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Sleepover before the storm

Characters: [OU] Xion, Excalibur, and whoever comes
Setting: Floor 101
Format: Whatever floats your boat
Summary: It's the night before the infiltration. People are plotting, discussing, and Xion has brought a Dream Eater so those who want to try to get a good night's sleep have a marginally higher chance of doing so. So in short it's a Tower-flavored sleepover. Bring your own pillows.
Warnings: Nothing in the top level. Will try to edit if anything changes but if something comes up in one of your threads make sure to add a warning in the subject line


[Standard mingle post procedure. Make your top levels. Tag around. Have fun. Or not, this is Animus after all.

Notes will have been passed out and quiet discussion gone around by word of mouth, just saying that several people were spending the night in the hidden floor. Anybody who spoke to Xion would have been told that she's trying to figure out a way everybody can get a good night's sleep. You'll need to supply your own blankets and pillows but... hey, at least if you have trouble sleeping, you'll have company?

Note that any characters who sleep on the Hidden Floor, if they normally suffer from nightmares will likely have notably lessened or absent nightmares (up to your discretion) owing to the Dream Eater that Xion has brought with.]
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Tardy to the party - as usual

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[Given that this was a written request by her adopted daughter to participate in what was likely to be one of the last friendly events, Elena was unable to opt out of it, even if she wanted to.

Which, considering all that had happened recently, she didn't think it was right she continue to hide out like she had been. It had been a major failure on her part to communicate to anybody where she'd been and there's little to no excuses as to why she'd disappeared for as long as she had. The effects of Sephiroth's little incident had slowly worn away until they were nothing more than a dull ebb, though they still lingered. Ghost whispers that questioned, doubted.

Elena is somewhere along the wall-line, watching the group quietly. Arms are folded protectively across her chest, a finger lifting every once in a while to rub at what looked like a still raw scar that stretched down below her hairline towards her eye, stopping barely halfway.

Let the others sleep, she'll serve watch to make sure nothing interrupts the others.]
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[The short outburst earns a whole body jerk, alarms hinting on panic pushing her away from the wall -]


[And being pushed back into it again by the force of the hug. The mop of dark hair and familiar weight earns a breath of relief, arms wrapping around the girl in a hug.]

Hey there, sweetheart. I've missed you.
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[Keeping an arm wrapped loosely around Xion's shoulders, Elena lifted a hand to lightly stroke the girl's hair. There's a soft, understanding smile. A nod.]

I know. [Things are complicated. Bonds stretched. Tested.] I'm glad to see you're okay too. Sorry I've been absent for a while.
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[Stealth footsteps come up to her from the side, hard even for a Turk to detect at first, but Reno isn't really trying to hide either.

If she isn't too startled or angry at him, he'll try pulling her into a hug.]

Hey El...
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[Its questionable if she doesn't hear him because she can't, because the man is notoriously good at sneaking up on people, or because she's mentally distracted. Either way, his presence is actually more welcomed than she thought she would be. She had thought him still angry and thus not wanting to speak with her.

So the fact that he tries to hug her means a great deal. The physical touch of the hug allowed and returned, though she holds on a bit longer - a bit tighter - than she probably should have.]

Hey yourself, Reno.
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[He's not too much of a hurry to let go, either.]

Where've you been? Looking for you lately.
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Yeah, sorry about that...

[Eventually - hesitantly - she lets go and puts a little space between them.]

I know I should have said something, but with the sickness going around, I just holed myself up until things settled down. I meant to send you a note, but things escalated...

[She couldn't face him in that state. Then she couldn't face him after, even though she desperately needed to see him. Check in on him to make sure he was okay.]

You been all right?
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...It was Geostigma, wasn't it?

[He hadn't known the signs at first, in fact he thought it was Jason's old flu that escaped and got loose after his death, but hearing the reports and finding out what happened to other people had gotten scarily close to what he remembers seeing in the last days of Midgar.]

Don't worry about it. I should've come gotten you.

[His face is serious; too serious for him.]

Yeah... just been hunting and keeping the kitchen stocked. Ruana's next, and we got no idea what'll happen... I wanted us to not have to worry about food, but I don't know if we have enough to last a whole month with all the returns we got.

[Enough talk of business. He's going down tomorrow, and don't know if he'll come back...]

Elena, I... just wanted to say, I'm sorry. Y'know, in case I don't get to say it later.
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[She had probably been the very first to identify it, though she'd failed to say anything. The overwhelming feeling of insecurity, of failure, of being useless driving her into the deeper corners of the Tower to wallow in destructive self-hate.]

You did exactly what you should have done. I was not in a state where I wanted to be found.

[Seriousness she could handle, it was a security blanket that she was accustomed to, even if it was sometimes itchy and uncomfortable. Her head gives a little nod at the mention of stocking food, a frown pulling slightly at the mention of Ruana.]

I'll see what I can rustle up as well to help increase our stock levels. We may need to talk about food rationing if we can't get enough to last that long.

[His apology is unexpected, earning a pause in both words and thought. Her mouth opened to speak, then shut as hands met in front, fingers pulling at the sleeves of her shirt. In her solidarity she's had time to think on everything that had happened between them. About what Dia had said to her. Words that infuriated her became clearer over time. She owed the man an apology next time she saw him.]

