Character(s): Asagi & OPEN
Format: Action to start, but I'll go with whatever.
Setting: Dorms, Cafeteria, Nighttime monster-hunting.
Summary: Asagi takes to the tower with minimal fuss- because complaining more than she needs to is way too much effort.
Warnings: Language, violence in the monster-hunting thread, will add more if necessary. Also, monster-hunting might make her a bit... excitable, approach at your own risk.

Room 1-11/Dorms )

Cafeteria )

Monster-hunting )
Characters: Nill and OPEN
Setting: Her room (01-11), and then the halls outside the dorms.
Format: action!
Summary: A newbie joins the ranks. Said newbie doesn't handle it well.
Warnings: Possible vomiting and graphic mentions of death

the war is over and we are beginning... )