Characters: open
Setting: travelling through dead worlds
Format: any
Summary: The power has gone out, but a portal opens. Maybe all is not lost if you can gather up those who are missing...
Warnings: general animus endgame warnings
02 March 2014 @ 01:48 pm
Characters: Lord Grumpypants, Diarmuid, Diarmuid's idiot brothers, the extended family, and open to their CR and anyone that just wants to drop by.
Setting: Floor 81
Format: Party style, whichever format you prefer
Summary: When two busybodies start plotting, all hell breaks loose. "Waver's Anniversary" (or more informally known as Waver and Diarmuid's wedding party.) It's just a party. Nothing to see here. That cake is white just by... accident... and decorated to match the rings... yeeeeeeep... complete accident.
Warnings: Someone may decide to drown a couple people... who knows.

[In case someone is observant enough to notice, Waver and Diarmuid have been wearing matching rings... and under the disguise of a convenient excuse, that being Waver's one year anniversary in the Tower, Lancer and Reno have thrown a party to celebrate.

Keeping the relationship a perfect secret, of course. It's just a party. Good times, shooting the breeze, card games. Unfortunately, there's no booze. The lounge has been set up with a buffet with food from the Floor Sixty Kitchen, and there's a cake.

The cake happens to be white, and decorated. And that celtic knot decoration may just be matching the rings. Complete accident, of course.]

[And feel free to make your own custom subthread]
12 February 2014 @ 07:54 pm
Characters: Reno, Diarmuid, Lancer (Cu), Waver
Setting: Floor 32
Format: Either
Summary: A hunting they will go because the kitchen could use more meat. Just ignore the pink snow.
Warnings: Possible mentions of blood and of course slaughtering animals

They were set. The area around the staircase was filled with equipment and supplies for a day of hunting. There was food and drink in case they got hungry, makeshift weapons, bags, extra warm cloaks and even a really crude cart to haul things around on sat nearby. The cart was rough and wooden, and only had one set of wheels, but Reno found it sort of handy instead of hauling carcasses up the staircase.

Now all they had to do was go out into the floor and start tracking.
Characters: A lot of characters, check the tags!
Setting: Various floors for gathering the seeds; the battles will happen on the Roof of Towerception (Floor 75).
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer!

Summary: That's the log for everything related to the Nyx Avatar player plot! The OOC post is here if you want more information about it! You can also use it if you want to plot about how the battles will go. The log is going to be divided into five main threads: a first thread for Ganondorf to gather the "seeds" who will be used to make Ryoji go into his Nyx Avatar mode. Essentially, he's just going to trap them into nifty, colored crystals while they're distracted. The second thread will be about Ryoji reaching the roof of towerception and subsequently being kept there alongside the four seeds till the heroes arrive.

The third thread will be about the 'heroes' arriving to Towerception-- If they took part in the Sephiroth battle, they will have received a seemingly friendly letter asking them to come, otherwise either they will just happen to pass by the tower and feel a strange presence / hear weird noises. Finally, the fourth thread will be about the battle against the seeds with a sub-thread per seed, and the final thread about the battle against Ryoji. As a reminder, the four "seeds of grief" are: Diarmuid, Lancer, Patrick Dawn and Yukiko Amagi.

Because of how the log is divided, you can start the battles without having to wait for the three "lead-in" threads to be completed.

Warning: Evil gloating. Unending lectures about the tarot arcana. Lots of sad all around. Of course, anyone participating in the battle against either the seeds or Nyx takes the non-negligible risk of being killed or grievously wounded.

Seeds of Grief Gathering
Ryoji's Arrival at the Tower
Villain Speech & Nyx's Awakening

Seeds of Grief Battle
Nyx Avatar Battle
10 January 2014 @ 04:23 pm
Characters: Lancer and you!
Setting: Dormitories on January 1, and then throughout the Tower
Format: Open, anything goes!
Summary: Lancer enjoys his regain
Warnings: None right now.

In which there are giant horses )
22 December 2013 @ 01:54 pm
Characters: Jason, open
Setting: starting on floor 23 and moving downward
Format: action
Summary: Jason arrives, and he's not happy. Zo has promised his help, but he can't come right away, and he won't strike any direct attacks. It will be up to the characters involved to do what they can.
Warnings: gore and violence

[Jason pulls himself up out of the void with arms much too long and strong to support his odd body, so similar to that of the smaller plague doctors who crawl out and about. The glamour seems to fail around him in an approximate five meter radius. Even with his inhuman face, the human eyes that stare out are cold and furious. Countless scalpels line his six arms, glittering and ready to be yanked out.]

I can't stand interruptions, you know.

[Jason's voice is undoubtedly his, but there's something twisted and odd about its tone with the glamour removed.

