24 May 2013 @ 08:45 pm
Characters: Chloe and Jade Eridan, Chloe and Kirika (Post-dated to 5-25 late)
Setting: Floor 31 (Eridan), Dormitories (Kirika)
Format: Prose
Summary: Someone read the rumor about dying, and oh look... an insane troll.
Warnings: Violence, Character Death

Didn't anyone ever tell her not to believe everything she's ever read? )
Characters: Brainwashed Rolo Lamperouge & YOU!
Setting: Dorm floors
Format: Either
Summary: Rolo is in Group B. His heart has been carved out and placed in a jar that he has to carry around. His heart is still beating and his wound is bleeding freely. He also cannot move unless no one is looking or if he uses his Geass to stop time. When he malfunctions, he goes on killing sprees and he can stop time for much longer than normal. Full details here.
Warnings: Blood everywhere as Rolo is bleeding badly though he doesn't notice it and it doesn't seem to affect him. He'll also very likely shank you when he's malfunctioning and you probably won't be able to escape as he can stop your time...

Absolute obedience: Brainwashed but safe )

Absolute Suspension: Malfunctioning.... death is certain )

Absolute Insanity: Aware of his actions for the briefest of moments... )
19 April 2013 @ 07:52 pm
Characters: Hei (AU1) and YOU
Setting: During the Rebellion event; choose the floor on the lower floors
Format: Action because I am lazy
Summary: Hei is turned into a drone, becomes near untouchable thanks to his livewires, and is planning on ripping bodies apart.
Warnings: bodies ripped apart maybe, character death, possible gore. Also, Kirika has killing dibs. Please post in the subject line if you want your character to die.

Read more... )
!!If you're a female character from Groups C, D, or not in a brainwashed group at all, please note if you wish to be killed or not.!!


Characters: Guy Cecil and you
Setting: Alllllll over the place the whole week. Pick a mode, pick a floor, pick a date for this week, and pick whether you wish to die or not, basically!
Format: Action preferred, but I'll follow.
Summary: Sometimes Guy tries to patrol and do as he's been told. Sometimes he regains his clarity with a frightful realization. And sometimes snapping out of it just makes things so much worse
Warnings: Brainwashing, a bit of body horror, mental trauma, panic, and bloody bludgeoning with chains. A note: Guy's modifications can and WILL make him kill women, especially if you catch him while he's sane for too long.


And when he was good, he was very, very good - (Dormitories - Drone Mode) )


But when he was bad - (Various - Sane) )


he was horrid - (Various - Panicked) )
15 April 2013 @ 07:55 am
Characters: Ryoji Mochizuki and you!
Setting: Various. Just pick a floor!
Format: Any
Summary: Ryoji begins patrolling the tower as part of his duties as a Group B drone.
Warnings: Brainwashing, body horror, and surgical modifications. Ryoji's also killing people that are disobedient and/or associated with death, so there's going to be lots of violence and murder.

Dormitory Floors )
11 April 2013 @ 02:29 pm
Characters: Hei and OPEN
Setting: Graveyard and Gym
When: April 10th
Format: Prose, but I can do either or.
Summary: Hei is dealing with the loss of Elena in his own way.
Rating: angst, punching the punching bag hard, etc.

graveyard )

gym )
Characters: Kirika [AU], Wretched Egg, and You.
Setting: Multiple floors
Format: Action first, will match.
Summary: Kirika is affected by a Branch of Sin and playing with it. Wretched Egg might come after her.
Warnings: Blood and injuries from Wretched Egg.

Floor 59 and 26 )
28 February 2013 @ 12:00 pm
Characters: Chloe and Kirika
Setting: Kirika's assigned Room
Format: Action-spam unless Kirika wants prose
Summary: The interlopers she had gone to ground to avoid were gone, and the tower settled to something bordering on stability. It was time to verify if something had been taken away or not.
Warnings: Creepy talk, but likely nothing serious.

Good to know what you still have )
17 February 2013 @ 12:13 am
Characters: Chung Seiker ([personal profile] raichung ) or Rolo Lamperouge ([personal profile] tempus_scorpius ) or Chihiro Fujisaki ([personal profile] cutestprogrammer ) and YOU~!
Setting:  Valentine's Day; Aquarium (Chung), music room (Rolo) & library (Chihiro)
Format: Prose or action brackets; both ok! I'll follow.
Summary: A former trap sweet young prince, a yandere assassin and a crossdressing programmer all get affected by Lovely Ladies tape and become all flirty~
Warnings: PG? Will update when necessary

Chung )

Rolo )

