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For Thine Is; The City

Characters: any characters who were warped outside
Setting: outside
Format: any
Summary: The outcast residents arrive in the city that surrounds the Tower.
Warnings: psychological horror

The city appears on the horizon long before they reach it, of course--and it stretches and stretches and stretches, swallowing up the landscape until it's all that can be seen before them. And on a hill in the center lay the Tower, as if it were a monolith to be worshiped by an awestruck populace. But if that's the case, then the god has been abandoned: there is no one left alive to pay tribute.

But if that's the case, maybe it's the god who abandoned them first.

The city is dead, and its population has fallen like ash on the streets and buildings. The bodies are familiar ones to those who have seen their home worlds after being taken from it: corpses that do not decompose, with their insides pulled out through their mouths.

The city is sorted into ringed districts--while time is not on your side, you have to pass through each district anyway, so there's nothing saying you can't do a little exploring as long as you don't dawdle too long...
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[He's barely stopped to look around, propelled by the gut instinct to keep moving. To survive. If he slows down, the brutality of the situation will sink in. The corpses scattered around the ruined city, innards hanging out of their mouths. Having never returned to his dead worlds, the mere sight of the bodies was enough to make his stomach twist.

He wants to keep going. The tower's so close now, he feels like he can reach out and touch it.

And yet, somehow, he's stumbled upon one of his homes. He's stopped to take a few short breaths. And while he's there, he reaches for the door against his better judgment. Who knows if it'll even budge?]
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has Riku had the changed liquid?

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Capell is nearby leaning against a building to rest a moment when he sees one of the other wireframes try the door. He pushes himself upright and makes his way over. "Probably shouldn't go in alone."

And they probably shouldn't linger, but Capell is as curious about this city as everyone else, it's one thing to know the worlds are dead and another to see it.
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he has :D

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Riku freezes at the sound of Capell's voice. Not because of Capell himself, but because he hadn't expected company.

Then again, after traveling with a group for so long, maybe that's not the best mindset to keep. Even if the city looks peaceful, they can never be too careful.

So, after a couple of seconds, he relaxes, turns around, and heaves a tiny sigh. "Guess you're right. I wasn't plan on staying for long-- just wanted to see what's in there. If there's even anything left..."
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The door falls off its hinges and lands with a heavy, echoing thunk on the floor inside. It's very dark within, but nothing appears immediately dangerous. It seems the door opens to the living room, but the exact features are difficult to make out.
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Well, that was certainly unexpected. When the door collapses, Riku stumbles backwards, eyes glued open. After a second or two, he then peeks inside. In the darkness, it's hard to make out what's there, but if the coast is clear...

He glances at Capell before slipping inside. Care to follow?
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Capell nodded, he was curious too. He jumped when the door collapsed, glancing at Riku to check that he was alright. He nodded again and was right behind the other wireframe as they stepped through the door.
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Inside there's a fairly typical living room, with a sofa facing some sort of screen embedded into the wall, along with a few plush chairs clustered about each other. to form a small area of their own. They stand beside a large bookshelf, but the language the books are in is unintelligible.

There's a staircase leading up beside an open doorway which seems to lead to a kitchen.
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That shelf grabs Riku's immediate attention, and he jogs over to the books. When he sees that the language is foreign and unintelligible, he almost considers leaving the books behind, but you know what? It might be good to have at least one as a keepsake. As such, he'll tuck one of the books beneath his arm before moving towards the stairs.
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Capell looked around the room and follows Riku over to the shelf, "Do you think once we are back in the tower we will be able to read this?"

They could read everything else after all even though he was sure they didn't speak the same language.
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The staircase creaks uneasily, but it holds. Upstairs is a simple hallway with four closed doors. None of them are locked.
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"It's possible." Riku shrugs on his way up the steps. "Better to try than to not do anything, right?"

He'll go ahead and open the first of the four doors once he finally reaches the next floor.
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Capell grabs a book as well and follows Riku up the stairs looking at the doors. He contemplates opening a second, to finish the exploring faster, but he's not sure they should split that far. So he stands next to Riku and looks into the room he opened the door to.