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Endgame: In This Last of Meeting Places

Characters: Aria, Zo, open
Setting: floor 001 for now
Format: action brackets
Summary: Aria and Zo reappear quite suddenly.
Warnings: standard animus event warnings

Aria and Zo tumble out of the elevator more than they step out of it. They look worse for wear; Zo's covered in minor scrapes and bruises, and Aria'a left arm hangs at her side uselessly, bloody and mangled. As soon as they're on solid ground, Zo turns and forces the elevator doors shut without touching them, leaving the broken car lodged in place behind it, and Aria slides to the floor, gasping for breath. They're both on high alert even for all their exhaustion.

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[Standing at the start of the Maze, Elena hisses an obscenity beneath her breath. Mazes were nothing more than elaborate traps, in her opinion, and she found nothing appealing about being forced to go through it.]

We've got no other choice, it seems. You two ready? [Its a brave face for the smaller two.] Lets stick close together. We don't want to get separated.
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[Wriggle seems a little anxious about the maze, especially considering it brought up some bad memories. It would be fine if she could fly over it but no such luck]

Let's just get through here quickly...

[These people weren't against her though, and they would protect her as much as she would protect them. Wriggle kept repeating that to herself]
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Of course we're ready! [Romeo smiled at her, a brave face as well.] Even though we might get lost the retrieval units might get lost as well, it will be easier to stay away from them and if Zo and Aria got in here they might not find them either!
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That's the spirit. Just you wait, we'll be out of here in no time.

[Such cheerful optimism would get their far, but the question would be if it would keep them alive. If Elena had anything to say about it, it would. She had a few things to tell a couple of people before everything was said and done.]

We'll move quickly and as quietly as we can. Romeo and Wriggle, you two take the front. Watch both sides when we come to any intersection. I'll watch our back. If you see something suspicious, stop and regroup with me.

[As if to urge the two forward, Elena starts the walk forward, a hand lightly pressing against the upper backs to get them to walk with her.]
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[That came out a little louder than intended. Wriggle quickly covers her mouth and nods. She hovers instead of walks to prevent the sound of footsteps. As they move she stays alert, her antennae twitching as she tries to detect any movement besides their own]
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[Romeo nodded with a smile and then nodded more seriously to her orders. He walked in front of her, watching his side carefully. He does reach out to give Wriggle's hand a reassuring squeeze. Because it was going to be okay!]
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[Offering the pair a smile and nod, they progress forward starts with Elena checking behind her every few moments to check if they were being followed. Her firearm, now down to only nine rounds, rests at the small of her back tucked between skin and pant. Quiet was good, but quiet was also the calm before the storm.]

It doesn't look like we're being followed. That's a good start...
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[As the team progresses forward, the retrieval units begin to make up for their lag coming up the stairs; some turn a corner behind them, taking this path and giving chase, while the sound of others following can be heard not too far away.]
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[Romeo nodded at Elena's words though a moment later his head turned slightly.] I can hear them!
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[The units themselves are also being followed - by Samus, who is rapidly gaining speed. She pauses for a moment upon reaching the maze, and the energy built up during her speed-boost lingers with her. She then leaps forward, wreathed in energy and trailed by after images as she flies in a very-fast bee-line toward the group of units chasing Elena and the kids. There's a...rather loud yell of anger coming from her.

Hopefully, the attack will at least wound several of the units. Once she's cleared them, she'll skid to a stop, breathing quickly and heavily.]
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[ The retrieval units are thrown to the ground, knocked flat on their stomachs and backs. They don't get up; instead their arms and legs twist and snap and crack, stretching and shrinking until they can crawl rapidly on all fours, looking a little bit like spiders. A few of them crawl up onto the walls, as well. ]
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[At this point Wriggle had gone from feeling uneasy to casually freaking the fuck out. The sudden appearance of Samus had shocked her but even realizing she was an ally couldn't calm her down.

But it was the units that did it, seeing them twist and contort in such a fashion that almost mocked her bad memories. Holding Romeo and Elena's hands as tightly as she could Wriggle flew forward with as much speed as she could muster, unconsciously trying to fly up as well]

Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
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[The sudden appearance had shocked Romeo too and he squeaked as he was dragged along by Wriggle. He glanced behind them at the retreival units which now looked like spiders, and the person catching their breath] Hurry up! Keep running or they'll get you!
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[There's only so much cheerfulness that can be mustered when on the verge of chaos and panic, and Elena is running almost on fumes. The sound of following retrieval units still at their heels did little to bolster confidence that going into the maze was the right idea.

The sound of units being knocked back, of an energy being released, and Elena is whirling on her heel to look behind them. The approach had been nearly silent and their approach quick, two skills very much useful in this scenario. But she can feel the pulling of Wriggle behind her, the hints of panic and alarm in their voices.]

....We need to get out of here. Now. [She's still walking backwards, eyes moving from the spider-units that crawled along walls to the newest addition to the team.] Come with us, we'll do better as a group. We've got to get upstairs.
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[The path before them quickly diverges into a fork. They can go left or right.]
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[Which way, which way... Romeo frowns and then closes his eyes and spins in a circle] I chose this one! [Pointing left]
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[Wriggle tries to drag the others to the left. She has no reason to doubt Romeo's judgement and she's no better at solving mazes than he is. Despite her eagerness to keep doing Wriggle is still pretty light and if anyone has any other ideas they can hold her back]
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[While the others carry on with their focus forward, Samus' keeps diverting backwards, and every so often, she'll open fire at any units that get too close with extreme prejudice.]

This adaptation thing they've got going is getting to be a real pain in the neck...!
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[Elena is more than content to let Romeo and Wriggle lead the way, picking their path ahead of them. It was a maze, after all, and it wasn't much like she would have any better plan on which way to go.

She, like Samus, is constantly tossing a glance behind them. When she hears the woman's complaint, Elena makes a little sardonic noise of amusement.]

Its certainly the last thing we needed right now, that's for sure.

[And a heartbeat later.]

I suggest we push as fast as we can - which might require that you and I take one of the kids and make a run for it.
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We just got to be cleverer than them [Romeo glances back at the adults] Me and Wriggle can go fast!