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Characters: Jin (or what's let of him), Sayaka, and anyone on the Third Floor
Setting: Third Floor Library, September 2nd
Format: Starting prose, can do whatever~
Summary: Jin and Sayka got Zo in trouble with Jason, and are now dealing with the consequence. The third floor has been sealed off, and Jin has transformed into a blood-thirsty monster, mentally tasked with killing a powerless Sayaka.
Warnings: Body horror/general horror, death, blood, injuries, all that good stuff. IF YOU TAG THIS POST YOUR CHARACTER WILL MOST LIKELY BE EITHER MAIMED, INJURED, OR KILLED.

The day started out perfectly fine. Jin and Sayaka had once again gathered in front of the computer, the first time in a few weeks, to go over their notes. A message had appeared on their post. Jin had chatted up Zo while Sayaka had stared in shock. Jason hadn't been too happy about this contact, and rather than allow the kid to get punished, Jin and Sayaka took the punishment-- they very well dared him, in fact.

A transformation had occurred. The third floor was now sealed away from the rest of the tower, inescapable, and everyone inside trapped. It probably wasn't hard to notice the commition at their terminal; there was still ink all over them and on the ground, and anyone whose attention had been drawn to that could've easily seen Jin's transfiguration into the cat-like beast that stood here now, hunched over on all fours, and staring Sayaka dead in the eye.

Sayaka hadn't had much time to react. Her powers were gone, but his eyes were trained on her. The intellect he usually boasted about had melted away, and now all he felt was a bloodlust-- the same kind he could feel from Moros, but this time he felt it. The desire to kill, to rip something apart, to spill blood.

He lunged at her; she didn't have much time to start running.

(OOC: Remember, it is not immediately obvious that Jin's target is Sayaka. He has, as of now, been transformed into a mindless killing animal, and he will not stop until she is dead which means if your character gets in his way, they will likely be maimed or killed so that they are out of his way. If Sayaka dies within the first three hours, Jin will continue rampaging in the library until the time has run out. If the three hours pass without her dying, once she is killed, Jin will also be stopped. While Sayaka is alive, Jin cannot be killed; he will simply heal and come back until she is dead. If he is killed after she is dead, he will die. NOTE: Sayaka's mun has stated that Sayaka will eventually smash her soul gem if they find out that she is Jin's target.

Please feel free to contact either of us if there are any questions or concerns!)
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Shion was in the library as he was every day sorting books onto shelves. It seemed there was always carts piled high with books no matter how much sorting they did. It was an endless job but Shion didn't mind at all.

He was a lot stronger now since he had started training with Reno and it showed in the fact he could carry more books quicker; though his ankle was still sore from the fight against the monsters and he was pretty beat up from his fight with Vanitas.

He heard the crash and moved towards the noise quickly, sometimes the towers of books fell on people. "Is everything alright?"
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"No! There is absolutely nothing alright right now and - don't come any closer!"

Well, he was right about one thing - a few towers of books have been felled, but it seems to have been purposefully. Sayaka had heaved over quite a few of them with her un-torn arm while scrambling distinctly away from.. something. Someone?
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Of course Shion; despite the fact he wasn't the best fighter and most things filled him with fear, was not the type of person to leave a child in danger.

He didn't have time to ask any more questions though because a moment later a... creature, monster came charging at them.

But Shion caught a glimpse of the yellow collar around his neck. He ran towards the girl, "Come on!"