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Endgame: In This Last of Meeting Places

Characters: Aria, Zo, open
Setting: floor 001 for now
Format: action brackets
Summary: Aria and Zo reappear quite suddenly.
Warnings: standard animus event warnings

Aria and Zo tumble out of the elevator more than they step out of it. They look worse for wear; Zo's covered in minor scrapes and bruises, and Aria'a left arm hangs at her side uselessly, bloody and mangled. As soon as they're on solid ground, Zo turns and forces the elevator doors shut without touching them, leaving the broken car lodged in place behind it, and Aria slides to the floor, gasping for breath. They're both on high alert even for all their exhaustion.

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[Wriggle may have been one of the few people who wasn't in the cafeteria at the time, instead she had been mostly hanging out on the forty-first floor and hadn't heard the commotion down blow. When one person passed by her she didn't think much of it but as resident after resident hurried up to the floor above it was clear something was wrong. In confusion and concern Wriggle called out to the nearest person]

Hey! What's happening? Where's everyone going?
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You got to run Wriggle! And we got to stop these things getting Zo and Aria! [Romeo looked behind him at the retreival units, some had broken past those fighting in the cafeteria. He scowled and reached into his bag at his side to take out one of his sootbombs. They were simple, just soot in cloth tied at the top.] Take that! [He threw one towards the nearest retreival unit, it landed at it's feet and soot billowed upwards into the units face.

He only realised after he had thrown it that he didn't know if they would be affected by it, they weren't like humans and so it might not work.]
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What things?

[She manages to catch sight of the retrieval units just as Romeo throws his soot bomb. Honestly, she was expecting something a lot more horrifying and the normality of it all makes her uneasy]

You won't stop them with that!

[At least not for long. In Wriggle's mind the best thing was to break them and with a swift motion a number of balls of light fly towards the units, bursting into smaller bullets as they get close]
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[The retrieval unit stumbles back a bit, temporarily blinded by the soot. It has to pause to wipe at its face before goggles seem to grow out of its skull and cover its eyes.

Of course, no sooner does that appear when it and several units surrounding are struck and knocked back by Wriggle. They're held in place by that for a few minutes before they begin to absorb it into their bodies and fire the balls of light back.]
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[This is what Elena had been saving her ammo for. Few, precious rounds that she would pray to all the summons would find their carefully aimed mark. Having hung behind to help keep residents safe as they climbed the Tower, Elena managed to pull away long enough to hear the commotion just behind her.

Romeo and Wriggle and several retrieval units and very little time. Bounding back down the stairs towards them, Elena fires several a trio of shots at the retrieval unit before sliding to a stop between the pair.]

The hell? [They...absorbed the attack. Were returning it.] Oh shit - We gotta move, you two. Get up the stairs, I'll cover you.
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[Elena's bullets hit some of the units, but they change, hardening so that the bullets don't pierce anything vital.

A moment later, there is a sharp crack that splits the air as this time it's the bullets that are fired back at the group.]
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Watch out!

[It had been ages since she had done any real bullet dodging but Wriggle was surprisingly fast in a pinch. Elena can expect a literal flying tackle out of the way of her own bullets]

I'm not leaving! I want to help too!
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[Romeo gasps when they develop goggles. That wasn't fair at all!

As Romeo well knows though, life isn't fair, they were just going to have to be cleverer than the retreival units if they wanted to win.

Romeo jumps at Elena as well, practically colliding with Wriggle in his attempt to stop them being hit by bullets.]
I'm not leaving either miss. We won't win if we don't work together!
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[The double-tackle attack brings Elena to the ground, her arms wrapping around the pair and pulling them close. Unbeknownst to them both, she's got her special armor that Rick had given her before his leaving, which would help protect against the bullets fully penetrating. It didn't mean that they wouldn't leave nasty bruises, so long as they were normal rounds.

Rolling onto her side so she's got her back facing the retrieval units, she holds steady until the units are done with their counter attack.]

All right. Together, then. But if things get too dangerous, you have to follow my orders - even if it means retreat -okay?
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[The whole time Wriggle keeps alert for any sign of aggression. It had been ages since adrenaline had rushed through her body like this]

O-Okay! But only if you stay safe too!
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Yes only if you retreat too! [Romeo looked at her stubbornly but he did nod, he could follow orders.]