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018 - Let's go together...

Characters: [OU] Riku, [OU] Sora, [OU] Xion, [AU3] Riku and open to CR
Setting: over the first half of February, pre event
Format: Whatever!
Summary: Catch-all log for all and any post mirror-shenanigans
Warnings: KH spoilers, but otherwise this should be fine.

[See comments for scenarios!]
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[It's a complicated sort of thing, her situation and the situations tangential to it. She can't condone the loss of such memories, painful though they may be - it just makes it harder when she's the one they're of. After all... she's been forgotten once already. If it would help him for her to be again--]

[But the smile helps in at least some small part.]

Never, thus far. [At least if one includes the relationships between plans, anyway.] I don't think he'll ever stop. Not until he's gone for good. [Still--] ... But I don't like it, not knowing what other method he might have in mind.

[Not that she's particularly happy about any of this.]

... Riku? [A beat, then,] How much do you know about the X-blade? [Gotta watch that pronunciation, Naminé.]
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[They could go back and forth about it all day, most likely. Perhaps the thing that really matters is that he matters, that he's a dear friend and that his wellbeing is what she's really got in mind (heart). The unfortunate thing about that is likely the fact that all her life, the only way she's been able to care for someone is to let them go. She's not used to having the chance to keep them.]

[She has enough faith in him to hold her silence while he puzzles it out, letting him search his memories and his thoughts as he sees fit. At his answer, she nods.]

That's the one. I suppose I should probably tell you that the attempt he made... required a heart of light, and a heart of darkness. To that end, he took one heart and split it into two, so that each part would be pure.

[Here she falters, one hand settling around the opposite elbow, arm across her middle with visible, internal discomfort.]

And I should also tell you... that the one who came from the dark side looked a lot like Sora.
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[Their mutual stubbornness is both a blessing and a curse. (But really, if she's only going to disappear anyway, what difference does it make for her? Even if she continues to exist as part of Kairi, which, Naminé thinks, is the most she can hope for, isn't that just that? It's hard to imagine even being able to have much to say about it. He, however, must live on with his own path and will - so how could she, caring for him as she does, want to make that harder for him?)]

Yes. [It's a quiet little 'yes', trailed by a hushed echo of,] Vanitas.

So I think even before all of this started for you and Sora, you were already involved. And there is... one more thing. The weapon they were trying to forge, the X-blade -- it's got some similarities in appearance to the blade Sora wields.
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[Worth it, maybe - but she's not been able to find an alternative and no other seems forthcoming. It's what's best for everyone, she believes; because after all, if she's no longer a separate entity, then how can anyone use her ever again? For the sake of those dear to her, it's... better that she not exist as she is now. (Or so, unfortunately, she would say.)]

[She nods once more, expression grim.]

The very one. I... can't say for sure why or how it happened, but I don't believe it was chance. [She's long since learned not to trust coincidence.]

And I know we don't really have much to go on, but... I thought you should know. Just in case it ever becomes relevant.

[And she isn't there to explain it.]