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Suzaku's death.

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Suzaku hadn't voted, he might have if he trusted their captors at all but he didn't. He remembered what had happened once he had died in the labyrinth, what they had done to Psi. He had no way of knowing if the person he voted for would be sent somewhere else first, to be tortured past what they could deal with. Also he would be sending them to a tower which, unless it had changed since they had been brought here, was full with monsters and had no power or food.

Then there was the death being from a method chosen by their group leader; no it would be no kind of mercy to vote someone to die. Suzaku had left the booth without pressing any buttons.

Then the results were read, Suzaku didn't know the man who was called first but he knew Kuja and though he couldn't blame him for voting; after all he didn't know his motivations, it was unfortunate that he was the only one who had. At least Ventus' death was quick and seemingly painless. It was a small mercy in a cruel game.

His group was next, one of those he had lived with these last few days. He was sort of proud that no one had voted, that no one was playing this sick game despite what their captors wanted. His own name being called took him by surprised, he had been expecting to have to watch someone he had come to care for die; being the one to die was different.

He moved even before the escorts got there, not putting up a fight; after all it was not the first time he had been ordered to die. If he had to die in place of someone else in his group he didn't mind at all.

Which wasn't to say he wasn't scared but it was pushed down, he had been in worse situations and really after all the people he had killed, he deserved a thousand deaths. More even.

From hearing people talk he had learned about the differences between the three groups and the people that led them. He did not believe for a moment his death would be as painless as Ventus'.

He entered the pod and stood to attention, his face completely blank. Both not wanting to give their captors any satisfaction and not wanting to cause those forcing to watch any more pain than necessary.

Suzaku had been injured before, he had been in pain before; he had been shot before. But he had never felt pain such as this, two bangs; muffled. Pain overtook him and he only vaguely realised he was falling, that he had no legs when there was another bang, followed swiftly by another. He screamed out in agony but it lasted only a second before the final bang sounded and his head exploded silencing him.
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Re: Suzaku's death.

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Not voting had indeed been too easy too be successful. Death, then, was inevitable.

Fran closed her eyes and turned her face away from the scene, but she couldn't stop her ears from picking up Suzaku's screams. She had been witness to many things, but violence for the sake of violence was never something she would acclimate to. There was no desire for it.

The pain in her palms signaled her to release the fists she'd been clenching. Her hands shook, disturbed and disgusted.

Never had she felt quite so helpless than now.