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Characters: TEAM 'POKE STUFF WITH A STICK AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS' (which is still open to anyone topside!)
Setting: starting at Floor 56, extending to the other terribad floors (16, 26, 43, 44, 59)
Format: starting in prose, either is fine in comments!
Summary: The exhaustion effects are worse on certain floors, so time to get our investigating on.
Warnings: Standard Tower warnings apply (psychological horror, possible physical horror, I'll edit this if worse comes up)

It wasn't a bad plan. 'Look for something that doesn't belong and see if it's on the other bad floors, and if it's there, we'll figure it out'. It was simple.

That, of course, meant things couldn't possibly go easily, Feferi thought as she made her way down the stairs. Still, she remained optimistic as she approached the entrance to floor 56.

"All right. Let's do this."

She tightened the grip on her trident. The monsters might have been gone, but who knew what else might be lurking? Better to be ready for anything.

[OOC: Now with shiny chip searching and EMP team threads!]
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[have a finished EMP gun]

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[Marty sets the last part in place, and grins as he hears the thing whir into life when he flips the switch. All it needs now is getting down to where it'll do the most good.

With him having worked on it, he doesn't think he's strong enough to get it downstairs himself.]

All right, it's done.

[It's a quick announcement to the floor at large.]
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[Waver raised a hand slightly, beckoning the maid to step forward.]

If no one's about to raise an objection, we can get started.
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You guys can handle it, right? It's just flip this switch here...

[Marty points to a big switch on the side.]

And then push this button when you're ready. It'll send out the pulse and fry anything that gets in its way. I~ [Marty's voice takes on a nervous note, drawing out the sound] would probably not put anybody between it and the chips though. I don't know what affect it will have on our bodies.
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Don't worry. I said I wasn't experienced with this, not that I was incompetent.

...Although now that you mention, that would be a very good precaution to take.
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[Marty just smiled at the complaint, though he looked even more tired when he did. A witty retort was just a little beyond him right now.]

Yeah... it might melt film. We don't know what it's made out of, it could be nanobots or prehensile robotic-- [He breaks off, shaking his head. Just way too tired to even finish the damn technobabble.]

Just be careful with it.