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012/002 ♐ sensitivity! sensitivity! ⚙ ᴏᴘᴇɴ

Characters: Equius AU (guest starring Eridan), Ienzo, and YOU.
Setting: Dormitory hallways, and then anywhere at all. (Bargain prices up against the wall!) Backdated to noontime on the fifteenth.
Format: Action. I'll change to match.
Summary: Derps with recorders. Equius (Pet, early stages) is mamaloguing the shit out of his poor matesprit (and being very loud as he does so), and Ienzo (Howl/Lovely Ladies) is being a creepy creeper who creeps. He wants to experiment on yooooooooou.
Warnings: Words. Also a Disgaea!Mao-level creeper warning for Ienzo; there is a good chance your character will die if you tag him.

Part One: Equius ♐

[Walking down the hallway today are two trolls… well, okay. Maybe “walking” is a strong word. One of them, a rather tall yellowblood, is walking. The other one, jadeblooded and supremely confused, is being dragged along after the first with a weirdly clingy variant of holding hands. There’s a little mechanical bug flying along behind them; close inspection reveals that it’s a little babby robotic Virgin Mother Grub. It seems to be batting at the yellowblood’s arms, but every time it does, he abruptly jerks his charge to a different position. Usually one that involves holding said charge very tight to his chest. And also intense glaring.]

[Yeah, Equius decided to tinker with the heart recorders. Unfortunately, through it he has discovered his inner Kankri, and is now monologuing the everloving daylights out of his poor matesprit. But hey – at least it’s just the early stages! Hope you weren’t planning to get anything done the day of the sixteenth, Eridan, because he will not let you. But in the meantime, it’s just an innocent nagging vaguely reminiscent of a certain Queen’s ramblings about her son the Prince and marriage. However, he’s still paying attention to the surroundings; if anyone gets too close, he will stop abruptly and move the two of them away in much the same way he does to the mechanical Mother Grub.

[The mamalogue: spoken as rapidly as is possible to do without sacrificing clarity.]

…You know you can’t keep staying in that room, Eridan, it’s really not good for anything if you do. Roommates are just terrible news as a general rule, and yours are just bad. They’re going to ruin your life, I can tell you right now, they’re going to ruin your life! I want you to be safe, I really do, that’s all I’m trying to do here – don’t give me that look, Eridan Ampora, I don’t know what else I can do to make it clear to you that I’m really not here for anything, anything, except to keep you out of harm’s way. You deserve to be! I’m just saying, there are a lot of monsters in this Tower, and not all of them are the kind that wander the floors at night. We really have to find somewhere else for you to stay. You can’t sleep down in one of the lower floors – oh, god, no, never again, I would hate for that to happen to you, you’d be miserable – but maybe another dormitory would get past the no-sleep law? I’m sure it would. Another dormitory. We can make some kind of arrangement for you in mine, I’m sure we can kick one of my roommates out for a while, or at least share, one of them sleeps at odd hours anyway I’m pretty sure. But the long and short of it is you have to get closer to me. We have to stick together. Because who else is going to take all of these precautions for you, hm, Eridan? Jade? No! All Jade’s going to do is shrug and slap you on the shoulder and say “You can do it, go get ‘em,” but that’s not good enough. That’s not even remotely close to good enough. There’s only one person who really cares about you and really worries about your health and your happiness and your future, and that’s what we’re talking about right now – get back here! – and I want to make myself absolutely clear: it’s for your own good, okay? This is all for your own good. Because obviously you can’t seem to take care of yourself any longer, just look at you! How much shorter are you than me? Half a foot? Half a foot! And you’re thinner. See, this is the kind of thing I’m concerned about, Eridan. I’m not sure you can think of all these things on your own, eating and sleeping and not dying and stuff like that, and that’s why I’m here. Now, come on – come on now – Eridan, that is not the way to the kitchens!

[Note: replies can come from [personal profile] chronomancer as well if he has something to say.]

Part Two: Ienzo ⚙

[Meanwhile, for a somewhat different flavor of maniacal Valentine’s shenanigans, particularly unfortunate individuals may find a short man in a lab coat creeping around the Tower. And we do mean creeping. He may walk as a shadow along the wall, or appear from nowhere, humming a happy tune; any monsters he should run across are promptly put down with an unusual amount of disregard for examining their corpses afterward. The monsters were all peanuts, as far as he was concerned. There were much more interesting things he could be cutting up and examining than monsters.]

[Such as, for example, other residents!]

[If someone is in bad enough relation to luck, they will find Ienzo walking up to them from within a wall, a shadow given form. He’s grinning, grinning in a way that he swore – quite a while ago – he would never grin again. And he’s holding out a little heart-shaped tape recorder. On the label, written in red Sharpie with little hearts drawn around the side, is the word ‘Howl’ .]

[Want to help him out in his experiments?]
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Part 2

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[Shion was just coming out of their room when he spotted his roommate. He was still shaken with what had happened with the other white haired man he had met, and so was preoccupied. Didn't quite see the tape recorder, or the worrying grin.] Hello Ienzo.
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I'm alright, how are you? [Glancing at that hand, what do you have Ienzo?]
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I'm glad. [His eyes lit up. Because science!] Research? What are you researching? Do you need help?
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he walked right into this one.

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[He nodded eagerly.] I'd be honoured to.
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Um... it doesn't remind me of anything... [He may know nothing about music, but this doesn't sound like any of the music Reno had showed him.

Except now he's staring at Ienzo... And drawing closer, smiling sweetly.]
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[More smiling as he nodded, getting closer again]

Yes please.
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[More eager nodding, he doesn't seem too put out by the lack of personal space.

The next song plays, different than the last even if Shion didn't recignise this one either. His stare got more intense, like he was trying to burn everything about Ienzo into his memory.]
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Of course! [His smile is sickly sweet now and he takes Ienzo's hand happily following.]

What else do you want me to do?
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[A thousand questions sprung to mind, Shion wanted to know everything, about Ienzo about what he was doing, he needed to know it all.

And of course he would do anything he was asked, including walking into the creepy portal, still smiling sweetly and not letting go of Ienzo's hand.]
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[Laboratory. How romantic. Shion didn't let go of Ienzo's hand but climbed up onto the table happily.] What are you going to do?

[In normal circumstances, that would be fearful, suspicious, worried. Not full with anticipation] Won't you tell me?
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The songs, did they do something? [But that means letting go of your hand. Shion pouts but takes the pills before leaning into Ienzo again]
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You'll tell me wont you? [He's leaning further into him, resting his head on his shoulder. Of course Iezno would share his research, everything he had should belong to Shion also...] Tell me what you find out!
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[He beamed and lifted his head to grin at him] Thank you, Ienzo. [And then he tilted his head up to kiss him gently on the lips before smiling again.]

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