Chihiro )
05 February 2013 @ 07:31 pm
Characters: Suzaku and open
Setting: Floor 95 (ball pit), floor 48 (graveyard) and floor 96 (white room)
Format: I'll follow you
Summary: Suzaku has a new job yay for him. He then tries to deal with emotions and fails
Warnings: Angst, bodies, trauma, self destructiveness

New jobs and lost friends )
 Characters: Hei, Kirika, and OPEN
Setting: Floor 1
Format: Prose, but choose anything you want
Summary: Hei and Kirika cook for the wedding and breakfast/lunch.
Warnings: bonding and epic cooking

Read more... )
17 January 2013 @ 01:59 am
Characters: Rolo Lamperouge and YOU
Setting: Anytime during the event
Format: Both are fine. I'll follow.
Summary: After 10 years in the tower, Rolo (now 27 and Lelouch's height) has actually met people during his time here who truly cared about him for who he was and not for how they could use him. He'd even managed to find love in a fellow assassin and was now happily married. He's still rather jealously possessive but not as much as he once was and has on the whole become nicer, kinder and more 'human'. He is now capable of compassion and empathy, though still deadly as he was now able to wield two blades instead of one. Though he has to limit his Geass usage due to his much weakened heart. Replies will be from [personal profile] stopsyourtime 
Warnings: None yet.

Music Room )

Kitchen )

Dorm hallways )
16 January 2013 @ 11:26 am
Characters: Kirika and YOU
Setting: 3-07 to halloways, Worshop, Aquarium, and anywhere.
Format:Pros first, but will match.
Summary: It's been 10 years for Kirika. She looks like she's 25 (10 years as a clone)., and married. Taking pictures, painting, making handmade guns, and cooking. She continues to live a peaceful life in this hell hole.
Warnings: Only if she has a gun.

The life she always wondered )
14 January 2013 @ 09:00 pm
 Characters: Hei and YOU
Setting: anywhere around the tower
Format: Prose, but I will match with anything.
Summary: Hei is 20+ years older, and his life is, well...crap. Will attack all potential villains with enhanced abilities.
Warnings: Hei has gotten stronger from absorbing the Materia over the years and training. And he has a goal to kill those that ruined his life, villains mostly.

Read more... )
14 January 2013 @ 04:30 pm
Characters: Homura Akemi & You
Setting: Floor Twenty-Five
Format: Whatever you're most comfortable with!
Summary: now-24 year old Homura Akemi thinks that 10 years have passed in the tower. To ease the pain she has set up a picnic for her friends and invited everyone to come... at least, she thinks she did.
Warnings: Cuteness oh no. Feel free to threadjack/mingle!

LJ cut text )
14 January 2013 @ 12:39 pm
Characters: Chloe and You
Setting: Floors 25-26, 32-35 mostly, though she will sometimes wander
Format: Action or Prose
Summary: Chloe is ten years older (27-28), and by now deeply unhinged. She lurks in the shadows and the darkest patches of the islands and the morgue whenever she is able, danger in her eyes.
Warnings: There is always a risk when you see her, especially on floors 32-35, where powers do not work. She's had ten years to hone her skills as an assassin and hunter further and is more than willing to abuse the lack of powers on those islands. Let's keep it PG-13, however. If you want something 18+, PM me and we can talk.

Destroyer of worlds )
13 January 2013 @ 04:50 pm
Characters: Kazuma Kuwabara (OU) and OPEN
Setting: All Over the Tower
Format: Prose + Action you pick, I follow
Summary: The age up event and Kuwabara is wandering and learning things.
Warnings: Character personality differences, possible violence and such. Will add more if anything else comes up. Kuwabara is 30 by the way

the dormitory hallways )

the cafeteria; floor one )

the media room; floor fourteen )

the second library floor nineteen )

ooc; all replies with be with the journal account: [personal profile] mulberry_tree
09 January 2013 @ 12:16 am
Characters: Chloe and You
Setting: Exploring
Format: Action or Prose
Summary: Chloe's first days in the Tower are spent quietly, observing from the wings, looking at the floors near to the dormitories... 'catching up' with old friends.
Warnings: PG, but Chloe's always a creeper. Possibly some threats of violence when she meets Kirika, but not necessarily worse than that. I'll update if needed.

What strange new worlds will I discover today? )
08 January 2013 @ 12:53 am
Characters: Kazuma Kuwabara [OU] + [community profile] towerofanimus
Setting: Anywhere, Everywhere backdated to January 7, 2013
Format: Start out third person, but we will match yours
Summary: Yusuke's energy disappears from the tower and Kuwabara is more than a little upset because it's not the first time he's lost Yusuke. Even if that Yusuke was a clone as he said he was.
Warnings: PG-13 Violence and You will get punched if you try to agitate Kuwabara but have fun with that D| He won't hit girls

things falling out of place. )