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Characters: Reno, Ganondorf, Shion (closed)
Setting: Music Floor
Format: Prose
Summary: Being sick, Reno goes delirious and seems to think Ganondorf can cure the flu BUT THEN adsfljasdf character death, suicide, Dammit Ganondorf

The guy was getting seriously ill. He was pretty sure this fever was way too high, the headaches and just general achiness made him growl in pain. Coughing, sore throat, other things that required quick trips to the bathroom.

He was going to die. He knew it, and there was nothing he could do about it. Maybe he was being a little dramatic about it but that wasn't good at all. There was only one recourse, one place he could get help in his brain-addled state.


Half dressed, Reno hauled himself out of bed and wobbled, dizzy with the effort, but forced himself to steady and then started moving.

Oh, where was that guy anyway... his room... his room? Yeah, that was a good place to check.

Not there. Okay...

Reno dragged himself to the elevator. There were a few other places he could check for Ganondorf, ones the Dark Lord favored, but it would take a while to get there, and Reno wasn't in the best of states. Pushing the door for Floor 21, the doors dinged closed.

From there it was only a few short floors to the music room, but it seemed to take forever being so sick. One foot after another, and then he was there.
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That was probably the moment when Ganondorf should materialize a crystal around the boy and send him to his fate. Yet, Ganondorf did no such thing. He simply stood by the side, and watched. If Reno was unable to take on that unharmed kid in spite of the powers he had access to, he was not worth saving in the first place.

And the flu was no excuse.

Depending on what would result of this battle, Ganon would react then.
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The kicks hit and Shion made a sound that could have been a wail of pain or anger. And he fought back, everything he knew Reno had taught him and he used it all now lashing out with his elbow, kicking at Reno's knee; at a pressure point he knew lay just at the side of it.

He wasn't thinking clearly, he wasn't realising what he was doing but he was fighting, like he had never fought before. Not properly anyways.
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And Shion kept fighting, completely taken by grief and anger, Reno was his friend but... he had betrayed them. He had betrayed Xion and Shion couldn't forget that. Tears were streaming down his face as he used a technique Reno had just taught him before they all got sick.

When Reno was down his hands came to circle Reno's throat pressing down, his hands shaking yet determined, his mind clouded with grief.
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Shion's hands tightened until he realised that Reno was no longer struggling underneath him, it took a moment; Shion still kneeling with his hands around Reno's neck until the severity of what he had just done hit him.

He had killed Reno.

Reno who had given him hope when there was none, gave him purpose, taught him how to fight, been a friend even when Shion was stupid. Who had never once turned him away or given up on him.

He had killed him.

He had betrayed them, yet Shion had killed. Killed a person in cold blood. His hands had ended Reno's life...

He stared at the body not moving, forgetting completely that they hadn't been alone.
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Ganondorf had watched at the entire scene without moving, without a smile. If anything it had been entertaining. After his betrayal months ago, he barely cared about Reno's well being so he couldn't be bothered finding this scene sad.

The brainwashing would wear off, but that didn't matter. He knew how to keep Reno silenced... Now was the matter of the boy. That wouldn't be hard at this point. Ganondorf walked slowly to the scene, stopping next to Shion and Reno's body.

"Well... I did not think you had it in you, boy. To kill someone with your bare hands. A friend. No... someone who thought you as a son."

He kept a straight face as he looked at Reno's body and paused before continuing.

"How does it feel to be a murderer? To be a traitor?"

Ironic as in Shion's mind Reno was the traitor. But with Ganondorf's mastery of lies and deception, things weren't always as they looked.
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Shion didn't look up when Ganondorf spoke, though he did startle a little bit at the voice. Killed... Shion had killed Reno... The person who had taught him everything...

He had thought of him as a son, Shion hadn't known that... But he stared down at the body, realising the enormity of what he had done. He was a murderer... traitor since Shion had no argument, no defense against Ganondorf's words.

He stared at his hands, he had killed. With those hands. He had killed Reno. His hands looked different, murderers hands. They were calloused from all the training, he had changed so much. He had once had scholars hands. Hands not used to manual labour and though he had once thought this new him was a good change, he now doubted it.

Now he had murderers hands, hands that could kill. Hands that would take the life of Reno... the person who had given him everything even if he had betrayed him...

It didn't change what he had done for Shion. And it didn't change how Shion had repayed him.

Monstrous hands... Shion didn't cry, he just sat in numb silence staring at his hands.
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"After all, you have found your way to us quite easilly kid... Too easilly. Who knows, maybe subconsciously Reno was calling you to help, to assist him? But then you murdered him. Minutes ago he risked his life to save you from me. You repaid him with violence and an execution without trial. And now, thanks to you boy, Reno will never be the same again. You killed more than just his body..." Ganondorf spoke very slowly and then shook his head "Who will it be next time... Unfortunate people who would trust you. The girl?"

Because mentioning Xion at this point could only help. With that said, Ganondorf finally turned away and walked to the exit door. His shadows then vanished. He nevertheless uttered one more sentence.

"No matter what horrors are committed in this tower, nothing shall be worse than your crime."

It was spoken more as a fact than a suggestion. It's only when he reached the exit that he spoke again before finally leaving Shion alone.

"No matter what misery you witness in this tower, no one shall be sadder than you."
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/quietly adds warning for suicide here

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"No matter what horrors are committed in this tower, nothing shall be worse than your crime."

Ganondorf had left the room and it had grown silent, yet Shion heard the words over and over again.

Who would he hurt next time. Xion? Elena? His roommates? Someone depending on him in the clinic?

The drones came to take Reno's body away and Shion left the room, moving up a few floors until he came out of the tower. It was cold and there was snow but he thought that would be better to think. He sat in the snow and dangled his legs off the tower.

No one shall be sadder than you. The last words had been almost like a curse.

How could... how could anything be better after this. After what he had done? How could he face anyone. How could he go about life normally. How could he let Xion continue to be friends with him when he had done so much wrong.

His mind was swirling, too many thoughts. He was a murderer... It was not something that could be forgiven. It was not something that should be forgiven.

And though he knew in this place death was not permanent; Reno would come back, it didn't make things better. He had hurt Reno, hurt his body enough to die... You killed more than just his body...

Some things could not be forgiven, and some things were too painful to think about.

So for the second time that day he didn't think, he just did. And in this case doing meant falling. Because somethings were best forgotten, at least for a little while.