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[Dark World Event] || [The Evil Realm] || [Open] || [2/3]

Characters: Anyone who signed up for the Dark World Plot! Look at tag list for more details.
Setting: The 4th and 5th of March. Located in the Cursed Floors + Ganon's Tower (Floors 6, 7, 8, 12, 62, 65, 68, 70, 73 and 79 + Floor 75).
Format: Most likely action but left at the players's discretion.
Summary: Your character somehow got trapped in the Forest Floor of the Tower-- And it looks nothing like the Forest Floor the characters remember. It's the beginning of the Dark World. Some floors look pretty different from what they did before, some nearly identical. The only way to get out is to go through the dungeons that make up this Dark World.

All characters start out in the Dark Forest, then as they go throughout the forest, they magically walk into one of the three dungeons (the one they have been assigned to). By exploring the dungeons, they will acquire one of the three Pendants that lead to the Core of the Curse, from where the cursed floors can be ended. However, Richtofen is there and happy to make sure that won't be that easy.

Mingle threads are simply for Mingle, whereas the exploration of the dungeons, puzzles, etc happens in the Exploration threads. OOC information here.

Warning: While your character may survive fine and all, the dark world is a dangerous place with lots of monsters and puzzles to solve. Characters may get harmed or killed, but that is left to the players's discretion. Characters going through the water of temple may lose their patience and sanity.

Arrival in the Dark World
Here are simply listed the three different ways your characters may have gotten dragged into the Dark World. Note this can be a combination of many of these ways, feel free to pick how your characters arrived in!

• The character may simply have been present on the floor when Ganondorf cursed it. That's really… Bad luck? If that is how it happened, the character would have been immediately transported into the Dark Forest Floor. If they arrived before the 4th of March, they would have been unable to leave this floor for three days. Which may be pretty unnerving.

• The character may have been caught by a floormaster or wallmaster somewhere throughout the tower, and cast into the Dark World. Floormasters and Wallmasters are gigantic and creepy black, red or purple hands that come out from either the floor or the ceiling and take characters to another part of the tower, point in case the Dark Forest.

• They character may have found one of the black doors of Mordor leading into the cursed floors. Out of luck, a creepy black hand similar to that of wallmaster could have come out of from the door and have dragged them in.

• The last option is the simplest, Ganondorf hided in the shadows and cast a spell on you that teleported you right into the Dark Forest. This option is mostly directed to those who have past history with Ganondorf or who are known to be close of Princess Zelda, Link and Tetra.

Dark Forest -------------------------------------------- Mingle || Exploration

The Water Temple: Wisdom Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Death Mountain: Power Dungeon ----------- Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle
The Palace of Darkness: Courage Dungeon ---- Mingle || Exploration || Dark Self Battle || Boss Battle

Richtofen's Laboratory ------------------------------ Mingle || Exploration || Boss Battle

Illusionary Room
Ganon's Tower
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Richtofen's Laboratory (Floor 70) || Exploration

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[A few minutes after the entire group has gathered on this floor, the atmosphere seems to shift. It no longer feels like you're isolated and alone; rather, you can feel that sickening sense of being watched once again. Pistons stop themselves and then start to move again, and uneven shuffling and scratching sounds can be heard from the distant corners of the floor.

Off to your far right, a beam of light shoots up toward the ceiling. It glows steadily, as if there's some sort of light source not unlike a large spotlight pointing up from the ground. To your far left, you can hear a heavy thunk, like something big and metal has been dropped to the ground. Investigating either one of these things will require you to navigate the floor. There are plenty of catwalks above you that you can use to avoid the perils of the furnaces and the pistons, but be careful: they seem rickety.

There's also the matter of those sounds you keep hearing - groans, nails against metal, uneven footsteps...

And, to make matters worse, the floor darkens even more like someone's forcefully turned down the lights. Even the fires in the furnaces have been reduced to little more than embers and the occasional flame. It will be hard to navigate when it's so dark, but maybe you can find a way to turn the lights back up.

Right before anyone has a chance to gather their bearings, Richtofen laughs. His voice echoes off the machinery, stronger than ever. For the first time, it seems like the sound might have a source, instead of being broadcast over some kind of supernatural PA system.]

It looks like you've made it past that brute's silly dungeons.

[Richtofen laughs again, and the edge to his voice could cut through glass.]

Now it's time for my brand of security. I hope you're all ready!

[Round I: Start.]
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Riku & Yu (and open to others)

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[Riku just raises an eyebrow, face blank even though his grip around his Keyblade stays tight. Quite some dramatics, Richtofen, but it takes more than that to impress him.

He's already met, fought and beaten the master of dramatic villain speeches and gestures. Twice.

So yeah. Have a snort.]

Is that guy always this flashy?

[Though of course, having bad taste doesn't make him less dangerous. And Riku does know that not everyone has as little trouble with navigating the dark as he does. Time to look for the light switch.]
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[...there's just a simple sigh as Yu places his glasses back in his pocket. A sigh of having to deal with this bullshit far too long; like an old veteran.

He's already met, fought, and defeated one narcissistic asshole and another who was a mistress of dramatic well-intentioned extremist before. This was just another day at work for him.]

Should have seen him at Christmas.

[Switching back to Yoshitsune as per the norm when he is ready to just end this madness. Though considering he's more used to seeing through fog than darkness, this could be a little difficult. Especially with using much light with whatever is making those sounds. he played a few zombie games when he was a young teen, hush. Okay, trying to help with that light switch. Even if he has to summon his glowing tarot card to act as a makeshift flashlight.]
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[The glow of the tarot card will be dimmer than Yu remembers it. It seems like light sources brought in from outside aren't immune to whatever's forcefully turning down the lights.]
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[Oh fun. Good to know that he shouldn't even start bothering with trying to summon and re-purpose his light magic. He's probably seeing more as is anyways.

He narrows his eyes as he heads towards the catwalks. Maybe something there will offer a clue.]
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Well, guess fire's not an option either...

[Enter another Riku, who had just previously tried sparking some flames at the tip of his Keyblade. Heaving a sigh, he flicks his weapon and douses the flames before approaching the others.]

You guys don't mind an extra group member, right?
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[Yu blinks for a second. Sure, he knew there were two Rikus before tanks to catering that one party, so... just another Tuesday. This place was bad enough and smelled of his roommate's antics. Like he was going to say no to an acquaintance joining them.]

More than likely.

[Yu sighs, but keeps his tarot card in hand. Who knew when he'd need to call his Persona, anyway?]

I don't mind. [It was up to the older Riku, but he had a feeling that one more wouldn't be a bad idea did we suddenly walk into Left 3 Dead...]