31 March 2012 @ 07:19 pm
Characters: Mindang, open
Setting: Floor eleven.
Format: Action.
Summary: Mindfang get bored. Mindfang is pirate. Mindfang steal stuff. Feel free to presume she has taken something from your character's trunk.
Warnings: Potential for violence, language, and creepy flirting. . .

[It didn't take long for the tower to bore Mindfang. At first this manifested in her disappearing as she explored it, every nook and cranny that she could find. Its inhabitants were ignored, even the ones she had shown interest in before, and she found herself forgetting about the network entirely.

And then it had turned into something else. The entire tower explored she took to her old ways, stealing items that interested her. Trunks weren't a match for her and her lock picking skills, and soon she had collected enough to make a small pile in floor eleven. Trolls may notice a smirk on her face as she plays with certain jewellery pieces lifted from her trunk, and others may notice a white dragon headed cane she holds in one hand, her own version, the one lifted from Redglare's corpse.

And then she waits. For the real fun to begin. After all what fun is it to steal if you never get any reaction. And it's even more fun to see these reactions.]
18 January 2012 @ 04:53 pm
Characters: Mindfang, open to all
Setting: Around the tower
Format: Starting with action will follow with whatever's picked
Summary: Mindfang wakes up and flips some shit
Warnings: Shit being flipped. Violence. Will be edited if need be.

Dorm 1-15 )

Throughout the Tower )