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Glamour Failure

Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for the reaction to the beginning of the Idealism event.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary
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[Suzaku was looking for people. His mind was strictly that of a knight, that of a solider.

He heard the name of someone he knew and turned the corner to encounter another frame.]
Allel... [No the voice, just like when he had been a drone and what Allelujah himself had told him.]

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Heh! You called?

He flipped the knife up into the air and caught it, walking towards Suzaku. This brat... he'd seen him before. Never talked to him directly.]

Maybe I'll start with you! That should keep him quiet for a while!

[He rushed towards the boy, trying to knock him to the ground.]
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[He moved to the side reaching out with wire hands to grab his arm and swing him by the side] Stay back.
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[Hallelujah's hard to move. He resists the motion, and instead goes to spin around and knife him in the shoulder.]
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[Suzaku moved, dodging the knife which barely grazed him, yellow liquid welling up on the outside of the wireframe. He tried to push the other frame away from him.]
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[He ducked, and tried to knife him in the stomach. Stupid idiot, thought he could get away from him like that...]
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[Suzaku didn't want to hurt him, and so he concentrated on just dodging, spinning out the way and trying to twist the arm that held the knife behind Hallelujah's back.]
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[After a few passes at this, Suzaku managed to grab his arm and twist it back.]

Ah, oh no~! I'm caught! ... Hah!

[He pulled out his pistol with his other hand and pressed it to Suzaku's leg, pulling the trigger.]
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[He fell, crying out in pain though he pressed his mouth closed, gritting his teeth. He had let go of Hallelujah's arm when he fell, but he tried kicking out with the leg that wasn't shot, even though it sent bolts of pain through him, trying to knock the other man off balance.]
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[He stumbled, but whirled around, shooting off another round at Suzaku, aiming for his other leg.]

You really think you can match me, brat?
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[That one grazed his leg and Suzaku pulled his own gun, he hadn't wanted to use it, still didn't but he fired anyways, aiming for the hand that held the gun, trying to disarm him.]
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[It was a good shot, hitting him in the back of the hand, but he kept hold of the gun, grin broadening.]

Right. Time to die!

[He shot again, aiming for the shoulder.]
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[Suzaku shot again, aiming for the mans head this time, he didn't want to hurt Allelujah but he would just come back, hopefully by the time he did this madness would be over.

However as Halleljah's own bullet hit his shoulder as he fired he had no idea if he had managed to hit the other man at all, he fell backwards.]
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[The shot struck him in the side of the head, sending him reeling. He barely managed to stay on his feet, and he raced to try to pin Suzaku as he fell.]

You'll pay for that, fucker!
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Suzaku struggled but was pinned easily, wounded in both legs and his shoulder he tried to turn them, to pin Hallelujah instead, tried to turn the gun to shoot again.]
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It doesn't matter, hah! We're all just fake!

[He pressed his gun into Suzaku's shoulder, finger on the trigger.]

So what does it matter if I kill you, eh?
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[It didn't matter, and Suzaku had never been one to avoid death. But he still had people to help. Mostly though he was worried about Allelujah. He had no idea if the man held memories of what he did whilst Hallelujah was in control, but Suzaku knew what it was like to kill whilst not being in control.

He shot again, at the leg.]
Let me go.
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[That hurt, and Hallelujah pulled the trigger, sending a shot directly into his shoulder.]

Why the fuck would I do that? Nah, I think I'll kill you slowly. Maybe I'll cut your throat and listen to you cry as you bleed out. Won't that be fun?!
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[Suzaku made a sound of pain and fell back towards the floor. He didn't fire any more shots, they weren't doing anything to stop Hallelujah and he wasn't going to waste ammunition.

Instead in answer he tried to hit Hallelujah with the gun instead.]
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[He took the hit, snarling and pulling out his knife.]

Or maybe I'll start with your eyes!

[He pressed the flat of his blade to Suzaku's cheek.]

Now, should I slash through them or scoop them out? Hehehe...
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[Yellow liquid was pooling around them, coming from his shoulders and legs, he was beginning to feel dizzy from blood loss. He wondered morbidly if slashing where his eyes should be would render him blind.] You'll regret this.
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Regret? Nah. I don't do that. That's for soft people, like Allelujah.

[He put his knife where the eye should be and started digging in, intent on at least blinding him if not plucking the thing out.]
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/puts warning for fake!eye gore

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And so... [He bites his lip, determined not to scream as the knife dug into the foil. Pain was real and so was injury as he lost the vision in that eye, yellow liquid poured down his face] You... make him... regret for you...
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tbh Hallelujah is just a general warning.

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It's his own damn fault. I'm all the things he can't do. If he'd just fucking do the things he had to do, it'd be fine. But no, he has to be mister high and mighty, mister the world is painful, mister I can't bear to hurt anyone. He's a fucking soldier and he won't act like it.

I guess I should be thankful, though. That lets me live. And lets me have my own fun.

[He starts working on the other eye, making sure to cut roughly. There's no point in doing this if there aren't screams.]
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true true

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[He makes a sound of pain as the knife digs into the wires again, his fingers scrabble at Hallelujah, trying to fight him off.

The words hurt as well, because Hallelujah's description of Allalujah sounded a lot like Suzaku, or at least how he had been once. He gasped for breath as he fought not to scream]