He begins to rapidly descend the Tower staircase.]
15 December 2013 @ 05:44 pm
Characters: Enoch and Lucifel, and anyone who would visit his room too. Just let me know! Also, Enoch and Lancer.
Setting: Dorm 3-18 backdated to November 1st, Floor 62 backdated to December 1st
Format: I'll match!
Summary: Enoch has had something very unpleasant happen to him as a punishment for too many failed riddles. That is an understatement. Also, he and Lancer agreed to a sparring match.
Warnings: Talk of being flayed may happen if you press for information. (If this is one of your listed squicks I'll actively avoid it coming up), maybe blood or broken limbs in the sparring match? There is a tangent involving sexual discussion.

The kinds of scars you can't see )
26 November 2013 @ 08:31 pm
Characters: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] oathshackledbird ) and you!
Setting: Room 4-16 (Closed prompt for Cu Chulainn,[personal profile] puppy_lancer ) on the 25th, and anywhere in the Tower for the rest of the week.
Format:: Starting in prose, pick whatever you want after!
Summary: Cu Chulainn asked Zo for a gift for Diarmuid and was granted it. Now, he gets to give an old friend to his brother and maybe it will help mend the gap that has been between them ever since the fight with Sephiorth. Afterward, Diarmuid spends the week focusing on teaching Mac an Chuill the floors and dangers of the Tower.
Warnings: None at the moment, will update if needed!
Note: While Diarmuid will be focusing on training and getting the hound accustomed to being in the Tower, there will be plenty of time to sparring, monster hunting, and talking for anyone who runs into him.

I promise, he's not going to try and eat you! )

17 November 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Characters: You know the drill. Lancer [personal profile] puppy_lancer, Ryoji [personal profile] notsogrimreaper, the people they invited between the two of them, and everybody else who just happens to stumble into the party.
Setting: Floor 25, November 17, morning-evening
Format: Open, anything goes
Summary: It's Ryoji's birthday, so Lancer is throwing him a big party. Anyone is welcome in! (And nobody is gonna kick out those who aren't so welcome)
Warnings: None for now

And a long overdue Samhain party )
15 November 2013 @ 04:27 pm
Characters: Sephiroth ([personal profile] neverbeamemory ), Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ([personal profile] oathshackledbird ), Cu Chulainn ([personal profile] puppy_lancer ), Waver Velvet ([personal profile] fionnuisce ), Suzaku Kururugi ([personal profile] swordofzero ), Patrick Dawn ([personal profile] bashfulshifter ), Veronica Madaraki ([personal profile] stitchedupbodyguard ), Ryoji Mochizuki ([personal profile] notsogrimreaper ), Naoya Toudou ([personal profile] imperialsun ), AU Sephiroth ([personal profile] pinnaculum ), Asagi ([personal profile] irreverence ) and anyone who wants to visited a locked up Sephiroth in the second prompt.
Setting: Floor 62 (Fight)-Closed and Floor 43 (Incarceration)-Open
Format: Beginning in prose. Pick your poison after that.
Summary: Months ago, Sephiroth took control of Ryoji and made him fight Diarmuid and Yukiko. That fight culminated with Sephiroth forcing Ryoji to kill himself in front of them. Diarmuid swore there would be consequences for these actions, but held back because of a shaky truce made between Waver and Sephiroth in the interests of moving the collar fluid research along as fast and smoothly as possible. That truce has been broken, and Diarmuid has learned some very disturbing information about Sephiroth's past. For better or for worse, the time for waiting is at an end.
Warnings: Sephiroth is a warning to himself as he will not be holding back. There will also be language, likely mentions of forced suicide, mind control, violence, blood, injury, and death. This will be updated if needed as the fight progresses.

If it be here I am fated to die, I have no power now to shun it. Nor the wish to. Some things must be done... )

Section Links:
Fight-Floor 62
Incarceration-Floor 43
07 November 2013 @ 11:45 am
Characters: Anyone and everyone
Setting: Cafeteria, Noon, Nov 7th
Format: Anything
Summary: A party/discussion mingle after calling a meeting of the residents.
Warnings: tba

The anonymous post on the network was an invitation to gather, discuss and share information. Maybe they would get incredibly lucky and get to the bottom of things, such as who was behind the bombings or the strange things that went on during Quarantine.

Someone has been at work down here in the dining hall, moving the tables around to create a space in the middle in case people felt like dancing. Most of the chairs are around the outside and facing the middle, for everyone to see each other better. There was another space and some chairs for musicians, and a couple of the larger tables were set up with a large buffet of normal cafeteria food (because Zo wasn't likely to poison them) and resident prepared dishes, both clearly marked.

Of course, there was always the oatmeal.

