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this is beginning to feel good, watching you squirm in your shoes

Characters: Jason, open to characters who are in the labyrinth
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: party-style
Summary: Fighting Jason and other fun labyrinth activities.
Warnings: violence, gore, disturbing content, Animus event
Note: Most of this thread will be used for fighting Jason. Doing things in the labyrinth that are not fighting Jason is perfectly fine, just use the subthread here!

[Jason moves, when he's really running, something like a spider. Arms shift and twist over each other as he does so, though he never seems to get tripped up on them, and he's quick to respond to any sort of movement near him by keeping away with it. This time, it doesn't seem like he's looking for a fight. He's made it to the edge of the labyrinth, and he's feeling about for something, but whatever he's searching for he doesn't seem to be able to find it, and his frustration is obvious. If there's fear, he's hiding it beneath anger.

He still has his abilities, but he doesn't seem to be able to escape the labyrinth. And, considering everyone else in the labyrinth is alive, he doesn't seem to have his kill switch either.

Good luck.]
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To the rescue! Open to anyone who wants to meet him or needs help - or wants to evacuate

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*Enoch is not deliberately looking for Jason. He's never wanted to kill him. Never wanted to kill anyone. So instead, he's looking for injured people. The fatigue from volunteering for that machine is no longer so bad anymore - his endurance levels seem reasonably human. For someone not quite as athletic as he is, unfortunately.

His only weapon is an orcish sword with a bent tip - clearly meant as last resort, it couldn't possibly be very effective the way the blade has been obviously misused. That's tied to his jeans with a bit of gauze - which is what he's carrying in his hands. Two rolls of it. He'll attempt to patch up anyone he finds - anyone who is injured - and will either ask them to follow him or carry them if their injuries are severe.

On the off chance that he does encounter Jason for some reason (he is wandering randomly, after all), he will raise both hands in a gesture of meaning no harm and back away, though if Jason is not clearly threatening he may attempt to talk, as well.

But chances are, he will be encountering others. Hunters will be urged not to kill prey, at least, and he'll tell them he can get them out of there if they follow him. He will try to draw people not interested in fighting Jason towards the center of the maze to facilitate escape.

All that said, would anyone care to have an encounter with someone in a hospital band (reading 011) but not a gown?*
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[Enoch's not alone, or at least, at the moment he's not—David's trudging alongside the heaven-sent warrior-scribe, also armed with an Orcish sword of his own.]

[David's having some difficulty keeping pace, thanks to volunteering to donate power to the Tower earlier last month. Part of it is the fatigue—but, like Enoch, it's been getting a little better. The bigger problem is that the power donation shut down all of his suit's systems—the suit is no longer providing motor assistance, he can't fly, and he can't cloak.]

[Suffice to say, the weight of that armor is much more apparent when it's not pulling more than its own weight.]

[Still, David looks absolutely determined not to let this get to him. He glances up to Enoch.]

'Kay, how're we doin' dis? Split up an' try an' find who we can? Stick together?
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[Arturia seems to have the easiest time of their little party so far. Despite still having some fatigue from last month, she is pleased to find she is able to summon Caliburn once more. The true Caliburn, not the fake the Glamour system allows her. It's unusually heavy in her hand, but she can accept that.

Right now, she's sticking with Enoch, walking on the other side of her blonde friend.]

Perhaps keep to small groups. The biggest danger would come from being caught completely alone, but we would still be able to spread out.
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The best part of waking up is a rescue in your cup!

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[—oh, hey! David didn't see Arturia there!]

[... he's almost as short as she is, give him some credit. David quickens his pace a little and leans forward to look over at Arturia on the other side of Enoch.]

Yeah, good point. An' I ain't in a position to do scoutin' like I normally could.

[David's gaze seems to fixate on Caliburn. That is some serious bling of war she's got there. And yet, strangely familiar ...]
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So Folgers is the SWAT team?

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[It's more meant to be an ornamental sword, but its blade is indeed quite sharp and so long as she doesn't push it too far it should not break.]

None of us are in our top condition and there's no telling how confused some of our allies might be. They may think we are part of some trap in the Labyrinth sent to mess with their minds. I would not put it past Ruana when it comes to one of her games.

Apparently so!

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Sam had a blade at his side as well and was looking around the labyrinth for anyone who had been part of the hunt. He was specifically looking for Tetra and Quark but anyone who seemed injured or lost, or... well anyone. No one who didn't want to be here should be, as far as he was concerned and he would concentrate on getting them out before anything else.

