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first unversed.

Characters: Vanitas and YOU!
Setting: Room 1-18, then the hallways.
Format: Prose, but I can match.
Summary: Vanitas wakes up and decides to observe his new surroundings.
Warnings: Vanitas being a creeper counts, right?

[ Room 1-18 ]

Well, this was a... predicament. First, he succeeded at ripping out Sora's heart and then he was Okay, fine, he could manage that, but one question:

Where the hell was here exactly? Also, why was he dressed in this revolting white bodysuit? That, and why did he feel like he had something around his neck? His hand moved up and he touched the collar around his neck and got up out of his bed to observe himself in the mirror.


Well, that was another thing he had to work with then. First, find out where he was and how he was brought here. Then, find out who collared him like a damned dog and put an end to them permanently.

Oh, was the Tower ready for his unrelenting hate? It better be.

[ Hallways ]

Once he was properly dressed with his helmet and bodysuit, as well as what was rightfully his, he decided to check out who was here and get some intel going. Information was what he liked and if he had to pretend to be the nice guy, then so be it.

So, if he noticed you and you look like someone who knows some stuff, guess who's suddenly ~*~popular~*~.

"Hey. Got a moment?"
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Hallways - Also if this isn't okay lemme know and I'll fix it

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[She freezes the moment she hears the voice behind her. She had to wonder, to tell the truth, if there was some kind of sick joke the Tower's admins were playing on her. She'd only found out - dared to venture and look at door names - just recently that Vanitas was gone again.

But there was no mistaking that voice.

There's a brief second where she freezes, every muscle tense, then she whips around, jumping back to put as much distance between her and the one behind her as possible, drawing her Keyblade in a flash of light and holding it in a defensive stance, trying to keep herself steady and not be rattled that he's back. Again.

She pauses briefly once she sees him, a little confused - the colors are different, and the helmet is new. But the voice is the same, and she... isn't ready to let her guard down yet.]

What do you want?
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Might doesn't mean is.

[And even so, training with Reno has given her a healthy respect for the ability to fight unarmed. And only half of the damage Vanitas had done last time he was here in the Tower had been with a Keyblade, deepening that respect. And fear.]

I thought you were gone.
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[Well this... is just kicking her in all the places that it hurts, especially after how their last encounter had gone.]

I don't care what you think.

[She isn't planning on sticking if she can help it. She isn't going to try to fight him again. Not like this.]
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[That laughter makes the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She needs to leave. She needs to go and warn the others from her worlds again and probably talk to Shion and maybe the other Turks too.

She takes a good step or two back, unease clearly showing on her face.

The comment about her keyblade stung, and for a moment her face draws tight with anger, remembering another time it was called a sham. But her wrist - the one she'd hurt when monsters flooded the Tower - still felt weak and this was Vanitas]

Wh-what do you mean?

[She knows exactly what he means, it's meant to be more an attempted distraction while she reaches the hand to summon a darkness corridor. DOES SHE SUCCEED-]
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[She doesn't answer. The moment she feels him grabbing her wrist, she reacts. And instead of swinging her Keyblade like she might've once, she instead falls back on one of the less-than-honorable tricks that Reno's taught her over the months.

Namely, that's a knee that will be swinging upward, aimed at his gut. If it connects, she'll try to wriggle out of his grasp and run. It's clear she doesn't have time to summon a corridor right now.]
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[She hits the ground with a faint cry, frustration welling up in her. Why. why was it always like this?! Everything she learned, everything she did to keep herself from getting pushed around like this by him!

And then there's a Keyblade pointed right at her throat, and she freezes, trying to think fast, trying not to panic. She's... not sure if he'll actually follow through on threats to kill her. He hadn't last time, and wasn't he supposed to feed on negativity? But at the same time, she does not want to test how far he'll go.

After a moment's hesitation, a very long one, she bows her head (though not far enough that she can't still see him), and, going against every instinct she's been raised with, dismisses her Keyblade. She's far from unarmed, but... so long as he doesn't know that, she might have enough advantage to escape sometime soon. Maybe.