[ooc: Feel free to make your own threads and subthreads!]
04 September 2013 @ 01:00 pm
Characters: au kariya & open.
Setting: out & about. .. ngl he's probs lost.
Format: i action-spam, but feel free to reply in prose if that's more comfortable for you.
Summary: this is one upset little body horror.
Warnings: body.. horror via worm infestation?

it's better you leave than take your last breath )
25 August 2013 @ 10:26 am
Characters: Lancer and Mayu [closed]
Format: Action?
Setting: Floor 33
Summary: Lancer and Mayu wanna try bungee jumping and cow riding.
Warnings: Mooshroms and maybe death

Read more... )
Characters: Kariya and OPEN
Setting: Floor 100, mid-late in the week
Format: any; I'll match
Summary: Under the strain, Kariya completely loses his grip on reality.
Warnings: Standard Individuation warnings! Severe delusions. Chance of blood and body horror because Kariya.

If you ever make a mess, I'll do anything for you )
14 August 2013 @ 09:13 pm
Characters: [AU3] Lancer [personal profile] puppy_lancer, [AU1] Rei Ayanami [personal profile] terrifying, [AU7] Sola-ui [personal profile] marriedthebloke, and you
Setting: All around the Tower, through the week
Format: You choose!
Summary: Catch-all event log for my characters
Warnings: Angst, madness, and dying characters


Read more... )


Read more... )


Read more... )
12 August 2013 @ 09:26 am
Characters: Anyone!
Setting: Workshop, briefly, but library for the overall setting.
Format: Action most likely.
Summary: After everyone has received their packages in the mail, Sertoria gets to work on distributing messages to people so that they can try to figure this out. Feel free to hijack threads and mingle around as you want! Sertoria will still be around if anyone wants to talk to her.
Warnings: Usual tower warnings, but mark them as needed in your post.

Intro. )

Library. )
29 July 2013 @ 09:00 am
Characters: All the characters who signed up for this infiltration, too many to write them all here. Characters who stay behind and do not infiltrate can tag into the mingle thread.
Setting: The Cafeteria, then the Elevator's Shaft and finally the Administrative Floors. The 29th of July, in the morning.
Format: Action most likely.

Summary: A month ago Ganondorf planned an infiltration to go and pay a visit to Riki's floor-- Given what has happened these last weeks, the 'Evil Alliance' has accepted to allow Enoch and the people he gathered to use the infiltration in order to do their own thing. Namely, retrieve scientific instruments from Jason's laboratory, so as to study the Collar Fluid. The infiltration will begin on the 1st floor, the Cafeteria.

The first thread is a traditional mingle thread, happening before the infiltration and briefing begin; anyone can tag into it. The second thread is a quick briefing before the infiltration starts, where Enoch and Ganondorf will explain to everyone what to do and what to expect in case they don't already know. Then there are the seven group threads, one for each individual team infiltrating.

The OOC post is here for more information. If you have signed-up but didn't pick a group yet, please do so here. While the infiltration takes place, the villains who stayed behind are unleashing a distraction on the tower and those who don't go.

Warnings: Administrative floors, danger, death, horror. Anyone tagging here is probably going to die, or at the very least meet with a terrible fate.

Mingle || Briefing || Meanwhile, in the Cafeteria...

Group 00 (Ganondorf, Sephiroth [OU], Veigar, Ocelot and Jin)
Group 01 (Enoch, Lancer [AU3], Patrick Dawn, Tohko, Raven and Ryoji)
Group 02 (Xion, Fon Master Ion, Yu Narukami, Asch, Luke, Jonouchi Katsuya, Dark Pit and Sheba)
Group 03 (Nesir Aeser, Zett Takajo, Kain Highwind, Solas and Minato Arisato)
Group 04 (Kyoko Sakura, Amelia, Shepard, Homura Akemi, Terra, Sephiroth [AU2] and Labrys)
Group 05 (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Naoya Toudou, Dave Strider, Riki [AU3], Sora and Riku [OU])
Group 06 (Zelda, Ruler [AU1] and Saber [AU5])
05 July 2013 @ 03:31 pm
Characters: Lancer, the people he invited to the party, and everyone else who wants to stumble in
Setting: Floor 25, July 5, afternoon
Format: Open
Summary: Lancer throws a party for midsummer, since the Tower obviously needs a breather.
Warnings: None so far.

Read more... )
03 July 2013 @ 02:57 pm
Characters: [OU] Shinji, [AU3] Archer, & OPEN
Setting: Cafeteria (CLOSED), Floor 14, Various
Format: Starting in action, will follow tagger's lead!
Summary: ~Master and Servant bonding~
Warnings: None come to mind...?

I. Floor 1 - Cafeteria [CLOSED] )

II. Floor 14 - Media Room )

III. Various )
Characters: ProtoSaber; open
Setting: Graveyard and the 58th floor.
Format: Prose to start with, but I'll match you.
Summary: Saber's Master is gone from the Tower and the King of Knights has to consider the options before him regarding how he'll spend the rest of his time.
Warnings: Gorey floor. Also, Pandora members should approach at their own risk. If he figures out you're part of that organization, he'll be less than friendly.

And there is violence in my heart )