10 September 2011 @ 12:57 pm
Characters: The Ninth Doctor and whoever decides to see him!
Setting: Room 2-12 and anywhere he ventures to
Format: Action to start, I follow your lead.
Summary: The Doctor is confused! Everyone use Talk to!
Warnings: Noooooooone at the moment but if a Dalek or something randomly appears...

[He's gonna be waking up now with a bit've a groan and be confused before shooting up, hand shooting to pocket to grab his blue glowy tipped sonic screwdriver and stand up, having it go around the area. Then he'll blink and lower it for now, and be confused as to where he is.]

Well I sure wasn't thinking this would happen.

[Meet the Doctor. Ninth Regeneration, big nose, big ears, balding... He'll venture around the room and find his trunk and open it, rifling through it and finding his psychic paper which he shall take, a banana which he'll leave, and other stuff he had brought with him. Then he'll look to the door and move to leave and venture out into the hall, jaw dropping a bit as he realizes he's not on then...]


[Those eyes'll widen and he's now concerned for his TARDIS he stole borrowed. He's adventuring for now, though. Meeting the locals, all that fun stuff.]