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3rd Duel - Gang Battle Distraction

Characters: The Five Bad Band (Kiryu, Ira, Queen Zeal, Hallelujah and Asako) and whoever would like to join/stop them
Setting: all over the tower, details in the threads
Format: All is go!
Summary: Ganondorf ordered a distraction, a distraction he's getting and it's not like anyone cares about collateral damage... at least on the villain's side of things~ <3
Warnings: swearing, trolling, violence, character death, fire and explosions everywhere and if there's anything else, I'll add

[Anyone nearing the 19th floor will probably be quick to notice the dark smoke rising, and the smell and sounds of something burning. Similarly others may or may not find other floors suddenly catching fire and the flames are spreading.

Are you ready to face the vengeful inferno~?]
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[Shion entered the library with a pile of books, reference books that had ended up in the other library. It was his last job of the day before he was to go and meet Xion and the others.

He was a little nervous about the task ahead, and trying not to think about it. In case his thoughts became clear and he gave them all away before it even began.

He stacked the books carefully, finding their rightful places when he heard a roar, he span just in time to see fire, burst past the opening of the aisle.

He put the books down, took the EMR out of his belt, and began to back away, glancing behind him, ready for whatever monster had found their way into the library.
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Shion heard the voice and made his way towards it, an angry look on his face when he realised it was a resident. "What are you doing?"
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[Shion moved closer, eyes glinting] Stop it.
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[Shion held up Reno's EMR in a defensive grip and his eyes widened as a second monster appeared. He stepped closer to the man, swinging the EMR, knowing he could take him easier than the monsters.]
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It succeeded, Shion yelped in pain as he brought the EMR down, trying to hit the monster on the head.
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Shion batted out with the EMR again, he had to chose so he went for the one clawing at his face, whilst trying to drag his leg out of the way of the beast.

He wasn't quite fast enough though, and he stumbled as his injured leg was hurt again.
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[Shion screamed as the teeth sunk into his arm, and resorted to using his feet, kicking outwards trying to get the monster off him, trying to kick at Kiryu.]
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It's not... half hearted. [He gathers the last of his strenth, pretty certain he's going to die anyways but needing to try, because he has to go and meet Xion. He launches forward trying to kick the mans legs from under him.]
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Probably after the thread with Shion is over

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[ Right after everyone went on a flight, Big Boss had gone into the Cafeteria, as confused as everyone else about what the hell was going on. That's where he had heard all the explosion and ruckus happening on the higher floors, as well as a couple residents worrying about it.

Driven more by curiosity than anything else, he went up the stairs. Objectively speaking, he had little chance of survival against that kind of monsters and power when armed with only an assault riffle, equipped of a grenade launcher option. Why hadn't he taken his rocket launcher with him this morning... Yet again, the entirety of his life had been defined by defying the odds against supernatural beings or gigantic machines, so this was nothing new.

He would probably still die anyway.

Given what destruction the monsters unleashed by Kiryu were causing, he had no difficulty locating the floor he was on and approaching it. That didn't look good. Rather than reveal himself however, he flattened himself against the wall by the staircase and tried to peek into the room, trying to stay unseen and evaluate the situation.

And meanwhile prepared in one hand his assault riffle, in the other a grenade. The monsters he had little chance again, but he may try to go for the one ordering them around. ]