He walked as quickly as he could whilst also keeping alert to anyone who might be near.

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Team Raganarock Rescue Efforts

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[Whether or not it was foolish to enter the labyrinth will be up for later evaluation. But given the opportunity to be of service and help those trapped within the horrid game, Elena was apt to jump on it. While she doesn't have much in the way of a weapon save her firearm with only 12 rounds in its magazine, she's enough of a weapon by herself especially given the new power armor that Rick was so kind to give her. And if that wasn't enough, she's at least flanked by a trio of the team to serve as support.

Maintaining a proper speed where the team can move as a unit is important. So is communication. Which means every so often Elena will call back to make sure the team is still together, still moving. And to ask if they've seen anybody that might require assistance.]
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[Keeping a single form for any extended period of time has been difficult enough. Convincing himself that this won't be too much to keep him from helping his friends, significantly less so.]

[He can only hope that his own lack of control doesn't hold back the people who have agreed to let him travel with them. The currently human Rick trails behind the others, keeping up but maintaining a wide berth in case of an unexpected transformation (which he anticipates will happen at any moment). Until then, he's thankful to at least be able to speak when Elena checks on them.]

...S-Still here. [Rick takes a deep breath, then decides that it's important enough to add: ] ...i-it's...quiet.
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[Is this dangerous? Sure it is! But for all the risk involved there's something inherently... satisfying about finally crashing one of Ruana's games. This doesn't mean she's letting herself get carried away though, she's aware she isn't exactly equipped for stealth and her heavy plated boots do echo for some distance down any nearby halls. Her sword remains sheathed on her belt for now, her axe gripped firmly in one hand as she moves, constantly glancing over her shoulder.

Recklessness invites death after all, and there are lives on the line other than their own. At least she's moving with a group she recognizes, something that does help her remain calm and focused even when in such unfamiliar territory.]

This place is huge...
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[Responses from two of the three behind her is enough to keep her focused and calm. With four sets of eyes, their risk level of being attacked by surprise by other participants - or even Jason - were minimized. But considering the Tower, she wasn't entirely sure if that assessment would hold.]

Quiet is good, but dangerous. Keep a sharp eye and listen for anything unusual.

[If one could hear anything over thundering footsteps that echoed off the labrynth walls.]

I've studied the layout as best as I could from the monitors. We should be somewhere in the bottom left quadrant of the labyrinth right now. There should be a few participants to our west.

[Which was really a heads up that they were heading deeper into the labyrinth.]
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Priorities [closed to Rick and Veronica]

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[It wasn't the best decision Rick's ever made, splitting off from the group to search for someone who's been assigned to actively hunt people--and who's powers give her every advantage to do so. But as soon as his animal form picked up on her scent, all of that logic was left behind with his team. They are more than capable without him.]

[Veronica, on the other hand, is alone. And Rick worries for her, almost unbearably.]

[He's a dog at the time, all the more convenient to track her scent. Hopefully he's getting close...being alone in this place makes him exceptionally uncomfortable.]
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[Worrying had been the only thing Veronica had been doing since she came into this stupid game. Her friends were in danger, and if she didn't end up killing someone....

It'd be hard, but maybe if she snuck up on someone... Wait, what's that?

She places her back against a wall, listening to the faint noises that seem to be getting closer. Taking a breath, she activates her new power and turns invisible in case there's a threat.
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[The dog trots around the corner moments later, nose pressed to the floor. Now she has to be around here somewhere...]

[Mid-sniff, Rick's own powers kick in and he shifts into a tiger. The drop in his sense of smell isn't terribly significant, but noticeable. The big cat straightens with a slightly annoyed ruffle of his fur and scans the area for any movement.]

[...Why does he feel like he's being watched...?]
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[She hears the thing rounding the corner and prepares to strike...

Only she can't, because it's a dog. A dog wanders by and shifts moments later into a tiger.

11, 12, 13, 14...

Okay, paranoid or not, Veronica had to turn off the power, reappearing in front of Rick.

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getting all the fun rolls - be back in a moment!

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[Someone calls his name! The tiger jerks around and promptly takes a step back from the slight figure in front of him, at first quite alarmed. But then his brain catches up with the rest of him and he realizes--]

[--Veronica! Rick rumbles his happiness and takes a step forward to greet her properly.]

