25 September 2011 @ 11:48 pm
Characters: Everyone who watched Con Air!!!!!!!! [Tag yourselves in!]
Setting: Floor 14
Format: Action or w/e
Warnings: Uhhhh language? And slap fights I'd wager.

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21 September 2011 @ 01:15 am
Characters: AU Feferi Peixes, anyone else (hopefully signless and crew! <3)
Setting: dorms, room 1-07
Format: i'll match!
Summary: Fefs first encounter with Condesce wasn't exactly the most fun one. She was, after a bit of a fight, promptly culled. Now shes awake and upset.
Warnings: mentions of death, possible cursing, idk!

Feferi hadn't expected to wake up from that encounter.
What was weirder was that she couldn't even move.
She laid in her bed frozen and alarmed, desperately trying to get her body up and moving. It took 10 minutes until she could finally move again, flinging herself out of her bed and clattering to the floor. She was woozy and wobbly on her feet, holding onto the bed post to steady herself, breathing heavy and erratic. 
"Oh my cod..."
She stumbled towards the door, determined to find her ancestor friends and inform them of the situation at hand. 
The Empress was here, and she wanted Feferi dead-- and had already accomplished it once. 
03 September 2011 @ 11:04 pm
Characters: AU Feferi and whoever shows up!
Setting: Room 1-07 and surrounding areas
Format: Any!
Summary: New Fish in town, yo.
Warnings: Lots of --EXCIT--EM-----ENT!

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It was time to explore!

 She checked through her chest with delight, attaching her sylladex and strife specibus, decorating her odd squishy sleeping area with blankets and pillows from home, along with several adorable plushies from who knows where, setting her aquarium on top of the chest only to stop....
And realize she wasn't underwater.
She was on land.
Newly invigorated and excited, Feferi burst out of her room, practically dancing with joy, colorful skirts swirling around her.
It was a whole new world, and it was all within her grasp!]