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"Love Fool" Player Plot Log

Characters: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and anyone affected by his curse or who wants to get caught up in the chaos!
Setting: March 29th-April 4th. Anywhere in the tower during the beginning of the event, primarily in and around Room 4-16 later in the event.
Format: Any!
Summary: Instead of being mostly inactive, Diarmuid's curse starts being active most of the time and it's affecting both men and women! Chaos ensues! An OOC plotting and sign up post is here.
Warnings: Death, violence, blood, worms (X.x  Kariya...), psychological torture, swearing, shenanigans of a romantic nature, and ANGST! I will update as it is needed!
Notes: Being affected by Diarmuid's curse requires a tag on his permissions post here so please make sure to stop by!  If the log gets too big, I will make a second, overflow log and link it here.  While most sections have dates on them, they are only references for the time of the week that the events are going on and not when the section is available for posting.  All sections are open for posting just as soon as the log goes up and will stay open throughout the event.

Notice:  The log is open!  Have fun everyone and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Background Information:

One of Diarmuid's most defining traits is his curse, actually a gift given to him by a spirit of love, beauty, and youth as repayment for something he did for her. Unfortunately, while something like that might be an actual gift to a fellow spirit or god, giving it to a human doesn't work quite so well. Being a honorable man, though, Diarmuid has never taken advantage of those affected by his curse. Instead, he has done his best to let them down gently and guide them through the pain caused by it. Sometimes this has worked and sometimes it hasn't. In either event, he remembers vividly every person he's ever hurt because of it.

That approach works well until the woman who falls in love with him is his Lord's fiancee and a princess who won't take no for an answer. She places a geis on him that forces him to run away with her. Many things end that night and a great many more begin. At least, that's how the legends go.

In the tower, his curse has been weakened somewhat so that it is only rarely active. However, when it activates and for how long is random, and he doesn't know when it is happening until those affected start acting oddly toward him. Those so affected seem to remain that way for a week or two and often have some success controlling their reactions to him if they have a strong will or know that they are under the curse's spell.

Event Information:

During the event instead of activating only once and a while, Diarmuid's curse will almost constantly be active. It will also affect men and women meaning that almost everyone he runs into in the tower has the chance of being affected. He will not know this right away and will continue going about his normal patrol routes, meetings, and so on until he finally realizes what is going on. Once he does, he will start hiding in his room to limit the number of people affected. However, this won't work out so well because with him staying in one place, anyone who is under the curse's spell and trying to find him isn't going to have to look very hard.

Every day he will be spending at least a little time out of his room so that a character can be hit by the curse whenever they wish to be during the event. Anyone is welcome to have their character affected whether or not they actually have CR already with Diarmuid. This is actually a good time to start up CR if you have wanted to, but not been sure how since he will be checking in with people to make sure they are okay once the effects of the curse have passed. New players are also welcome!

How strongly and how long a character is affected by the curse is totally up to that character's mun. And remember, your character doesn't have to be affected by the curse to participate! Do they want to troll Diarmuid by acting like they are affected when they aren't? Do they want to slip him a gift or thank you but have been too shy to until they have the chance to do it under the guise of something else? Might they just be passing by Room 4-16 and get caught up in a fight? Do they have a friend who is affected and are trying to 'help' them out? Anything is possible and creativity is encouraged!

Below I have set up several locations and times to have things going on, but feel free to start something elsewhere if you wish!  Private meetings between characters working together or other similar posts are welcome.  Just be sure to mark what is going on.  In an effort to try and keep everything to one log, I have made sub-headings for his Mailbox and for Network posts should characters wish to use those things as well to show their feelings. Because people are competing for his attention to the point of fighting in some cases, please be aware that I am encouraging threadjacking and sneaky tricks like stealing gifts out of his mailbox or from his room. If you want to make sure that a thread isn't interrupted by others or a gift stolen, please mark the thread's subject line with the word "Locked." Any thread marked in such a way should only have Diarmuid and the thread starter replying in it unless other arrangements have been made. All other threads are considered open for interruption, but please remember to be polite.

Important Note:
  To help keep things organized, please make sure to put either "Open" or "Locked" in the subject line of all newly started threads so that people know if it is okay to jump in or not.  It is all right if you decide to change the status later in the thread--just adjust the comment title in the next post.

Diarmuid will not respond to threads that aren't marked until they are marked, and I would ask others not to either since once replied to, comments can't be edited.  Once the thread is marked, it is fair game to be replied to.

During the end of the event players will find it harder to get into Diarmuid's room because the way will be blocked. Master Kariya Matou ([personal profile] vermicompost ) will have ordered his Servant Berserker ([personal profile] chevalier_mal_fet ) to guard the door. Far from what it looks like on the outside, both men aren't trying to help protect their friend from those affected. Instead, they have also been affected and are tying to keep away all other potential suitors! Can anyone say Boss Fight? Will those affected team up to take them down or maybe just sit back and let them take out a few rivals to thin the competition? It's all up to you guys and how nuts you want to get!

Important Note:  When tagging the 'Boss Fight' section, in addition to marking your post "locked" or "open" in the subject line, please also state if your character is meeting Lancelot in his true form--which will mean having to deal with him in some way so your character can get through to the room--or in Diarmuid's form--which will mean he will greet your character and act like Diarmuid in an attempt to lead your character away from the room.  Your character is free to be fooled or see through his deception as the thread progresses. Just be aware that Lancelot's mimic ability is high level and will take either knowing Diarmuid and his quirks well or having a lot of magical knowledge to see through.

Finally, while the tone for the event is mostly fun and humorous, if you want there can be more serious consequences.  If any character is involved in a serious incident or dies because of something related to the event, please make sure you put a comment in this section with your character's name, journal, a quick blurb about what happened and, most importantly, if you want Diarmuid to know what happened. Obviously, because of his nature, he is going to want to contact anyone who is seriously impacted by or killed because of his curse.

