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[Science Experiment] || [Collar Fluid Research Start] || [Open]

Characters: Anyone who's willing to work for SCIENCE.
Setting: The Workshop (Floor 15) for the IC questions to the scientists and the mingle thread. Then each group will be positioned on a different floor so as to not alert the administrators with a large group of people gathering at a single place for a long time.
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer.

Summary: This log marks the start of the research on the collar fluid! As was mentioned in the sign-ups post, words was passed around about the need of more people to help and study the collar fluid. Characters signing-up have all been divided into seven teams, which can be found here. ICly, Doc Brown made the team based on what he thinks is the most efficient. You can still sign-up here.

There will be a thread in case your character needs to ask a question or anything to the starter scientists (Doc, Waver, Sertoria or Sephiroth) and in parallel a mingle thread for all the characters during the 'recruitment', even if they end up assigned to different teams. And then obviously, there are the individual threads for each teams so the new teammates can get and know each other if they don't already.

For their first day the teams will be on different floors, but following this nothing prevents two teams from working closeby or on different floors. For reference, there are three set of scientific equipment, each containing a microscope, a small centrifuge, beakers, test tubes, many testing apparatuses, etc. They'll be shared between the seven teams depending on what they need for their researches.

Warnings: Nothing! There will be no NPC tags here, researches shouldn't be dangerous and this log is mostly for the characters to get and know each other, so this should be a relatively harmless log. Well, unless you're in the Violet or Orange team of course. In which case, good luck.

General Mingle Pre-Research || IC Questions to the Scientists

Violet Fluid Team (Floor 56 - Hospital)
Indigo Fluid Team (Floor 18 - Study Room)
Blue Fluid Team (Floor 03 - Library)
Green Fluid Team (Floor 15 - Workshop)
Yellow Fluid Team (Floor 19 - Research Library)
Orange Fluid Team (Floor 26 - Morgue)
Clear Fluid Team (Floor 27 - Laboratory)
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Re: Green Fluid Team || Floor 15 (Workshop)

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Right.....I'll do my best to help with whatever bodyguarding and moving stuff you all need doing! [Colette's quite enthusiastic about this. She really wants to help out and protect everyone in the tower!]
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. . . I would certainly hope so! [ Hello, green team! Standing next to one of the workshop's table with his arms folded, one of the assistants awaits instructions before looking over any of the equipment they have. He greets the rest of them politely; show concern for others, he reminded himself. It's the right thing to do. ]

Perhaps we should introduce ourselves to each other before getting started? I'm afraid I don't know many of the people on this team personally. I'm Hidetoshi Odagiri, it's nice to meet you all.

[ The team he had been assigned to wasn't a bad one, Hidetoshi's decided. Two males, five female. If he knows any of their faces, it's a distant recognition at the best, but they do appear to be sensible people on their first impression. Even the enthusiastic girl. ]
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[Sheba has been listening quietly to the others for the most part; it's only after the other teams have left, and after some of her own teammates start talking, that she speaks up with a small smile. She's standing a little off to the side and she has three books tucked under one arm.]

It's nice to meet all of you. My name's Sheba. [And then that small smile becomes a mischievous little grin -] I'm looking forward to working with you, and I'm doubly looking forward to using what we learn to one-up the administrators.
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[Well, this seems to be off to a good start. There's a handful of people on this team she actually recognizes and from what she can tell, it seems like everybody on this team is somebody who knows what they're doing. Amelia herself is standing off to the side as well, although her attention is a bit more towards the staircase, the Black Axe Garm resting axehead-down on the floor with both of her hands resting on top of the handle in something of a classic sentry pose, and for the first time in a while there's an honest smile on her face.

Amazing how much being a part of something useful helps.]

My name's Amelia. Getting the equipment wasn't easy, but hopefully now we can put it all to good use. I might not be very good with science, but I'll do my best to protect everybody here!
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uh open tag for Hidetoshi and the rest of the team once things gotten rolling?

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[ AFTER INTRODUCTIONS HAVE BEEN CONDUCTED, and details explained, and everybody's gotten to work, and a routine of sorts has been established best it can, and yada yada:

Hidetoshi pauses to pet Einstein on the head after setting some scientific equipment down on the table.

((ooc: just mention a date and whatever they're doing for a tag?))