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Endgame: Gathered on This Beach of the Tumid River

Characters: open
Setting: all around the Tower from the 25th of May to the 1st of June
Format: any
Summary: A general mingle for all characters throughout the Tower.
Warnings: Standard Animus warnings; please note anything specific in the subject headers of your threads

[The Tower is stagnant, the only signs of activity confined to the second block. There isn't much time left; it might be a good idea to rest and do whatever strikes your fancy before the timer hits zero.]
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[Anyone on the hidden floor will be startled by the screech of tearing metal as a message carves itself into the wall in large, bold letters.]

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[Arturia is on her feet the moment she hears the metal tearing and she stares open mouthed as the message is carved there. An expression that turns into a grim line as she lets Caliburn appear in one hand.]

Very well then.

[Obviously, the secrecy of this room could not last forever.]
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Oh,, no...

*Enoch's Arch is in his hands immediately.*

Everyone! We have to get out of here!

*But where? His feet are frozen in place. An elevator? The teleporter?

Staying here certainly doesn't sound like a good idea.*
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"You sure? IT might be time to make a stand. They've found our last refuge."

Loken's chainsword growls, and he slides an orc blade into his other hand.

"But I'm waiting for a better idea. The retrieval units are annoyingly persistent, if nothing else."

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[Ken also springs to his feet, spear in hand, and yells out as loud as he can.]

Let's move, everyone! Now!
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Okay! [Romeo jumps up, knife in hand next to Ken] Where do we go, Ken? [He chose you as the leader for a reason Ken, you are better at the planning thing]

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[There is nothing more terrifying than hearing metal twist and tear into a message that is clearly meant to be seen by all and for the message to be known. They had been found out. Their safety on this floor no longer to be counted on.]

....Ifrit's blazing balls. We need to pick a new location, set up a secure perimeter and figure out our next move.

[Because that seems logical, yeah?]
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[The whole thing made the tall Chinese girl jump and look around sharply and the message had her frozen in place. This was not good..What now what now..

Then she hears that and straightens. She was used to following others by this point, just to keep things going.

But where else can we go? The defense part shouldn't be a issue but..
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Somewhere that's just as secure or that we can make secure.

[Oh. Hello new person she's never met before. Funny what a crisis can do for making fast friends.]

Right now we need to consider ourselves under assault, so defense is our first priority.

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[Lancer manifests Gae Bolg in his hand.]

Well, offense is the best defense in this case. I say we get Aria to help us take the fight right to Ruana.
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[Now that's a face she's glad to see.]

I'm not so sure about that. I would wholly support a full frontal attack, but I don't want to leave those unable to fight to remain defenseless. We might have to split into two groups again. The latter half can, after securing a place for those unable or unwilling to fight, to join the main force and allow those wounded to move back and catch their breath.
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/sliiides in here

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There is no more running, no more hiding. Now is the time for guns and bombs.

[Whats up? He is checking his rifle that is now glowing blue from his runes. Making certain that everything is working fine and in mint condition. It was time for him to come out and fight.]

You should have used that moment of peace to prepare and plan.
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Be calming down. [Nesir raised her voice to be heard over the beginnings of the panic in the room] Be thinking before you do be doing anything. Do no be losing your heads. So she did be finding us. Do we be having anywhere to be going? Where she can no be seeing us. Do we be having a secure passage to that place if we do be having it and do it be being safe to be risking her following us.

She probably do just be trying to scare us, people have been being on the other floors and she has no been doing anything yet. She do be trying to be making us scatter.
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[Lancelot appears at her Shoulder, Arondight aflame in his hand, as well as an ill-favored blade of Substance girded at his hip. Nesir's Words communicate Strategy, not Panic, and so he seconds them.]
Aye, there is little wisdom in reckless Flight. To scatter now in Fear seems worse than pointless.
Unless an we can give Answer to the questions You raise, I shall Stand.
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[Her eyes flick over to the knight, glad that he is stood with her. Not that she doubts her ability to talk sense, but he is at least taller and probably louder than she is.] Thank you. We do no be knowing what will be happening but we do be needing to be keeping our heads. We can be assuming no where is safe. That way we can no be being taken by surprise.
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[Nathan only really knew about the hidden floor because he'd followed people up here. Being so painfully knew and generally oblivious, he had no real idea that was supposed to be some super-special-secret hidey-hole. So when the message appears on the wall, he just stares at it.

Everyone around him freaking out should probably be a clue that this is a very bad thing to be worried about. But Nathan, being Nathan, just looks at it confusedly and almost with a smile.]

Well that's a laugh!

[Was anybody else seeing this?]

This is some supernatural level shit!
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[There's no way for David to not notice it, considering he was standing on part of it before Ruana announced herself. Now that he's hovering in mid-air with his suit's flight system active and sword drawn, Nathan's the first person he responds to—turning about to face the other guy.]

Yeah, I see it. Get ready for a fight.

[... of course, David's going to get a second rude awakening once the glamour drops shortly, since that's going to nullify his flight system.]
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A fight? And what the fuck are we fighting, then?

[Nathan doesn't laugh again, but he can't help looking confused.]

There's nothing here!

[That, and he couldn't be trusted to help anyone in a fight, let alone himself. Every time he tried he always ended up getting himself murdered.]

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[Oh you poor, poor guy. Neal had been in your over a year ago and he sympathizes, he really does, because you have no idea what's going on and there's not much time to explain.]

Lucky you. You've arrived here in time to watch the world end.

[There's not a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He's barely managing to contain himself at the moment.]

This room isn't safe anymore, we've got to go before she finds us.
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[Startled into action by the tearing of metal, David's flight systems flare to life. He leaps about a foot into the air, swiftly unholstering his assault rifle—]

[—before realizing he still doesn't have any ammunition for it. Damn you, muscle memory. He lowers the rifle to put it back on his thigh holster, which causes him to take note of what was written into the ground.]

[David is silent for a moment. Then, he grits his teeth, bursting into action again as he hastily puts the rifle away and draws the Orcish sword from his belt.]

S'go time, huh?
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[Likewise, Veronica had raised her sword to fight, only to remember it was still fake and probably wouldn't do much anyways. Still, she holds it out and takes a defensive stance.]

Seems like it is.

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That it is, my homeboy. Best hope you prepared for war in a time of peace.

[He walked past him, gas mask and suit on. While his rifle glowed blue with the power he had end used into it. Making faster and hit harder than before. Seriously, he really hopes that everyone here took a moment to plan and prepare for what was just a very obvious inevitability.]

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[At first, Edgeworth stares at the writing, saying nothing. Then, a few seconds later, he glares furiously at the writing and the only sound coming out of his clenched teeth are:]


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[In a few seconds, though, he clears his head. It won't be the only hiding place they have. He's copied all the notes he has to. The only thing now is to get out of here before Ruana catches him.]

Hmmm. Nothing will be accomplished by staying here. Let's leave and plan our next move.