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Regardless of Warnings

Characters: Xion, her close CR (for some prompts), and (for others) everyone.
Setting: Closed - wherever you guys prefer, Open - Graveyard Floor, Beach Floor, Hidden Floor, and anywhere
Format: At this point you guys know I don't care, whatever you prefer
Summary: The events of Ex Machina helped Xion make a very very important decision. All that's left is to talk to people about it and prepare for what might happen
Warnings: Nothing right now? Will add if something comes up


1 - Closed to Close CR/People who have been talked to about Xion approaching them

[For some of them, she sends letters. For others, she seeks them out. In either case, the situation is the same. In the days that followed their infiltration, Xion had rested and healed, but more than that she had thought. It was a restless sort of thinking.

"We will never give up fighting for a future we can believe in!" Those were the words she'd said. And she'd meant them. Every single one. And in that moment, they'd achieved what felt like the impossible. And they'd done it on their own. When Jason had been killed, Ruana had been pulling the strings.

But this? This was all them.

They could do it. They had control of the machine. There had to be a way to restore their worlds with it, right? They could do the impossible. And if they did... Why could doing the impossible stop there?

She'd known. A part of her had always known she couldn't abandon the people from home, couldn't abandon Sora and Roxas and Axel... even for her family. Even when she'd told Reno she wanted to stay, or to go with them... some part of her had always known. Even for the people she cared about most. It would be a wrenching pain, to leave them; the idea hurt even now. But the others, back home... They'd made her who she was. She had a responsibility to them.

And besides, if she completed the impossible of surviving, who was to say the impossible thing of finding them again wasn't also within her grasp?

But before that... there's people she needs to talk to. And information she needs to get. And so to that end she searches, whether their meeting was pre-planned or she knew them enough to check their regular haunts.]


2 - Open like an open thing

[Another thing that happens in the days following the infiltration is a sort of restlessness sets in. It oscillates, between a sort of anxious energy, which leads her to move quickly between the floors, sometimes stopping on one of the open ones - particularly the 20th, the meadow floor, or the gym floor - to train, whether with her Keyblade or otherwise, or else sending her time on the Hidden Floor, pacing around the room and often returning to DJ's terminal. There's so little time left, and yet it feels like all they're doing is waiting...

Other times, it's a bittersweet sort of nostalgia, walking through the safer floors of the Tower, running her fingers across shelves, plants, objects, as if to memorize the look and the texture underneath her fingers. If she is going home, her time in the Tower is almost up. And it's really strange to think about, given this place has become a home to her more than anywhere back on their worlds.

Some particular places she can be found during these periods include the graveyard, quietly talking to the graves of those she cares about and misses most - particularly Sora's and Ira's and Roxas' and Axel's - and the beach floor, picking up a last few shells and tucking them into her pouch. With her departure from the Tower imminent in one way or another - either through death or returning home - they've suddenly become as precious as the ones that Roxas gave her.]
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[Even though she's always had a particular fondness for floor 62 herself, Naminé cannot help a sense of trepidation as she steps out onto the sand. The crunch under her feet is familiar now, almost achingly so - but she focuses instead on having a look around for Xion.]

[They have things to discuss, after all.]
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[Naminé spots her probably before Xion waves, but it's only once that wave is offered that the blonde starts to head the other girl's way in earnest. And if Xion's smiling, shouldn't Naminé? It's with that inclination that she offers her own smile, almost careful, and waves back. Once she's nearer,]

It's good to see you, Xion.

[Better to start it off easy.]
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[She nods back, her,]

As well as could be expected.

[quiet. She does have a knack for staying out of trouble - something she's developed mostly since coming to the tower. (Maybe it helps that she had to be so careful even before it.)]

What about you?

[And she's tempted to ask why Xion saw fit to call for her, but it's... not something she expects to be wholly pleasant, and thus if they buy a little more time to make things as comfortable as possible, what's the harm?]
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I can only imagine.

[Or-- well, technically she could do one better than being informed and leech the memories directly, but that couldn't be farther from her mind.]

[She shakes her head slightly, almost gently.]

That's alright. Take your time, Xion.

[Naminé has no end of patience to offer her - and she's all too familiar with such inclinations, herself, given how much she's had to deal with on her own.]

We can sit down, if you'd like.
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FFFFF no worries <333

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[Naminé takes a seat, herself, though not cross-legged - her legs tuck to the side. (One does have to compensate when one's in a skirt, after all.) Her hands fold together on her lap.]

[The nod that she offers as a sign that she is both listening and understands is a little slow, weighed down by knowledge, by experience with the same kinds of thoughts. It's unfortunate, she thinks, for Xion to have to deal with that - but it was always so, always something Naminé regretted being the case.]

I know what you mean. I think all of us got more time than we thought we'd have, one way or another.

[Although it's especially true for her; after all, she was supposed to have ceased being a separate entity at almost the very moment she was taken here.]

It's... strange, thinking how soon it could end.
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[The smile is one Naminé returns, and though she might be fairly experienced at smiling for reasons other than joy, it, too, is sad, though quietly so.]

Mm. It is. ... This place has been more of a home to me than anywhere else ever was.

[The girl doesn't take it amiss; she is, after all, usually one to keep things close to the vest. Others know little about her in the first place and can be forgiven easily enough for forgetting.]

You're right. I'm not sure... what exactly is going to happen. What's supposed to happen.

[Because that's what it is, isn't it? For her, personally - there will always be the question of what it is she should be doing, for the sake of the others. Time has come into play more forcefully than she would ever have expected, and now-- well, what state will things really be in, all told?]