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we need some downtime

Characters: the grand highblood
Setting: that weird spring forever floor
Format: don't care
Summary: he is bleeding a little but he's pretty beat up from that fight, and worn out. being a big target is tough work, ok??? he's been wandering around the new floors and found himself sitting out in the middle of the grassy field. oh god do you want to approach him? he looks surprisingly peaceful???
Warnings: the grand highblood

[ it's really bright on this floor, but he found himself adjusting to it somewhat. it definitely wasn't anything as strong as Alternia's sun. he's sore, scratched up, bruised and plain old tired, so he's sitting in the middle of a grassy field, surrounded by delicate yellow and purple flowers.

a very bizarre scene indeed.

he's just resting up, trying to regain some strength. ]
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[Shion had been mostly helping in the infirmary since the tower went crazy but it had quietened down a lot now and so he was exploring the new floors. The art had fascinated him and so did this meadow. He wandered in the warmth and came across the troll he had spoken to when he had just arrived.]

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[Shion nodded and smiled] You never told me your name. I'm Shion by the way. [He notices he is bleeding]

Oh, do you need your wounds bandaged? [He has bandages, because he was going to check to see if anyone was injured and unable to get to the infirmary.]
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Shion nodded and took out the bandages and cleaning solution before reaching out to clean the first cut. "This might sting." He warned first.

"Grand Highblood?" The name sounded strange, like the troll believed him better than everyone else, but Shion did not know much about trolls and this might be a cultural thing, maybe everyone had such names. "That is an interesting name, does it mean anything?"
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Shion frowned but didn't stop bandaging the injuries. He had no idea what the Subjugglators were, or Messiahs or the Vast-Honk but he understood that the Highblood believed himself higher than anyone else.

"Do you really believe that some people are higher than others?" Shion was frowning. "What decides who is higher than another troll, surely when it comes down to it everyone is equal."
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no worries! Also sorry for the derpery...

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"Everyone has worth, even those who you perceive have worth because they are still human, or troll, or whatever other species they are. By existing they have worth and should be treated as stuff. I do not know what the hemospectrum is but I do not think that anyone has the right to control others or treat them as lesser beings." He continued bandaging as he spoke.

"Everyone deserves equality no matter how strong or weak they are, because deep down we are all the same."
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Shion hadn't expected the troll to believe him or listen to him, he was used to Nezumi telling him to be quiet, but the threat didn't phase him. He just continued bandaging the trolls wounds, checking carefully to make sure there was no blister on his neck, he was still worried the bees he had fought had been parasite bees.

"It is what I believe, everyone is exactly the same and should be treated that way. Especially here, we've been taken and we should be working together, and putting aside our differences."
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"Everyone says that," Shion said as he began to tie off the bandages, "That one day my beliefs will get me killed, but I cannot stop believing them or feeling them because even if everyone else disagrees..."

He looked up towards the Grand Highblood's eyes, "I have to do what I believe is right, and if you believe in inequality that is what you believe, but if you put those beliefs in practice I will have to try and stop you."

Don't ask how he is planning to do that...
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Shion was a little confused about the smile, but smiled back hesitantly and moved away a little, giving the Grand Highblood room to move. "These are the beliefs your world is based on?" He asked with a frown, "Now we are here, for whatever reason, we should make a new start, and leave brutal practices behind."
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"Most people say that, that they are not sure how I am still alive... that my thoughts will get me killed one day." That he was naive and an airhead who knew nothing of the real world. "But can't you see that a world without equality is harmful to all those who live in it? Those who do not have power but also those who do."
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Shion was starting to think that the Grand Highblood was impossible to talk to, and yet he still couldn't bring himself to not argue against his violence, and happiness to have the world unequal.

Still he jumped when the Grand Highblood grabbed his head, he blinked and looked up at the troll with fearful red eyes. He knew there was no point in struggling because he was much weaker than the troll. He did not think he would let him go either, and he was afraid.
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Shion didn't move, but continued to stare at the highblood in fear. Frozen to the spot. Was it worth it? These ideals that he held so highly was he prepared to die for them? He felt the pain of the cut and the slow trickle of blood down his neck.

Would the troll stop there, having proven his point. Or did he intend to kill Shion. Shion didn't want to die, he had chosen life, chosen to live when he had been infected with the parastie bee and he began to struggle.
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It's okay! They mostly deserve it

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Shion struggled some more but deep down he knew that it was useless. He couldn't fight, he was not strong enough no matter how hard he tried. Did that mean that he should not hold such beliefs? If he could not fight for them.

No, the point was that all humans, and trolls, and other creatures were equal, even if they were weak. The deeper cut caused him to cry out and he struggled harder.
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The screams were loud and shrill and it took a moment for Shion to register them through the pain. It hurt so much and he just wanted it to end. He would do anything for this pain to end, he forgot about his promise to live. He didn't want to live if this pain was part of it.

He continued struggling though, his body couldn't let him give in as much as his mind wanted to. His screams were interrupted by sobs as he stared up at the Grand Highblood with wide red eyes.

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