[Mid-stride, he disappears into the void.]


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open - name the time when responding, I'll match you!

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[Yukiko didn't hesitate for a second, not after what Aria had told them. This is less about Jason than it is finding her friends, but if she's honest? If she sees him, she's going to do everything she can to take him down. That's a more cold-blooded approach than usual, and she knows it, but the other choice is letting him live to keep hurting the others. That's simply not acceptable.

She keeps looking around her as she enters the labyrinth - finding Ryoji is her first priority, but she wants to help the others that have been in there, too.]
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[Naoya, for his part is wondering exactly what this all means. If his theory is correct, then there has to be a reason why...

...what was it that Mark had said once? Just don't over-think it and follow your heart. There were friends to be rescued, that was his top priority.

He'd have to see where it leads. When he spots Yukiko, he runs next to her.]

Did you spot anyone yet?
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[Yukiko shakes her head, frowning.]

No one yet. I'm keeping a close eye out, but so far, no luck.

...sorry, about, well. That thing last month.
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open thread for rescuers and those who wanna be rescued

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[Assassin is here to look for Claudia, not to pick a fight with Jason. As a result, she dashes through the labyrinth, only looking for her partner.]


[She calls as she weaves through the labyrinth. She certainly looks distinct enough from everyone else, since she has the cloak Claudia made wrapped around her and a dagger in her hand. However, should she run into anyone who isn't Jason, she'll be more than happy to put the weapon away and offer to guide them to a safe location.]
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[After several days of wandering the labyrinth, the effects of all this activity on Claudia's body are starting to show. Her health may be better than it once was, but she tires easily, and without taking the time necessary to recuperate, she simply grows weaker and weaker. They have to keep moving, though. They have to keep searching for food, and they have to find Jason and kill him, and it's not like there are proper beds for her to rest in, anyway. There's no other choice, so she keeps her mouth shut and doesn't even consider complaining.]

[...But whether she complains or not, it's increasingly a struggle for her to keep up with Kirei, and she knows he's not even moving as quickly as he could, if he weren't tethered to someone as frail as her. She trails behind him, her steps growing more and more frantic as it grows harder and harder for her to keep pace with him. She can't ask him for more accommodations than he has already given her, though, so she stubbornly continues to chase after him without saying a word, the only noise she makes the sound of her breathing as it grows labored.]
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[ Even if she's silent and asking nothing of him, the strain on her body is quickly becoming obvious. She lags behind him, the gap growing wider and wider, and soon enough it cannot be ignored.

Kirei stops and he goes to her. Without asking her permission, he puts his arms around her and picks her up.

You will need to hold on to me. [ He instructs. If her grip is strong, he can spare using an arm on her, and instead use it to keep his sword ready. ]
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[When he stops and turns, she freezes, guilt immediately rising to her face. The words go ahead without me are half-formed inside her mouth by the time he has reached her side.]

Ah, Kirei—

[As her feet are lifted from the ground, she doesn't struggle, but that's more from surprise than a conscious choice on her part. This isn't a new experience for her, but there's something strangely demoralizing about being picked up and carried now. She would like to think she is past this, for once thing.]

[...But, even so, she doesn't argue. She has been slowing him down far too much as it is. If this is preferable, then so be it; the most important thing now is the completion of this "game." To that end, she will suffer whatever indignity is required of her.]

[Her arms aren't as tired as her legs, so she can at least do as he says and hold onto him. She loops her arms around the back of his neck, one hand latching around the wrist of the other that holds her dagger still.]

I'm sorry.

[Automatically, she apologizes, an out of breath murmur without meeting his eyes.]
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No need.

[ He can cradle her easily enough, with one arm tucked underneath her, clutching her smaller body against his chest. It will be awkward to balance, if he has to react quickly for a fight, but this will be the best that he can manage.

They have survived so far. All that is remains... it's not impossible.

Watch over my shoulder. [ She can serve as defense, if nothing else. ]
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All right.

[She agrees without hesitation, shifting against Kirei's body so that she can do as told. As her initial surprise and embarrassment begin to fade, an odd melancholy becomes apparent underneath them—but she doesn't let herself linger on that. It reminds her of things that make her sad to think about, but this is just business.]

[She remains silent for a moment longer, then says:]

If I'm weighing you down too much, you can leave me behind.

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