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For Diarmuid

Characters: Suzaku Kururugi and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and potentially Waver if he is around
Setting: Diarmuid's room, mid afternoon
Format: Either
Summary: Suzaku returns, finds out about Rolo and Lelouch's disappearance and then goes to find Diarmuid

The only thing keeping Suzaku sane was the fact that he had never taken the new collar fluid. His power, his curse, was not real. If he was stuck on this dead world until the power left the tower he would die with everyone else... at least he hoped he would. It was the reason he had refused to take it, he didn't want to be forced to live on, stuck on a dead planet for all eternity if they failed.

Still he was relieved when he woke up in the tower once more. It was still here, there were still people. He dressed quickly and left his room, Arthur in his arms. The cat had attached himself to Suzaku's finger when he had woken and hadn't let go yet. Suzaku guessed that meant he had missed him.

The first room he went to was Rolo's his breath caught as he read the name plaque, no Rolo. There might have been another room change... but somehow he doubted it. He closed his eyes, then opened them and moved on to Lelouch. Same thing. He was gone.

Suzaku paused, his waking had been devoid of sullen angry comments about him having being gone. He returned to his room, heart heavy in his chest. He checked the plaque, Ventus- someone new, Sephiroth - of course he was still there... But no Shinji.

He tried to ignore the fear he felt as he moved towards the last room he had to check. He didn't know what he would do if Diarmuid was gone... He breathed a breath of relief when he saw his brothers name on the plaque.

Still it was a moment before he knocked, he stood outside, cat in arms focusing himself. He had been alone so long, and he had lost so many people. His face hardened, his posture straightened. The look of a perfect soldier. He needed to know what had happened when he was gone, from the look of those he had seen it had been something big. A report, that was what he needed and Diarmuid was the best person to ask for it.

That was why he was here. He knocked sharply.

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