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Endgame: Not With a Bang

The whole Tower went a brilliant, blinding white. Then it went black, and there was nothing. Surely this is it--something's gone wrong, something's failed, it didn't work, everyone is dead, or maybe worse--

And then light filters back in--it lights only the various residents of the Tower. No matter where in the Tower they were before this happened, they are all together again now. It appears that they are in a void, but after a few moments, as if their eyes are adjusting to it, more things become visible: the machine that may be their salvation is here. Ruana, with a visible pulse of energy encircling her, is here, but appears colorless and frozen. Aria is here.

Zo is here. And he speaks. "I can't hold her forever. We have to act now. I want to save you all, so I'll do my best. Just tell me, okay?

What do you want me to do?"
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I see...

*He pulls the replica of the card Armaros gave him from his jeans pocket. Right now, of course, it's just a thin film construct, but it's all he has.*

...This was a recreation of a present Armaros gave me, when I met him in Meridian. It is a card that reads "my hero". It was given to me in thanks for rescuing him from incredible torment.

*He hands the film card to him.* Just as you will be doing for us today. I know it's only film, but...

*He shakes his head a little. He doesn't know. It just feels right.*