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No Control

Characters: Hei (AU1) and YOU
Setting: During the Rebellion event; choose the floor on the lower floors
Format: Action because I am lazy
Summary: Hei is turned into a drone, becomes near untouchable thanks to his livewires, and is planning on ripping bodies apart.
Warnings: bodies ripped apart maybe, character death, possible gore. Also, Kirika has killing dibs. Please post in the subject line if you want your character to die.

[Wherever Hei was, he wasn't in the driver's seat at the moment. What was there was a drone in his place, mindlessly going from place to place. You might see Mao the mogwai trying to stop him, only for the little creature to be kicked away. Trying to fight all tired Hei, each second seemingly tearing him apart. Nothing was in control, and he could only watch in horror as his new body tore apart.

Then the malfunction came.

At this point, he really couldn't do anything. There wasn't Hei there, just a toy of Jason's lurking around, seeking only one task: to break bodies, to attack and gain those organs and such. The snakes on his skin were all the clearer, glowing. The livewires were in effect, making him that much faster. Those that found him might want to be cautious, as the desire to follow through with destruction was clear.]
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[Shion was trying to keep on as normal, though it was hard. Xion had been turned and he spent most his days trying to keep an eye on her, trying to help her.

Others he knew had been turned as well, and it made him furious and sad.

When he saw Hei his eyes grew wide, the man had been kind to him after Elena had disappeared, and now he was hurt... like so many others...]
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[He wanted to run, but he also wanted to help Hei, after all Hei had helped him only a little while ago and he wouldn't leave him now.]

Hei it's me... Shion... can you hear me?
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It's Shion Hei, can you hear me? [He's shuffling backwards but he doesn't want to fight him, because Hei had been kind to him and was Elena's friend.]
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Hei... [His eyes dart around and the moment he senses an opening he darts forwards, trying to run past Hei.]
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[He tried to dodge at least, diving to the side and trying to roll out of the way.]
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Shion stumbled backwards, not wanting to attack. Not able to attack. Because if he did... what if he couldn't stop. What if he killed him... like he had Reno...
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[He didn't want to fight, but he was trained by Reno and couldn't not defend himself, he brought his EMR up to block the knife.

Fight it was.]
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[Two knives, Shion concentrated he was only going to defend, find a chance to escape when he could. He wasn't going to hit Hei. He brought his EMR down to block one side and tried to move in that direction to avoid the second strike.]
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[The kick landed, and Shion went sprawling, he was fast to get back up though, going back into a defensive position.]
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[Shion really had to learn to defend against these wires, as it was he ended up in a heap on the floor.]
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[Shion screamed as the first wave of electricity hit him] Hei...
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[He screamed again, no name this time just wordless pain and tried to cling on to life, he had promised Xion he wouldn't die again.

Ultimately he failed though.]