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Characters: Waver, Marty, anyone else that stayed topside
Setting: Hidden Floor
Format: Any
Summary: Let's figure out that exhaustion thing!
Warnings: TBA

[The Hidden floor is probably the safest place in the Tower right now, but "safe" is relative when everybody is starting to feel the effects of the new threat.

The infiltration team has a dangerous job, but how well can those who stayed behind prepare for the aftermath when they have their own crisis to deal with?]

[This is a mingly log! Feel free to post your own subthread!]
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[Patience is not Feferi's strong suit. After a while of being around the hidden room and picking enough enough bits and pieces to get an idea, Feferi clears her throat and stands on a chair.]

Hey! We can't do everyfin just sitting here. We need to do some exploring.

[She claps her hands.]

I'm going top-down. What's that list of floors to watch out for again? 16, 26, 43, 44, 56, 59?

Anyone that wants to come with, you're welcome. I'm planning on using the 'poke it with my trident and see what happens' approach, though.
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[Grainne's nearby, listening for the most part quietly in her corner. When Feferi gets her attention though, she stands. Maybe she can be useful here?]

If we search the same floor several times over, it will waste the energy we have left. [She pauses, playing with a lock of her hair that hangs over her shoulder.] Maybe we can do it in sections?

What are we looking for?
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Searching in sections is probably smart. Nobody needs to be on a floor too long.

[She hums to herself, hopping off the table.]

Somefin that wasn't there before, or somefin that stands out as being weird. Like, floor 56 is an old, creepy hospital. If it's suddenly got somefin like a new piece of equipment, or somefin shiny when most everything there is rusty or bloody, then we need to check it out and then see if the other floors have anyfin like it.
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I... am not sure I know enough of the floors to know if I see anything like that, but I will try.

[But she understands the general idea, she'll keep an eye out for anything that appears more than once.]

Do we search all of the floors? I can start from the bottom up...
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Why don't we do the first one together? That way you'll have a betta idea, assuming we find anyfin. We can split up after that.

[Good point. She tilts her head a little, thinking.]

We should at least give them all a quick look, then regrouper back here if we find something.
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I suggest doing them in the blocks of twenty, that way if we find something we can take the elevator right away once we're done with that block.

Does that... make sense?

[Grainne seems unsure of herself here. She's hardly a tactician.]
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It makes perfect sense, and the logic's sound.

[Feferi gives her a warm smile and a thumbs-up.]

I'm sorry, I got up on the table without even introducing myshellf. I'm Feferi.

[She extends a hand.]

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I'm coming as well.

I think we should split up and search those six floors as quickly and efficiently as possible. Staying on them for too long is sounding like a risk none of us should take.
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Sounds like we've got a plan. I'm thinking start at 56 and then break from there? I remember it being one of the floors that was affected when those visitors were here a long time ago, before Dax was killed, so it's got a history of weird shit happening.

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I think that was a bit before my time, so I'll have to defer to your experience on that. Apart from that, I find myself concerned on what might happen if we aggravate these symptoms too much.

What I'm saying is, we can't afford to play around. Get in, look around, get the fuck out, that sort of thing. It's not safe to take these effects lightly.
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They were here for about a month? Came in at the beginning, got sucked into some of Ruana's games, then she pitched a fit and threw them all out.

[But now's not the time to dwell on that.]

I agree completely. Conchsidering how most of us already feel, I don't want to find out what happens if we push it too far. Get in, see if there's anything there that shouldn't be, then regroup back here to figure out how to deal with it.
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Good, glad to hear we're on the same page.

...Sorry, 'conchsidering'?
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Sorry. The fish puns come naturally to me.

[She can stop any time she wants.]

I'll try and keep them under control.

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/slides in here?

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[They could sit here until they all die from exhaustion, but it wasn't going to do anyone any good. Sephiroth has his altered-collar fluid state of being to think about and is somewhat glad someone else has stepped up with some initiative; it's hardly as if people gathered here were going to listen to him.

His collar might be a bit more faded than most others but if this is the only way to get it to stop-

The tall silver haired man pushes himself up from the table he's been reading at. Physical activity would keep his mind more active, as well.]

I'll come too-

[Now, to wait and see if any one has a problem with that.]
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[It's a good thing Feferi hadn't been around during March. If she had been, she would have said no in an instant.

As it is, she recognizes him from the infiltration during which all the awful truth about the death and revival process came out. She can deal with that.]

Okay. We'll start together, on floor 56. The rule: if we find something, we make a note of what it is and whether it's on any other floors, then come back here to deal with it.
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[He recognizes her also but wouldn't pin it down to that crucial game-changing infiltration, it's not like he'd been grouped with her. He remembers seeing her in a lift, in that lobby with the doors- but that's about it, he probably hadn't noticed she'd been gone from the Tower either. So much has happened since then.]

Sounds like a plan. [Sephiroth agrees, then turns to his scatterings of notes to find something he might be able to write on and with, silently making a mental note to himself about the chips he'd seen attached to a wall a little-ways in on the jail cell floor before he'd forced himself haphazardly to stumble away while the floor swayed.

It might not be relevant, but it just might be-]
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[Everything about that particular infiltration is burned into Feferi's memory. It would be impossible for it not to be.

Not for the first time, she thinks back to it, but she shakes it off. Now isn't the time to dwell on the past.]

I remember seeing you in one of the infiltrations before, no? I'm Feferi.

[...the words are out before she can stop herself, but that's okay.]
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[So many events here indeed did come with their own trauma to get over. There are plenty that Sephiroth has tried to bury, but now linger all too-close to his surface thoughts.

Her words bring infiltration thoughts easily to the front of his mind. He knows Ocelot has gone below to face Riki with others he wouldn't trust, but Sephiroth had not known if he might be in any state to participate when the time came-

The first time an infiltration which he hadn't made himself a part of. He tries not to scowl about that thought, there is a small voice that wonders what he's missing, if perhaps they might come across something he might have been able to tip in their favor.]

I believe so, maybe- [There is something of a light dismissive shrug as he tries to push thoughts away as well. Tiredness isn't helping.] -I'm Sephiroth.

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You're going to get hurt, if you do that.

[Which is why Chidori is standing and straightening her clothes, dusting her skirts off in idle, practiced movements.]

I can't in good conscience let you go without someone who can heal you.

[Or try to, as the case may be.]
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There's a good chance of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though, right?

[Still, that offer is really highly appreciated, and Feferi smiles warmly.]

Thank you. I reely appreciate it, and I feel a lot better knowing we've got a healer on board.
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At this juncture, it would be wiser to say 'even if you venture, you may gain nothing', but... I suppose you're right.

[She nods though, and makes sure her things are in order before moving to join her.]

First stop, floor fifty-nine then, was it?
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That's always true, especially around here. There's only so much we can figure out without investigating, though.

I was thinking fifty-six, actually. It's got a history of being a floor where really weird things have happened. If we find something there, we can check the others against it.
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Sometimes I wonder how much of what we find is because we're supposed to.

Fifty-six then. How many are going? We should probably make sure everyone has a partner or... something. Just in case.

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Hey, Feferi! I can help out. I'm not quite sure what I can do yet but I can at least fight and carry people!
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[Colette's going to get a hug before an answer.]

It's good to see you. I think that'll be a big help, too.