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If You Don't

Characters: All who are signed up for the If You Don't event!
Setting: Everywhere
Format: Anything
Summary: The shadow children come out to play, hungry for their candy...
Warnings: Psychological horror, possible character death.

As those who are participating in the event wake up on the morning of the 26th, they'll see clawing hands at the edges of their vision that dart away as soon as they're fully awake. Maybe it was just a lingering dream? But there's another note left for them to find:

trick or treat
smell my feet
give me something good to eat

i f y o u d o n ' t

There is a drawing of a heart at the bottom of the paper, as usual for notes received during Ruana's games, though it's wet and red and appears to be fresh blood.

Still nothing, will happen until the sun begins to set. Once it does, skittering, shifting shadow children will come out to play, tracking down one of the characters participating in the game. They will request a specific kind of candy--not with a normal voice, but with a penetrating, tearing sort of mental intrusion.

You will have until 11:59 PM to figure out what they want, and woe betide you if you get it wrong and give them something they don't like...

Reply to the subthread for each night to receive your character's riddle for that night. Note: While you can request riddles in advance, you will not receive the riddles for nights 2 and on until your character has solved or failed to solve the riddle preceding it and received their consequences, if applicable.

Riddle Subthreads:
October 26th
October 27th
October 28th
October 29th
October 30th
October 31st

Feel free to create your own top-levels for IC mingling during these days - to have your character trying to puzzle out their riddles, search for/negotiate with people who have the candies they need, make attempts to steal candies, and deal with any consequences they get later on for not giving their shadow children the correct candies - but be sure you indicate which night it is in the subject header.

Some other things to note:
- Now that all the remaining candy in the Tower has been put into bowls, it can be perceived and interacted with by everyone, even those who are not signed up for the event.
- Candy that is removed from a bowl will remain in existence so long as it is in a character's hand, but will vanish if set down, put into a bag, etc. If it is transferred from one bowl to another, that is okay. If it is taken from a bowl and handed to a shadow child, that is okay.
- Only the character being asked for candy will be able to hear the shadow child that is doing the asking, though others will be able to see it.
- The shadow child will follow your character until they fetch the candy from their room and will repeat the riddle at any time, when asked; this can be handwaved without a mod response.
- The shadow children will not take any notice of characters that are not the ones they are asking for candy from.

Mod replies will only occur in the riddle subthreads, to 1. give out the riddle and 2. respond with any consequences once a character has given (or not given) a shadow child their candy.
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Today he wasn't in his room, but still in the library having completely forgotten about time. He was surrounded by books and was taking notes from one of them, frowning as he concentrated.
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[There seems to be a shifting shadow on the page of the book he is looking at, and that shadow gets bigger and comes out from the pages, and suddenly there is a shadow sitting where the book had been.

five smaller versions of things you have no choice but to eat... five pieces of a trio of colors... and also three bricks to melt down and drizzle over the top...]
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The thorn feeling in his feet and hands had finally gone half way through the day, but he was still pretty miserable. What had he missed? He had though he had solved the riddle but he had still gotten hurt.

"Go away." He muttered at the shadow but listened anyways, not that he had any choice with the words tearing into his head. This one made even less sense than the last one. He sighed and stood up, glad that the thorns were gone, ignoring the hooded figures and led the way to his room mulling it over in his head.

No choice but to eat... trio of colours and bricks...

He stared into his pot. "I don't know... There are a lot of colours, how about this." He held out a jelly bean, he only had two though, not five so hopefully it wasn't that.
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[The shadow growls and bats the jelly bean away; it vanishes upon hitting the ground.

The cloaked figures take a step closer to him and their chanting becomes a little louder.]
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I don't know. [He shook his head] Your riddle makes no sense. You can't melt bricks down, they are stone.
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[The shadow growls again.


It vanishes, but the cloaked figures do not. Shion will find that he is rooted down to the floor, suddenly unable to do anything more than tilt his head - if he looks down, he will see that there are pumpkin vines wound around his ankles and wrists to keep him in place. The figures come closer and closer. One lifts up a kettle full of something and raises it over his head before tilting it so that it pours down; he will be hit with a scalding hot drizzle of chocolate, his skin blistering under the heat as the chocolate hits his skin. One after another will continue to pour a kettle of chocolate over him until he is completely coated, at which point he will pass out from the pain of the burns.

Which is fortunate, because the cloaked figures will, at that point, start breaking off bits of the chocolate-covered Shion to eat him.]