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Dave Strider ([personal profile] knightime) wrote in [community profile] towerofanimus2014-04-21 10:22 pm

Something's on my mind

Characters: [OU]Dave Strider and Open to anyone
Setting: Room 2-14, Cafeteria, Graveyard
Format: Either
Summary: Dave is back. Back again. Gdi.
Warnings: Language mostly

Room 2-14

He's momentarily confused when he gets up. Well, minus the fact that he knows he hasn't been ehre for awhile, but also because this isn't his room? He checked the room number and...okay. He guesses that he's in another room. The trunk has some of his stuff in it.

Dave quickly changes to his God Tier outfit (shit is comfortable) and just heads out.

Better reimmerse himself in this bullshit. Not like he has anything better to do.


Just eating the porridge. He doesn't think he minds it so much considering that it's porridge and back to nutrition bars. Oh boy.

He glances around him, trying to find familiar faces. He isn't really holding his breath though, and it's more of a passing action to keep himself preoccupied while he eats.


As routine, he always ends up dropping flowers on graves of his friends. It's just a thing he kind of does now and it feels weird not to do it. He knows that nothing really comes from it, but he's still gonna do it.

After that, he just browses through the rows, seeing if there are new names and if any of them are familiar to him.

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