She doesn't want to give up. She can't. But it's his move now and she knows it.]
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[She leans her head away as the Keyblade looms closer to her neck, every muscle taught with anxiety and the desire to do something. She's tempted to see if there's some way to hook a leg around one of his feet and trip him up when suddenly the light pressure against her neck is gone.

She blinks up at him for half a second, letting out a breath she'd been unconsciously holding, before scrabbling backward and flipping over onto her knees, up onto her feet and into a sprint as fast as she can. Maybe exposing her back is not the wisest course of action but she wants out of there fast and she's not trusting him to not change his mind.]
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[She catches the first flicker of darkness out of the corner of her eye and performs a dodge roll, avoiding the first strike entirely and narrowly dodging the second one. The noise right behind her is panic-inducing enough that she dodge rolls again, avoiding a couple more of the strikes.

It's when she looks over her shoulder, slows down just a fraction of a second, that one lands a glancing hit, enough to her knock into the wall where the air rushes from her chest. She's barely able to spin to the side to barely miss the next strike by pure luck, fragments and splinters of wall spraying her and leaving several small cuts, and it's not enough to avoid the seventh and final hit, which hits her side hard and knocks her to the ground.

She's stunned. The pain in her side is beyond debilitating, and to make matters worse, everything's dark. She can't see, can't even tell where Vanitas is. She pushes weakly at the ground, but to no avail. She needs to keep moving but-! The last of her strength gives out and she flops back down to the ground, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.]
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[Shion was drawn down the corridor by the noise, wondering what it was that was making it. It might have been smarter to run in the other direction but despite having an incredibly high IQ Shion wasn't the smartest around.

Any semblance of clever disappeared when he took in the scene in front of him. He didn't pause for a moment, just burst into a run and flung himself at Vanitas, hands coming up to try and get at his throat.]
Leave her alone! [He screamed the words his legs kicking out, trying to hitVanitas; not caring about anything but hurting the person who hurt his friend.]
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[Xion yelps in pain as she's kicked over. It's a familiar kick. She's still struggling just to breathe, though, to get air back in her lungs and not scream at how much it hurts. Her head shifts slightly, panicked, sightless eyes still searching for something - anything.

She doesn't know what's happening, but she doesn't like where this is going.]
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[Shion was flung backwards as lightning filled the air around him. It took him a moment to realise he was still alive and longer to work out how to move. He sat up just in time to see the ravens coming towards him and the blade coming towards Xion's heart.

He screamed again but this time it was wordless, rage and fear and anger at himself that despite all of Reno's training he still wasn't strong enough to protect the friends he loved.

He lashed out at the ravens, being hit backwards but all the time trying to get through them to Vanitas and Xion.]
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[Even before the screaming, the noise was too much for Xion to ignore. When she decided to see what was happening, she fully knew that she should be ready for a fight, but that was not enough to prepare her for the what she's seeing now.

A boy with white hair, screaming and fighting the monsters -- the Unversed? -- that had once knocked her off the Tower. Another person wearing a smooth black helmet. He is holding a Keyblade, and it is over the chest of her other self, who is lying on the floor, clearly injured, and

Xion has not been this angry in a long time.

The Keyblades appear immediately in her hands. She charges. Oathkeeper whistles through the air as she swings it down towards Vanitas' head.]
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As dazed as Shion was he still registered that purple and black fire was probably very bad and dived to the side, still trying to get towards Xion striking out at the ravens just with his bare hands. He was so angry that the pain barely seemed to register. He dodged the black flames, a feat that took even himself by surprise and cried out again in anger as he saw Vanitas strike at Shion once more.

"Leave her alone!"

He dived at her, getting in between her and Vanitas. The lightning hit him and his world became pain, he slumped to the ground only half registering that he had done it, that Xion hadn't been hit.