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See these bribes for what they are

Characters: Enoch and anyone who would like to join him
Setting: May 1st, floor 101
Format: I'm starting in prose but feel free to do whatever. Threadjacking encouraged!
Summary: Enoch still has wine left, thanks to Riki's efforts to win their trust. What better way to get rid of it than to drink to the memory of Dax and their future?
Warnings: Nothing as of yet.

Enoch had been sleeping in the secret room since that day, paranoid that the tower's very walls would kill him as he slept if he did so in his bed. Eventually he would begin to fatigue but he'd deal with it then. When the new month came, according to the terminals (he never did understand why it was a new day in the middle of the night, but then again, there was no sun or moon to mark time otherwise), the lack of weather was clear immediately, the moment he stepped out of the secret room.

Somehow, he remembered his stash of wine, and where it had come from. And he had an idea.

He'd gathered all his wine - four and a half bottles of red wine (two of them red wine and rosewater), and a few glasses from the cafeteria. He himself had a crude waterskin filled with it, and he sat with all of this at the edge of the gardens, drinking slowly, a pile of fruit gathered from the floor beside him, mostly apples and grapes.

He knows that by all rights he should be seeing stars. The dark void out there instead makes him all too aware that when a world dies - no, when Ruana kills a world, she kills its Heaven too.

The multiple glasses is a sign he does intend to share if asked, but if one comes too late in the day, it may be gone. But he is indeed willing to pour a glass for anyone who asks, and to share conversation. They may all be forced apart - and this is unavoidable, or so the AI said. But he needs the company of others now more than ever, as they march inexorably towards their future for better or worse.

For better or worse...they had followed in Dax's memory as well as they could, even if Riki tried to pull them away. What better way to resolve the effects of Riki's treachery than to use them to honor Dax? If one should find him when he considers this, they will hear him murmur, "Dax...", and he pours a bit of his wine onto the soil beside him - of course, the glamour glitches as he pours, and it becomes water on a metal floor, but then it's restored, and the wine sinks into the earth.

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