That's it! Go forth and cause chaos! If there are questions or problems at any time, please feel free to contact me via pm though Diarmuid's journal ([personal profile] oathshackledbird ) or on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] NekoSandy

IC Event Introducton:

The day starts off like any other for Diarmuid and for that he is glad. After all that had happened at the end of the month in February, quiet and routine days are something he is not going to argue against. Besides, with so many people who are from some version of the world he knows having arrived this month, he would really like them to have a chance to settle in before things get too chaotic again.  There are those he would also like to spend as much time with as possible before anything else happens. So many people, himself included, need as much time as they can get to just sort out the things going on in their heads.

The problem is, will the tower give that time to them?  Diarmuid knows each quiet day is one more step forward so that they can all be prepared for whatever the administrators throw at them next.

A small smile crosses his face as he takes off to make his first patrol of the tower. After that, he will probably have something to eat at the cafeteria, before taking some time to visit friends. Sometime before nightfall, he will make another patrol of the floors before retiring to his room for the night. It's a simple day and considering how quickly things can go bad in the tower when things get too complex, he's not bothered at all by that simplicity.

It's just a shame that he doesn't realize, as he leaves his room, that things won't stay simple for long. Not with his curse suddenly becoming active in a way it never has before...

Section Links:

Diarmuid's Mailbox #0091
Network Posts
Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th-Mar 31st
Outside of Diarmuid's room on Mar 29th-Mar 31st
Anywhere in the Tower on Mar 29th-Mar 31st
Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on April 1st-April 4th
Outside of Diarmuid's room on April 1st-4th
Anywhere in the Tower on April 1st-4th
Boss Encounter with Berserker on April 3rd-April 4th
Serious Incident/Death List
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-03-29 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
[Now that the weather was back to normal, Yotsuba wanted to ask Diarmuid something that Red had got her thinking about. For once, she was actually trying to think in the long-term.

Quickly, she ran to his room, and knocked on the door. She was remembering her manners.]
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

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[Yotsuba would let him gather her up. He seemed to do that a lot, just like Daddy did sometimes, so it might have been something he enjoyed. She really enjoyed it.]

I'm great! The bees knees!

[A phrase Yotsuba had heard from her grandmother.]

Yotsuba has a question though!
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-03-31 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
[And, sadly, Yotsuba ignored the first question to focus on her own issues and questions.]

Yotsuba got killed by the bad people when you weren't around..but Red told me that if I could de..defend myself, I could stay alive, and Daddy would find me alive!

Do you know how I could defend myself?
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

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[Yotsuba noticed that the color drained from Diarmuid's face, but she wasn't quite sure what to make of it as he sat down on the bed and put her in his lap. Her nervousness only increased as he remained silent, and it definately showed up on her face.]

..The green-haired boy and a girl with loong white hair found me..and the girl kicked me and threw me in the walls until I died..and Red is a man-doggie. He's a good person! He's Yotsuba's friend!
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-03-31 03:42 pm (UTC)(link)
[As Diarmuid stroked her hair, Yotsuba did calm down a little bit. If Diarmuid was getting some comfort from it, she was unaware of it.]

It's okay! I make mistakes sometimes too..and it's the bad people's fault! Not yours! Yotsuba is fine now! Red told me what happened..as long as I remain alive, Daddy won't see me dead and everything will be fine!
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

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Yup! After all, they may choose not too someday..

[Red really meant her no harm. After all, he had played with her! And even fought the bad people once he learned that she had died, but Yotsuba didn't know that.

At that comment though, Yotsuba looked a little..sad.]

But..I tried that..and the bad people grabbed me and wouldn't let me run! What can I do then?
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Re: Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

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[And Yotsuba isn't really used to people stroking her face..but it isn't bad, so she lets it slide, looking up at Diarmuid's face..and his spot.

..What's this odd feeling? While Yotsuba would have liked to talk about it, she was more focused on the conversation at hand.]

But..if Yotsuba dies and they don't bring me back, Daddy won't find me and he'll be sad..

[Or, rather, Yotsuba will be sad. She pauses for a moment to think of how to answer that question.]

Sometimes..but you and Red and Edgeworth and Hibiki and Arada and Sheba are all here! And Daddy will come here soon too!
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-03-31 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[..Dia, she hadn't thought of that much before, but when she heard that last sentence, she looks a bit surprised..and sad.]

I didn't think of that! I'm sorry..but this place is huge..sometimes it's hard to find you guys..
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-04-01 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
[The smile helped to calm her down a little bit, and normally, she would have brightened up at that offer. However, there was something she had to clarify. Maybe Diarmuid didn't know!]

That sounds great! But..Yotsuba can't go home..the Earth was destroyed by something. But Daddy's still fine, so he'll be coming here soon!

[Blame Enoch for this one.]
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-04-01 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
[Yotsuba is a bit puzzled by that question, but she replies happily.]

Oh..that Dax tried to go against the rest of the Admins for us..and was killed..but..Zo is still a good person..and most of us are good..
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-04-01 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[Yotsuba nodded as she spoke, looking a bit confused.]

Right..I've seen that. But..why do the bad people like killing me and others?

And something destroyed Earth..but Zo can still bring him back here, so Daddy must still be alive in space!

[..In short, Enoch had stretched the truth for her.]
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Diarmuid's Room (4-16) on Mar 29th (Open)

[personal profile] sunflowerfairy 2013-04-02 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
[Sadly, that wasn't what Yotsuba meant, and she had heard the word accurate before back home. She knew what it meant.]

Yotusba will..and I think I understand..but if that isn't accurate, than what is?