I'm sorry too. I couldn't - can't... [She stops. Pauses. Breathes.] Its not that I've been using a mask of the calm Turk to be hurtful to anybody. I was using it as a shield to protect myself and in the process I inadvertently hurt those most important to me. I'm sorry, Reno.

[She's frowning slightly, worry creasing the lines of her forehead.]

You make it sound like you're walking to your death tomorrow.
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[Letting out a long breath through his nose, Reno let the rest of what she said go. He can handle it, if he survives long enough to talk about the rest. He's worried, of course, that she had wanted to be hidden away, but after what all he's done he can't really blame her, and maybe he did the right thing in giving her that space.

Still, the idea of her afraid and hurt, where he couldn't come and protect her and comfort her...

Staying away is the last thing they really should do.]

Elena... you don't have anything to be sorry for.

[He sighs.]

I might be... I got that feeling. The same one I had when Meteor was getting close, but this time I can't shake it and I can't hide it. If we don't pull this off... if we can't do exactly the right thing at exactly the right time...

[Reno doesn't even really need to finish that sentence. The result is inevitable.] you have my ribbon?
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Neither do you. So did we both just apologize for nothing?

[Its a question that doesn't need to be answered, the message being sent silently that they might be in disagreement about that statement, but that it was okay. That there would be time where they could talk before the world came crashing in on them.]

You aren't the only one. Everybody I look at has the same expression - that something is right around the corner and it isn't good and we're running out of time.

[Another question and another surprised pause, but hands manage to move to the inside the left side of her jacket. Fingers move, as if pulling at something, before retrieving the previously given mate to the one still wrapped around her arm. There's a black stain on one of the tips, dulled from vigorous washing.]

....I, ah...yeah....

[She had clutched the ribbon while she had suffered the Geostigma, body wracking with pain and oozing the black inky substance that reeked of death. Her hand moved to between them, palm upward to show the requested item.]
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[Reno's eyes linger on the black stain for a moment, face tightening very imperceptibly. He can make a guess why that stain is there, and none of the ideas are ones he likes...

Taking the ribbon carefully, he wraps it around his own wrist and ties it there before taking her hands in his.

All without a word.

When he does speak, he's quiet.]

We'll be all right, El.

[He's not entirely certain what he means. The people in the Tower? Them? Their family?

In the end, it probably doesn't matter.]
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[The silence isn't so much awkward as its uncomfortable. Silence from Reno was always uncomfortable. But there's little to be said and she's more interested in what he's doing - which in and of itself says more than words could.

Hands are warm around hers, encompassing her smaller ones with little effort. How long had it really been since she's had this sort of physical contact? Weeks? Over a month?

A breath she didn't realize she was holding was exhaled between them, shoulders falling, freed from an invisible weight. There was much still to say and do, but all that was needed was a start. And this, with words that were still so vague but still so important, was a good one.

Pulling her hands free from him, Elena steps forward, lifting herself up on her toes so she can wrap her arms around his neck. The hug is tight once more, her face pressed against his neck and throat. When she speaks, her throat is tight, strained, and low.]

Yeah, we will.
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[His hands rest on her back, trying to soothe her.]

Hey, it's okay... we had some great times here. There's nobody else I'd rather spend the rest of it with, y'know?
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[One minute. That's the longest she'll stay put before letting go, adjusting her jacket so it lays straight as she takes a step back.]

...Right. The fact we can say that in a place like this.. [There's a ghost of a grin forming on her features.] Well, you mean besides the kids, right?


I've missed you these last few weeks.
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[Is that a faint blush on his face? It might be hidden by his tattoos and that red hair of his though. It's gotten rather long and falls into his face a lot...]

Y-yeah... I've missed you, too. Hey... I'm not feelin' real tired and you don't look like it either. You want to go to the kitchen and grab something to eat?
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[Did she see it? Maybe. Maybe not. Girl wasn't to kiss and tell on matters of the heart. Or blushes. Like maybe the one that might or might not be giving her skin an extra color of warmth.]

.....No, I'm really not. I don't sleep much these days...

[Eyes turn back to look at the group of people around them, and a breath later she's looking back at him, giving a little nod, pushing off the wall.]

You know what? A snack does sound good. I don't expect there to be trouble while we're gone.
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[Taking one of her hands in his again, he traces a circle along the back of it with his thumb.]

They'll be fine, babe. Let's go.
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oh no hmtl faiill

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[She hadn't seen much activity of monsters as of late and had never seen on on the hidden floor, so he did have a point. There was no need to stand watch like a sentinel all night. His hand is larger and warmer than she remembers and she gives it a small squeeze.]

C'mon, before we wake anybody else up...

[And she's pulling him towards the stairs, a finger pressed to her lips.]
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Sure sure... wouldn't want anyone whispering they saw us sneak out...

[Reno's smirk is his trademark evil smirk, but... even so, he threads his fingers with hers as she pulls him along.]
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It'd be the scandal of the century.

[Except no, not really. But she's actually enjoying the lightheartedness of their conversation and has no reason to weigh it down. Within a matter of moments she's led him into the hallway towards the cafeteria, steps slowing so they walked side by side.]

....How've you been lately?