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XVI ❝From the Barricade...❞

Who: Everyone!
Setting: Floor 93 - The Barricade
Format: Any
Summary: A general mingle log for anyone who wants to camp out in the safety of numbers. However, this doesn't mean it's completely safe... Feel free to guard the sleepers on the barricade if you so desire. Feel free to date threads from the 16th of June, onward!
Warnings: PG-13 for possible monster attacks. Please include detailed warnings in your threads for the more faint of heart.

Distant cries and screams echo in the eerie night. The sounds of fight with monsters, enemies, maybe even friends dim even with the faint light given by the faint flickering of the fires.

One thing is sure, though... You are safe here behind the wood and other miscellaneous materials making up the barricade. Perhaps even a few strangers as well.

... Well, for now.

'Do you hear the people sing?'
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[daytime] [His days were mostly spent guarding Xion. He wasn't sleeping half as much as he should but he was almost sick with worry that something would happen to her, or any of her friends. He was a mostly silent guardian, sitting nearby, EMR in hand and watching silently. He hadn't seen Xue'Kol since all this started and he just hoped she was safe somewhere. He didn't have many friends left here and didn't want anything to happen to them at all.]

[Night] [He did his best to be useful, despite his lack of powers and simple weapon. He kept a look out on the barricade, trying to warn people whenever he could see anything. He also did patrols every now and again, mostly to stay awake.
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[The only warning that something is wrong during Shion's patrol is a low, grumbling snivel from behind him before the Crying Monster lets out a horrible howl and charges.]
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[Shion spins round, bringing his EMR up and swinging it towards the monster, hoping to stun it at least.]
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[It's fast. The monster dodges, but narrowly, still growling and snarling at him. It moves, low to the ground as it makes a swipe at Shion, the growling punctured with short sobs.]
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The swipe catches him as he jumps out the way and the pain makes him hiss, he holds out the baton again, not taking his eye off the monster.
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[It doesn't slow down, this time aiming for another attack, snapping at Shion's ankles with another horrible cry.]
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[This time it succeeds and Shion swings the baton again as teeth clamp around his ankle, trying to make the monster let go]