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[001 ∆ the lost mask]

Characters: Link (Majora's Mask) and YOU
Setting: Everywhere in the Tower -- You pick your location!
Format: Action
Summary: Guess who just woke up in the Tower? This young Link is taking a look around, hoping he'll find... well. Someone he knows or, at the very least, someone who looks approachable.
Warnings: None! They'll be added in should any come up, though.

[Link has never been one to sit around and wait for someone to give him the answers. He never would've stopped Ganondorf or freed any of the Giants if he did that. No, as soon as he got dressed and gathered up his items (he was missing some of his masks... that made him frown, but at least he still had most of them), he was up on his feet and exploring the tower. He needs answers, he needs information -- more than what was given to him in that letter, anyway. He refuses to believe it. Termina... Destroyed? No. That isn't true. He was just there, things were almost over, it was almost safe. There had to be another explanation.

He wishes Tatl was with him. It was strange that she wasn't, but she would've had ideas about what was going on. (And Navi -- Navi is not someone he... Tatl was with him last, he would expect her to be there before he would expect Navi to be. He knows Navi hasn't been with him for a long time, and so he doesn't expect her to be. But Tatl was with him, and so...)

If he sees anyone else with a collar, he can ask them for more information. Maybe they've been here longer than him. Maybe there's something they could tell him. And, well... He needs to get to know the lay of the tower, so that he can be prepared for anything.
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[Information about this place is scarce, she's found. In an ultimately futile attempt to gain insight, Zelda browses the uppermost library, eyes trailing on the titles of each heavy book. Maybe... just maybe there's something that could be of value hidden within these labyrinthine shelves.

And then, while flipping through a pages of a book that seemed halfway promising, she sees a small flash of green in the corner of her eye. Too small to be the Link she met earlier. The book goes abandoned as she follows after it, body moving before her mind really has a chance to process it and--

That's him. That's the boy she sent back.

And for once, words fail the Princess of Hyrule. After all, what do you say to someone you've said your goodbyes to?]
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[She just... kneels (no, not falls, it's just so she can see him better, not because her knees are weak or anything) before the boy, skirts puffing out briefly before settling around her. Her eyes trace over his features, lining them up with the ones from her memory.

His eyes seem more world-weary than she remembers.]

...Hello, Link. Do... Do you remember me?

[It would make perfect sense if he didn't-- she sent him back to a time before they first met, after all, but... maybe...]
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[Maybe it is, maybe it isn't; she doesn't particularly care about that right now. She'll ask later if it comes up.]

I am.

[She feels as though there's a fist around her heart, threatening to squeeze. But she continues onward, tentatively pulling out the Ocarina of Time. Please, don't deny her--]

And... what of this?
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[Her face softens slightly upon seeing his Ocarina. She might not know the exact reason why he has it, but, well...]

I-- [No, Zelda, not you.] ...Your princess gave you that, yes?
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...I am glad you met with her.

[And perhaps it's a little bit selfish, but Link was the closest thing she had to a friend. No matter how short their time together was. And she doesn't really know what he means by "left" but... it isn't really her place to know, is it.

...She's still sort of speechless, so she resorts to reiterating things she's said before.]

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for Hyrule. ...I hope you have found peace in your time.
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But I do, nonetheless.

[Link, you are far too humble for what you have accomplished, in her eyes.]
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[There's a faint, fond little smile at his murmuring. Silly boy, you don't thank someone for thanking you.

But then her expression goes a bit more serious. Ah, yes, it's likely he just woke up, isn't it.]

A few days. Not very long in comparison to some of the others here, apparently.

[She's still kinda learning the ropes, to be honest.]
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[She shakes her head.]

Of course not. It is simply an attempt to keep us complacent.

[At least, that's what she believes.]
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[She can't help it; she smiles back, just a little bit.]

It is only a matter of time before we locate a way to return home. Until then, please, be careful. I have been told this place can become very dangerous at times.

[Not that she has any doubt in his abilities, but... the boy shouldn't have to fight anymore.]
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Me too, man. /seeing how long she can last with 15

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I shall. Do not worry.

[Link is a bit of an open book like that, and while she isn't much of a fighter, she'd rather put his mind at ease as best she can.]
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Don't worry, I'll probably follow suit in a couple of days. |D;

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[...Come to think of it, Navi wasn't with the other Link either...

Another slow headshake.]

No, not yet.
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[Oh... that just about breaks her heart.]

...Purple mask? [But she shakes her head again.] No, I have yet to see any Skull Kids here, much less any masked ones.
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[...Okay, how does she explain this--]

There... is another aside from us, but it would seem our captors have some power over timelines, so this may seem strange to say...

It is you, in a sense, from before the Spirit Temple.

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