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The Doctor is [a Nazi Zombie!]

Characters: Zombiefied!Richtofen and anyone who wants in on the action!
Setting: October 18th-onward, anywhere in the Tower. Specify date and floor.
Format: Action to start, but I'll match you.
Summary: Richtofen didn't meet his quota, and came back as a zombie. A hungry zombie. He gets increasingly more ravenous as time goes on, intent upon changing as many residents of the Tower into zombies as he can.
Warnings: Blood, gore, character death with mun's permission, all that good stuff. If your character is zombiefied by Richtofen, it only lasts one day, but Richtofen will be able to control them. They'll also be able to make more zombies. Let me know if it is or isn't okay to harm/kill your character, please!

[Well, he tried. He'd stolen a lot of candy, and in turn, he got his candy hidden away, and couldn't meet his quota. He supposed it was fair, but it was still irritating to die a second time. It was even more irritating to come back as a zombie; irritating, and a little ironic. Painful, too.

For a while, Richtofen's new hunger is manageable. He's able to keep himself from mindlessly throwing himself at Tower residents, but he does try to bite if he gets wound up. However, he's Richtofen, so he finds himself getting wound up an awful lot. He's missing chunks of his body, the cafeteria food is even less appealing than usual, and he still can't take off his stupid Marine costume! Things are not going well for him.

But after a while, it gets to the point where all he can think about is delicious, glorious, moist, lovely flesh. Cafeteria food is no longer appealing. He's sure he'll starve if he doesn't find somebody to munch on, and hey, he's always wanted to control his own zombie horde!

So later in the month, he begins to charge at other residents without even the slightest provocation. He's armed with a knife, but he's hesitant to use it, because the feel of flesh between his teeth is so much more satisfying. The downside is that his costume hasn't given him any boosts in strength, and it's made him less wary of others, which is a dangerous combination for someone who doesn't have any superhuman powers. Fighting him off will be easy if you're gifted with those sorts of abilities, but if you aren't, you'll find that an incredibly hungry Nazi zombie is hard to fight off. Proceed with caution.]
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22nd Library

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[It was getting harder. Shion had been okay at first, but as candy had gotten scarcer he was barely scraping through. Xion had left him a decent amount of candy when she had died; and he was trying to concentrate on the fact she had made him promise to live and not the fact she had died for him because that was awful...

Yesterday Reno had helped him but the situation was much the same today, none of the monsters dropped candy. It seemed if he wanted it he would have to steal it...

And Shion didn't want to steal, he didn't want to cause anyone else's death and even if he stole from someone strong enough to get more, they would have to steal and someone would eventually die.

He was working in the library as normal, ignoring the fact that his costume was becoming steadily tighter.

He heard a noise and went off to investigate.]
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[Shion went down pretty easily; Reno would be mad at him for being caught unaware. Unable to use his arms he tried kicking, trying to get away from this man... monster he realised as he caught sight of missing flesh.]
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[Shion screamed, Richtofen was stronger than him. Had been last time they had fought in the labyrinth and still was now despite Reno's training.

He felt pain and screamed again as he felt teeth tear into his throat.]
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no problems! Also I have never written zombie turnings before so idek if I did it right

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[Shion screamed until he could scream no more pain flooding his senses as he gave up and let the man kill him; after all it would be better to die even if he woke up twisted and wrong, than try and struggle on with the injuries he knew he now had, and probably die later at another hand.

It took longer than he thought but finally consciousness left him.

Only for a moment though, because after a minute or so after the body Richtofen was feeding from had finally gone still the red eyes opened again. The pain was still there but muted, he could move despite the chunks of flesh missing from his body.

And Shion was hungry.]
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[The feeling of hunger grew the more aware Shion became. He wanted to eat now and it had to be flesh. That would be easy, there were so many people here.

At the order his legs moved on their own, Shion was still in a state of numb confusion and hunger but they at least seemed to know what to do. His movements were awkward and he stood strangely.]
I'm hungry [His voice was gruff and strange, his damaged neck had affected it.]
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[Shion's body again obeyed the moment the command was given and though some suppressed sleepy part of his mind screamed at him not to follow the hunger and promise of food quickly drowned it out.

He shuffled awkwardly, shambling towards the staircase and Richtofen.]