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011 ♐ it's easy living in the house of your dreams ♐ ᴏᴘᴇɴ

Characters: Equius Zahhak (AU) and YOU
Setting: Floor 70, the machine.
Format: Starting in action, but I'll do whatever.
Summary: Equius gets his geek on in the worst conceivable way.
Warnings: Possible crushing, burning, or acid corrosion. YAY SCIENCE!


[There was no telling how big this floor was. The walls and ceiling were nowhere in sight, because they were completely covered by a massive breathing machine. There was a faint tinge of rust in the air here, and the outer reaches were further obscured by smoke of various colours. Metal parts clunked and ground against one another, making extremely unattractive noises as they did so. A truly staggering amount of the mechanisms here were burned or dented (or maybe they were supposed to be that way, since they were unfamiliar), but they all seemed to be working together towards... something that wasn't immediately clear. There had to be a million different platforms all around the place, but most of them were conveyor belts, carrying scraps of some kind of metal into a huge boiling vat of liquid that sizzled when something dropped in.]

[It was beautiful.]

[Not much to see here, Tower; just a troll, standing next to the staircase, gawking in amazement at the monstrosity in front of him. Judging from the oil streaks that have long since dried on this particular pair of pants, he could feel perfectly at home here... if he got an opportunity to look around. Right now, it's all unfamiliar. And way too big. All Equius can do for quite a long time is stand there and gawk. What could this thing be for?]

[He seems to want to find out, as shortly afterward he's examining the closer and less dangerous metallic innards. And then the slightly further metallic innards. And eventually he's crawling and jumping all over the place, still in view of the staircase, but observing mechanisms that could crush a hand and balancing on things that really ought not to be balanced on, all in the interest of getting just a little closer to that peculiar piece of machinery. It's just so interesting. He seems to be doing pretty well now; one of Equius' few talents is coordination and nimble movement. But who knows how long that'll last if someone startles him...]
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[Shion had been exploring the floors, resulting in many near death experiences, using all of Reno's training to stay alive.

Today he was looking around the machine, because he had promised himself he would come back and explore it properly.

Shion spotted Equius and attempted to make his way towards him, even a few months ago he would have probably fallen to his death but he was getting better even if his coordination is cringe worthy at best.]
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I'm trying... [Oops talking is counterproductive to not almost falling. He steadies himself and continues on.] This is amazing
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[It is unusual to see Equius so enthused about anything, and it makes Shion smile.] It must be for something, though I doubt it's important to the tower. Or we shouldn't be allowed anywhere near it. [Almost a slip and okay he's just going to cling to this rail, it's safe here.]
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Then they must think we are really stupid and unable to figure out it's purpose. [If that's the case then that is a mistake.] What have you discovered so far?
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So it is possible that master control is elsewhere, where we can't get to. [Because as they both know, physics doesn't work properly here, nor does science. So it could be anywhere.]

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If they only have one. [It is painful isn't it?] They may have several.
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I do... [Cautiously lets go of railing and follows, trying not to wobble.] I want to come with you.
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[Shion blinked, and really he couldn't have looked more hurt if Equius had punched him.] I can keep up, I wont slow you down.
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[Oh. Flailflailflail. If they're not careful they will flail right off this machine.] No don't be! Please! It's okay! [Though he's confused, what did he mean?]
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I wont... It's fine... [And if he did. Well dying now counts as scientific research so it's not all bad.

Also awkwardness that Equius was worried about him... And not annoyed at his uselessness.]
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[Shion nodded, looking determined.]
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I am. [Determined nod.]
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[Yay adventure. This could end in tears. Shion let go of the railing fully and began to follow Equius] A large terminal... It will probably be quite a way in, away from the staircase.

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