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Endgame: This is the Way the World Ends - RUANA

Characters: open to those who want to fight Ruana
Setting: the lower administrative levels
Format: action, please!
Summary: It's time to take control of the Tower.
Warnings: physical and psychological horror, violence

When everyone is assembled, Zo opens up a portal--rather, he rips into space violently, as if doing anything less will cause it to snap back shut again. The way the portal quivers and shakes at the edges, it really might. He'll hurry everyone through--and they'll all step into a bedroom. The bed in the center is decorated in pink, with a large canopy and curtains surrounding the bed itself. The curtains are closed. It's silent, but the pressure is so thick in the air it's a living thing all its own. It's completely silent.
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At first, it seems as if everyone is frozen--maybe things could stay forever this way, like a strange art piece of death and chaos.

Then Ruana, with one arm less than she started with, raises up to her full height. She's quite small, actually, especially compared to all of the grown Tower residents around her.

"I know what you're planning," she says, and her voice is a thin, sad little whisper. "I won't let you. I'm keeping you. I'm keeping all of you. If not alive, then dead."

She begins to call forth enormous amounts of energy--she's calling up the resources necessary to use Dax's ability at last. But no one, no one can move. The moment is here, and no one can take advantage. Even Zo seems frozen in place.

"Maybe this will kill me too!" Ruana smiles brokenly. "But probably not."

The world goes white--and then it goes black.