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monsters in the dark

Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower; please specify the date and location in your subject header!
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for characters to encounter monsters.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary.

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9th/10th June night | Staircases down the tower | OTA

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[The moment Shion got the note he left his room, he didn't look under his bed, just left. Looking for Xion, looking for anyone really but mostly Xion. To make sure she was alright. They were stronger together and if they were to be forced out of their rooms it would be best to stick together.

He walked down the stair case, EMR in hand, staying alert.]
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Let's say the 10th? Sorry for the late tag, too!

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[Eventually, Shion will be just in time to see a monster stumble out from one of the floors. For a second, it seems as if it's going to continue downward--but then it double takes, noticing Shion from out of the corner of it's masked eyes, and completely changes its course.

It hardly hesitates before running up to meet Shion, bearing its fangs.]
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10th is cool and no worries!

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[Thanks to his training he was at least in a defensive stance by the time the monster charged at him. He held the EMR up, ready to block any attack]
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[The monster appears to completely disregard the fact that Shion is armed, either oblivious to it or simply to bloodthirsty to let the weapon deter its movements.

It scales the stairs multiple-steps at a time, closing the gap between them quickly and opening it's mouth to make an attempt at biting Shion, however futile it may prove.]
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[Shion swung the EMR, it was just a baton, having no materia in it, but it would still hit hard and he aimed it at the monsters mouth.]
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[The baton successfully stops the monster from being able to bite Shion, and the force behind the swing causes it to skitter to the side and slam against the wall of the stairwell.

It doesn't fall, however, or even break gaze with Shion as it wrestles against the EMR--practically gnawing on it.]
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[One of the first rules Reno taught Shion was not to lose his weapon, and he wasn't going to let this monster get a hold of it. So he pulled back, kicking at the monster hoping to pry the EMR from it's jaws.]
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[After a few moments of struggling, the monster seems to give up on this tactic and falls back.

It looks ready to pounce, but doesn't make any immediate move to do so. Instead, it waits--and as it waits, gaze locked on Shion, he might begin to find himself recalling a memory in which he had been notably afraid.]
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[There are plenty of them and Shion seemed to zone out memories rose from the depth of his mind, fear asserting itself, making it difficult to think]
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[And in the midst of that fear, Shion might feel his arm pulling against him--encouraging him to move the baton away from his body and his chest vulnerable, if not to drop the weapon completely.]
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[He tried to fight it, tried to stop his arm from moving but to no avail, his fingers opened and the EMR fell to the floor with a clatter as he stared at the monster in horror]
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[For a second, it almost appears as if the monster could laugh. Maybe it would, if it were physically capable. But all it does is shiver--anxious for the kill it seems is now completely open for him to reach out and grab.

Or, in its case, run forward to tackle Shion onto his back against the stairs.]
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[Shion fell backwards, wincing at the pain and lashing out with his hands, not willing to go down without a fight.]
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[Shion's hands successfully prevent the monster from being able to twist around and bite into him. It, instead, mirrors Shion's struggle to the best of its ability considering the widely different anatomy.

Claws scrape and dig into Shion's upper arms as they slice through his skin, trying to get a solid grip and overpower him.]
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[Shion cried out as the claws dug into him, blood welling up against his skin as he tried to fight back, he was quickly being overpowered though, lashing out with his legs to try and escape.]
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[A sturdy kick of Shion's legs and the monster is suddenly off of him--claws raking against his chest as it get pushed to the side.

The monster scrambles to regain its control, however. Shion has a chance to escape--but he'll have to move quickly.]
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[Shion screamed at the claws raking over his chest and he tried to find his feet. He doubts he can escape, he's fast but not monster fast. He looks around for his EMR not wanting to ne without a weapon.]
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[The monster doesn't even wait to right itself before making another snap at Shion.

It's legs folded awkwardly underneath its massive body, it twists its head to the side and reaches out to attempt to wrap its jaws around his nearest ankle.]
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[Shion screamed as pain shot through his ankle and he fell, head slamming into the floor, stunning him for a moment.]
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sorry sorry all the event things got to me o n o;;

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[Unfortunately, that was probably the last moment the monster could be held off. It's huffing now, tired of this chase and perhaps even a bit frustrated somewhere underneath that outward appearance of fear and longing.

It looms over Shion, closing in on him with purpose evident underneath its green mask. With one final, drawn-out scream (of victory? finality?) it attempts to go in for the kill one more time.]
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no worries

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[And this time it succeeds, Shion screamed again as pain flooded him, the fear taking over him as he struggled against death.]