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Log 031 | Tower of Jenova Phase #2 & Finale

Characters: Sephiroth, and those that might try to stop/interact with him. Also Open Mingle for reaction purposes. (Tower of Jenova Phase #2)
Setting: Commencing mid-morning 23rd March. Locations: Dormitory 02-06, then on route to Floor 23 post-Killswitch
Format: Prose/Action as necessary 
Summary: Sephiroth's power level reaches a tipping point. He retires to his Dormitory for channeling more of his energy than he has yet thought to attempt. Using Reunion as a tool he flips a Killswitch in all those Tainted and instantly sucks all of the energy accumulated from the Deaths, and the Tower itself, together in one go. Causing a complete failure of the Tower's power; all Glamour and Power systems drop.
The result - finally he manages to break his cage. 
There is only one thing left to do, find an exit from the Tower (Closed NPC Prompt)
Warnings: All the warnings including but not limited to: OP-Sephiroth, out-of-body experiences, glamour breaks, mutations, body horror and character death. 

Prompts as in below: 
-Mid-Morning 23rd March - Dormitory 02-06/Hallways [Open]
-Post-Killswitch Reactionary Mingle [Open]
-Sephiroth post-Killswitch, on route to Floor 23 [Open]
-Floor 23 and Onwards [Closed: NPC Thread]