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I'll be the one to crucify you

Characters: Ryoji Mochizuki and you!
Setting: Various. Just pick a floor!
Format: Any
Summary: Ryoji begins patrolling the tower as part of his duties as a Group B drone.
Warnings: Brainwashing, body horror, and surgical modifications. Ryoji's also killing people that are disobedient and/or associated with death, so there's going to be lots of violence and murder.

A: Dormitory Floors (not malfuctioning)

Ryoji knows it's been about a week since he's been on the dormitory floors. He disappeared on the eighth, after one of those retrieval units kidnapped him. Jason was experimenting on people, and Ryoji had been one of them. It was extremely painful, but that didn't matter at all. He's not hurting anymore, and he's not upset. He's grateful, in fact. It's been so long since he was anything more than a burden to others. The administrators have given him worth now, and he is going to make sure he doesn't take that for granted.

He makes his round through the dormitory floors, never faltering, not even when someone he should know tries to get his attention. His job is more important than that. Sometimes he'll catch a resident misbehaving or a worker unit failing to accomplish its duties, and he'll approach, one hand poised to pull out the scythe embedded in his head and cut down the offender. Other than that, he just walks, small puddles of acid leaving a trail to show where he's been and where he has yet to be.

B: Any other floor (malfunctioning)

He has no idea how he got up here. He was supposed to be patrolling the residence floors, not anywhere else. Yet he's here now, and he stands still a few moments trying to understand why...

And then, suddenly, he can feel it. Death, all around him, hanging around each person like a fog. The sensation is almost overwhelming, sickening. So much death, ready to take away the souls trapped in the Tower in an instant. Every single resident here is fated to die...

And well, Ryoji can provide that, right? All these residents here were avoiding their fate, and wasn't that against the rules? He had to punish those who misbehaved. It would be cruel, but they deserved it. Every last one of them.

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