Telling himself it was just the tube, he was not chained anymore.

Blood, Nezumi falling to the floor again. Shion let out a cry of rage and leaped at the man overseeing his collar check, his hands reaching out, to find the man's neck. One of them... responsible for hurting Nezumi.

They would pay, they would all be punished.

[Room 2-12] Sleep paralysis was always terrifying and this time Shion was trapped for an hour. Trapped unable to move, he wasn't even sure he could breathe. The darkness was suffocating and he woke up with a gasp, the events of the day before crashing down around him...

Hit him hard, he sat up slowly looking at his hands. What had he done... What had he been thinking...

[Cafeteria] Shion left the room, sensing that Reno needed to rest, needed to be alone. Shion had put a lot on him the last month, but he was going to make an effort to change that. To help his friend out as he had helped him the last few weeks. Shion knew he owed him his life, or at least his sanity.

He made his way down to the cafeteria, everything seemed clearer. The world was no longer hidden, out of reach. The numbness was gone and Shion felt everything, every emotion was sharp. His eyes were still red from crying and he was worried about his friends. About those he knew, about everyone.

More people would have arrived, they always did, a lot of the faces he passed he didn't recognise. He didn't quite smile, he still hurt too much.

But it was different, the numbness, the bubbling rage, the despair, they were gone. It was going to be... well perhaps not alright. They were still stuck here, they were still going to be hurt and killed. But... it didn't seem so bleak, he felt alive like he hadn't done since sometime in that awful week.

He felt human. He grabbed a nutrient bar, since that was all that there was to eat, and sat at a table. He ate it, even if it was simple he was hungry. He looked around nodding at the people he saw in greeting. He felt a little self conscious and he was exhausted but... He wanted to be here, to see people.
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The liquid in Reno's collar had just finished and they detached the equipment, leaving him slightly bemused and rubbing his neck as he always did after one of these proceedings. Once he had been back and sane enough to use a computer, he had gone back to that Q&A post and seen what they did to the boy.

Knowing what these things did when taken off had made him sick to his stomach for along time; lightheaded and funny as well. Standing there for a while, he leaned against a wall and tried to keep from shaking. This was the first collar check since then, and that wave of nausea was coming back, stronger than ever. He was trying to focus and think of anything but the collar when he heard Shion's rage.

That had him upright in an instant and heading toward the kid. "Shion?"
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The instant Reno figured out what Shion was doing, he ran over, grabbing him away from the worker, trying to pull him off. "Shion! Stop it! You're going to get killed!"

This was the last thing, THE LAST thing the kid needed, to go on a rampage.
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The man reacted in a very mechanical way--certainly he tried to subdue Shion, and he did tell him to stop quite firmly, but there was something distinctly off about it, given the way Shion was acting.

A second blank-collared worker ignored the plight of the first to wheel the collar fluid out of the way of the commotion.
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When Shion kicked out, he hit a rather sensitive and important part of Reno, and it sent him to his knees in shock and pain, groaning.

"Shion," it was just a strangled sound, as he had curled up into a fetal position, "get a hold of yourself!"
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By this point the man had recovered enough to regard Shion neutrally and address him.

"If you will not submit to your collar checkup we will have to use force."

There wasn't enough emotion in it to really sound like a warning, even though it certainly was one.
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Pain was an every day part of Reno's life; he had been taught to endure it and fight on even with multiple injuries. When the pain faded somewhat, he struggled to his feet, still reeling from the kick but not out of the game yet.

"SHION!" He shouted, knowing that big trouble was about to hit when the worker threatened the kid. Again, he made a grab, trying to dodge the flailing this time and grab one of his arms.